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  1. "It is great to have a good place for off topic and general discussions." I think you're mistaken of Klipsch's intent. Sure it's ok to throw in some off-topic jabber- chat on a thread now & then. But it's "General Questions" WITHIN the "HOME AUDIO" section. Children starting entire NON-AUDIO/VIDEO threads is obviously, as stated by the Webmaster, not Klipsch's purpose for this section nor any section on their site. That's what chat rooms and email are for.
  2. Lemonhead, At least it was a thread about audio & not a dead cat. Get a life.
  3. Why don't you children take this nonsense elsewhere? Would you go to a Cat board and post about audio? Get a life.
  4. Crow Casserole, for the Liberals: 6 Crow breasts 1 quart sauerkraut 6 strips bacon 1/3 cup chopped onions Brown the crow breasts in a skillet, when browned, place them in a casserole dish on top of a 1 1/2 inch layer of sauerkraut. Lay a strip of bacon on each breast and sprinkle the onion on them. Next layer over them again the sauerkraut and some of it's juices. Bake at 350 deg, for 2 hrs. Enjoy!
  5. This is a private American website, not the UN. Even if the Webmaster showed bias against a foreigner who chose this forum to rejoice about the cowardly terrorist attacks against our country, it is totally moral, admirable and patriotic. Bravo to the Webmaster on a job well done!
  6. Dean, With your record of discussing politics I would think you'd see Lynn's point & not want to further embarass yourself. Looks like readme started the next Liberal recycled rant. When you got nothin you got nothin to lose. Liberals can't speak anymore without crow feathers flying from mouth.
  7. TheAnus, Besides learning more about audio, you need to get a life. Just like a delusional Liberal to come up with yet another conspriracy theory. You need a boyfriend but, with your personality, I suspect you have trouble getting dates. MUHAHAHA
  8. I hope everyone sees the grand scheme here. I certainly didn't include Liberals with a sarcastic condemnation of a brainwashed Muslim teenager for nothing. Look who lines up along side Kain. The well known Left posters, btw, with a lot of free time on their hands. Cattle Prod (the board took a serious dive when he showed up), Kev (a Lawyer with a vested interest in the Dem Liberal party), TBren (a union Leftist known to continuously interject his communist manifesto on an audio board & doesn't own any klipsch), & Ears & SJ (Canadian Socialists). Kev, have to say I rest my case. That oversupply of lawyers sure does seem to allow you plenty of time on your hands. Of course you support criminals. They give you the business. However, you & your 14 yr old protege missed a critical point. Radical terrorists don't consider themselves brave. They are programmed and delusioned to be self-serving. They believe they'll be rewarded in "heaven". Anywho, watching you & Prod attempt to get into the minds of self-serving cowards and their leaders is really quite humorous. OBL thought it was quite humorous that many of the 9-11 terrorists didn't know they were going to their deaths, if you saw the tape. He obviously didn't think them "brave", but very much the fools. OBL has rattled off many different reasons for his fatwa (war) against America. It seems feeble minded sorts like Prod are as good a target for the propoganda as radical Muslim. Democracies have the seeds of their destruction as is so obvious by the Liberals here. I'm not chastizing all liberals, but thank God these radical Libs like kevmo & Prod are on the lunatic fringe (&/or have ulterior political motives), & stick out like a sore camel hump to the sensible majority of America. No wonder they're so vocal in a shield of secrecy on a BB. Once again, suicide is a cowardly act. To do so with programmed delusions of rewards of 72 awaiting virgins in "heaven" is self-serving. You shouldn't just better know your audience kevmo, you should better understand your clients.
  9. Yes, really we can't blame Kain. He's merely a victim of his upbringing and surroundings. Saddamn and Osama are his heroes the same way certain pro wrestlers are to the less intellectually and culturally advanced members of OUR culture. Of course pro wrestlers don't murder thousands of our innocent civilians, and martyr to death their own innocent noncombatants, but again we can't blame Kain because he's centuries behind the modern world of reason and logic. Remember Kain thinks in the way of revelation. That is, whatever happens is God's will and doing. That makes cowardly terrorists heroes. That makes murdering terrorist tyrants cults of personality. Revelation allows modern logic and reason to be thrown out the window. Because, after all, the West was built on science and innovation, and God can only do that. The West is evil. Our Governments are evil. Therefore we the people being murdered at the hands of ordained terrorists is not only quite ok, it's God's will. Liberals can relate better to Kain, though they wouldn't understand why as well as a sensible outsider. Though not to Kain's extreme, Liberals apply their own political revelation to defy logic and reason. Though the God of the Liberals is the Government in their own religion of idealism. Anywho, wonder if Kain has his gotten his aljazeera Baath Party Souvenir mug yet.
  10. We shall make no distiction between terrorists and those who support them. Think about Kain's motives to kiss up to Americans. And think about who he really supports.
  11. CC, of course to an Un-American Liberal like yourself, you can't tell the difference between the two. Liberals want to stick their head between their legs and think everything is fine. Life to them is nothing but a big Grecian spa. LOL Anyway, what more could we expect from someone who thinks the RP are a great speaker. LOL
  12. CC, no the board was made better because a moron Liberal like you didn't contribute. Though the GOP cause was injured. The more Liberals like you talk the more they win elections. Webmaster, notice once again who started the politics. One of the Liberal cast of fools. And on your own thread about conduct on an AUDIO board nonetheless.
  13. Forrest sent me an email today. I'll just give you the basic message because I don't want to be banned. Hard telling which seat-of-the pants policy might spring up and get me banned. He said that he's still here among you, but Kain isn't. And God bless America and Klipsch speakers. Again, I don't agree with the Master. As like on here lately, the first time Forrest was banned by him, for posting pics I wouldn't consider porn or racism whatsoever, & in response to a pic of him as a chimp, he was being pelted with insults from numerous other members. Many are still here, posting away about nonsense. Neither that time nor this did the Master give a warning to the effect of don't do this again or else I will ban you. The first time was DO this or I'll ban you, & the second time was effectively "I'm thinking about banning you". You can read the post in the Web Site section. Forrest may have been harsh at times, but I think he was funny, & his aim was true. Notice those he attacked were those spreading Liberal garbage and other nonsense on a site that's supposed to be about audio. No coincidence it's those posters which rejoice in his ban. Lower intellects with primitive lives tend to be very territorial. But the sensible here know the wrong person was banned. As well as the many good posters who are now gone. Beware of those who rejoice because they have ulterior motives.
  14. A friend of mine here in Seattle has a pair of these with a Marantz receiver. They have SLAMMM and pound like a mother. You might want to try them with your Denon first though. He said they can be too much on the highs for some if the receiver isn't warm like a Marantz or such.
  15. If your going to say that then why would you just not say I would vote to ban anyone that calls for terrorism period??? ---------------- However you try & spin the point, Kain does condone terrorism on innocent civilians. He may try to justify it, but it's a fact he has and does on this board in current and past posts. He also only feeds off you for information while only spitting in your face with his radical anti-western idealogy. And I agree with Fish. Two wrongs don't make a right. Forrest may be harsh, but he proved how sad this board has become of late.
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