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  1. OK, will keep you plugged in on how it progresses. thanks, Tim.
  2. Looking for a single heresy 1, 2, or 3 my nephew. He prefers black. I'm in central Arkansas. I think a heresy 1, 2, or 3 would work for him. If a pair was available I might be interested in that too. Thanks.
  3. To be clear, OP was my first impression of these. I've not settled in and listened over a length of time yet.
  4. Interesting. what was the original driver in the forte II's?. My son has a pair.
  5. No I did not and don't have any plans to at this point.
  6. Upgraded from K-55-M to John Allen's A-55G sold by Bob Crites. Bob's measurements posted on his site show less distortion and a smoother response. Those qualities are apparent upon listening. Removing a layer of distortion made everything better from top to bottom to my ears. Very happy with purchase and consider it a worthwhile upgrade. Yet another good transaction with Bob. Can't beat him for knowledge, service, and quality products at a good value. Tim
  7. Sold, and transaction completed.
  8. Gorm, I don't know. These came in speakers I bought so I wasn't involved with the build of them and don't have any paperwork or anything that indicates that. I do know that I was very happy with them for years. Turned up as loud as I can stand they are clear as a bell.
  9. Based on this I'll go with asking $800 shipped. Zim, thanks for the reference.
  10. Hello everyone, these came in the khorns I bought several years ago and they work well. However, I've had 3 pairs of khorns and my favorite pair had the Crites Type A crossovers. Lately I got the itch to get some new Type A's from Bob Crites and swap these out for fun. Guess I'm more of a Klipsch purist because the Type A's are staying and these are for sale. Maybe someone has read about these and wanted to try them or just wants them for parts or whatever. My preference is that these go to someone local if possible rather than ship. Although these fit well in the khorns, they are larger and heavier compared to the Type A's. I have a bunch of fairly detailed pics I can pass on to anyone interested. For those not familiar, there are 2 pieces to each crossover. Looking for guidance and/or offers regarding how much these are worth. I work in Little Rock, AR. Tim
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