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  1. I’m in search of the 75th anniversary poster. It seems they are no longer available on the website.
  2. I have a PSA V3600i for sale. It is almost 2 years old and in perfect condition. Dual 18 inch subs with 1800 Watts of power. Fair warning WAF is not good. 1500.00 pickup near Bowling Green KY. Pics are really large. I will email if interested.
  3. Wow, sweet setup. Love that tower of 18's.
  4. travis-g

    New Sub

    You just saw .4 off the back. Then you give the .4 to your buddy to replace his Velodyne.
  5. travis-g

    New Sub

    When I say the hold up. Keep in mind it takes 3.6 PB13's to equal the V3600. I'm just saying that the ultra is a world class Sub. But the PSA is in s league of it own.
  6. travis-g

    New Sub

    Ultras hold up surprisingly well against the PSA.
  7. travis-g

    New Sub

    That's a lot of coin to commit to the lowend.....Are u running the ultras as front stage and letting the psa handle the LFE?Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk Gain aligned all subs and time aligning with MiniDsp 2x4. Dirac sees them as one and calibrates accordingly.
  8. travis-g

    New Sub

    Just got everything dialed in with Dirac Live. Really sounding good. Twin Ultras and this beast makes for an experience.
  9. travis-g

    New Sub

    I thought everyone might like some pics of my new Power Sound Audio V3600I.
  10. travis-g


    Yes I had to clean it up a bit. I'm going to paint it black and put another piece of metal behind it and paint it copper.
  11. travis-g


    Fooling around with the CNC Plasma cutter.
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