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  1. 1 hour ago, Harleywood said:

    Cut to fit placement of each speaker or both channels cut to same length? Due to room layout I'll have one speaker about 6 feet from amp and the other about 12 feet. I've got my cables cut now at 15 feet each. I often like to move my speakers around as well so are there any advantages to cutting the wires to the exact length you need like signal degradation over a longer wire and such? 


    McIntosh recommends keeping the cable lengths equal. Here is the recommendation for cable size at 8 ohms: 25 feet = 14AWG, 50 feet=12AWG, 100 feet=10AWG. Don't think you will need 8 or 12AWG at 15 feet. 

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  2. Received my cherry Forte IIIs Thursday and installed them in the home theater today. Highs are great and I am very impressed with the bass but I'm still supplementing with two subwoofers, so I'm now surrounded by wall to wall sound. If they improve with use, I'm going to be one happy camper. I'll try to include a photo.

    Forte III.jpg

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  3. 13 hours ago, jimjimbo said:

    Don't get me wrong, the MC30's are absolutely terrific, but they sound slightly veiled compared to the 225, and that may very well be because of the "newness" of the 225

    Ryan Kilpatrick at Audio Classics would agree with you. He told me that the 225 is a little "sweeter" than the MC30 when I thought about trading one of the 225s for two 30s. They all are great amps though!



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  4. 13 hours ago, USNRET said:

    Very nice Jim. Lee I don't know if I am sad or glad that I hadn't heard of vintage vacuum, I probably would have bought a pair of 30's they look very nice in the site photos; I went with  a MC275 MK6 this morning.

    You are going to love the new amp. After a few weeks , I think you will find it is just as good, or better, than the 225. I have had three three totally restored 225s and find that the 275 is more to my liking and it presents excellent soundstage and wonderful bass. There are comments about replacing the tubes in the amp and I did put in vintage BB 12AX7s and RCA 12AT7s and found that the stock tubes are just as good. Enjoy the amp.



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  5. Geoff. Yes, I still have the Cornscala D's and still like them very much. I'm using a new McIntosh 275 with them now and the sound is much fuller with a great soundstage. I don't think you will be disappointed with the D but I don't know if the D will be better than the CF-3s. Haven't heard the 3s.

  6. On 10/12/2016 at 5:31 PM, Fallenangel said:

    Does anybody know the power of these? Minimum and maximum output. I can't find any information on these anywhere. 


    Power handling is 200 wpc (800 peak)



  7. If you are using an Apple product, go to 'Find', then to 'Music' and drag the iTunes folder to the external hard drive that is on your desktop (Assuming you have connected it.) Instructions for using the HD with iTunes can be found here. 




    Also, you should format the HD for a Mac. See instructions here:





  8. How do you like your Aragon Stage One?   I have considered getting one myself many times.


    Bill, the Aragon Stage One is an excellent pre/pro. I have had mine for many years and I haven't been tempted to replace it or its companion 2007. Stereo Direct produces outstanding imaging and it mates well with my Mcintosh 225 amps. I see no need for a tube preamp in my setup. Aragon components were expensive but their durability is beyond reproach. No HDMI but I question whether HDMI would improve the sound quality of the Stage One. IOW, I highly recommend you try one. 

  9. I believe Rhapsody no longer sells MP3 songs and is only a streaming service. You can download songs to your device(s) at 160 or stream at 320. They do have a great selection of music and you can choose the music yourself, which I really enjoy.

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  10. The information below explains it for you. It all depends on your taste. If you are happy with AAC, no problem. With the RF7 IIs, I would think you would want the best sound possible:


    "When you convert a song, some data may be lost due to the way certain formats compress data. For this reason these formats are sometimes called "lossy" formats. The advantage of using a "lossy" format is that the file sizes are much smaller, which means you can store more songs in the same amount of disk space. The disadvantage is that the sound quality may not be as good as the original, uncompressed format. Depending on the song, the speakers or headphones, and the player you use to play the song, you may not be able to tell the difference between a compressed "lossy" song and a song that is not compressed.

    Once a song is compressed (meaning some of its data is lost) you cannot retrieve the data by uncompressing it. If you convert a song from a "lossy" format to a uncompressed format, the quality of the song will not improve and the file will only take up more disk space. For example, if you convert a song in MP3 format (a compressed format) to AIFF (an uncompressed format) the song will take up much more space on the hard disk, but it will still sound the same as the compressed file. In order to take advantage of uncompressed formats you should only import songs using these formats."

  11. If not, make them in lossless - you shouldn't have to re-upload them, just click that option in itunes.  Your music will sound even better, assuming your amp can reproduce the resolution.


    Thanks!  They are very attractive.  The room is an ongoing work in progress, so please ignore the haphazard cabling.  The room has had an ongoing identity crisis, where it had served as a den originally, then our (e.g., the wife's) version of a formal living room, but because it was seeing so little use over the years, it has morphed into my quasi music room.  The layout is a little awkward, and not an ideal listening space, with a 2' x 8' alcove of to the left that homes what is left of my basses, amps and cabs.  I think my wife is slowly succumbing to the fact she has lost all control and influence of this space :rolleyes:


    Okay, he really does own them. Unless you found a pic on the internet and pasted it here  :blink: .


    All your tunes are uploaded from CD to itunes. And you said you were electronically challenged so don't take offense if this question seems obvious to you: are they in lossless format? If not, make them in lossless - you shouldn't have to re-upload them, just click that option in itunes.  Your music will sound even better, assuming your amp can reproduce the resolution.


    Truthfully, I ripped them so long ago, I don't recall, but I would venture to say they were not saved as lossless, as my understanding of the difference back then was non-existent.  I'll check later this evening, and look into converting them if not.


    I am, however, beginning to sense that the overall sound quality is a sum of all the parts.  I question the level of quality my current receiver can truly provide.

    Congrats on the RF7 IIs. USNRET is correct. You will have to rip again. If they are not ripped lossless, no way to convert to lossless.

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