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  1. Gotcha -- I'd say if you have to stick your head inside the 402, you're going to get that from most systems.  Not being able to hear that noise from your listening position should be the key part.

  2. 13 hours ago, HPower said:

    I do love how my 2A3 SET sounds, but am wondering if either the J2 or F8 will hopefully retaining most of the SET presentation, while lowering the noise floor and adding that last bit of detail and resolution?

    I had Triode Lab 2A3 SET Monos and they were absolutely not noisy.  Check to see if they need attention or if the noise is coming from somewhere else.

  3. Order here by placing a pledge: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/loveinjectionnyc/the-dope-from-hope-book


    Should cost $80 with shipping to the U.S.


    P.S.  I've got my pledge (pre-order) in.  I hope this happens as I would really like to have all the Dope from Hope articles and having them in a nice book is much better than the handful of PDF copies I already have.  $80 is a no-brainer for how much many of us spend on this stuff!

  4. A bit late in replying, but I've not used the SIT-3 with inefficient or demanding speakers.  I don't really have any of those.  With efficient Klipsch speakers, getting to live concert/reference levels isn't a problem.

  5. The model "KDFR" stands for Klipschorn -- D-Style (decorator), with a finish of Fir Raw (unfinished).  Basically the finish is just raw plywood, not even birch.  I don't have the SN decoder handy, but the "E" in the serial number will indicate the year it was made.


    Based on all of the above, and the condition they are in, even with today's inflated prices, I'd estimate their value at about $1200.  If someone offered $1000, I'd take it.  This is probably not what you wanted to hear, but we're all just trying to help you establish what you would likely be able to sell them for.

  6. It's been a while now but I picked up a First Watt SIT-3 amp.  I haven't had a whole lot of free time to listen but have had sufficient time to believe this is unquestionably the best solid-state amp I've ever owned.  In fact, I'm really having trouble differentiating the sound from the other tube amps that I own.  I certainly need to spend more time listening and comparing them, but I could absolutely live with any of them as my only amp.  The SIT-3 seems to only be at it's best when connected to a certain pre-amp that I have that has a higher output level than the others.  But when it is with that particular pre-amp it sounds wonderful.

  7. The Classé Audio Model Seventy was my very first Classé Audio power amplifier I had owned and is what sold me on the brand (again, not my photo nor is this of the amp I owned, but looks identical). This one has 70 watts / channel and also has both balanced and single-ended inputs.  However, I don't believe it could be bridged to mono.



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  8. I just recently sold this amp.  I'm a big fan of Classé Audio power amplifiers.  They are very smooth and almost tube-like.  On the used market, the prices they sell for make them a great value and in my opinion, should be considered by folks that tend to purchase the more common "lower-grade" brands that are out there.  Ask anyone that's ever owned this brand and I think they'd agree.  The CA-100 puts out 100 watts/channel, can be bridged to mono, and accepts both balanced and single-ended inputs.



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