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  1. Ive heard mixed reviews about Avatar, I figure I will just buy it when it comes out on blu ray, its cheaper then going to the movies anyways.

  2. Just finished it for a second time (played the evil role this time) I am done with this game.

    I wish more games were this involved and just as long, I had no problem spending the $65 on it, well worth it for sure.

    I might pick up the expansion packs in a few months just for something new.

  3. hope the single player game is longer than COD4. That was kind of a bummer.

    This game is all about online multiplayer . There have been rumors that in future installments they , Activision , may do away with the single player mode alltogather .

    I was wondering about that as well, now I know.

    I dont play on-line much so maybe I will wait to get this game, I really liked COD4 but found it way to short.

  4. My Synergy Sub-12 Subwoofer just quit working as well. I bought it new at Best Buy in December 2006. Just left Best Buy and was told that it was "out of the 2-year warranty" time frame.

    Who told you it was under a 5-year warranty?

    According to Best Buy/Geek Squad...

    What to do now???

    When I bought my Sub-12 (aug/08) it came with a 5 year warrenty, I filled out the card and mailed it to them. Maybe Best Buy only looks after it for 2 years then after that its up to you to contact klipsch for repair?? I would call Klipsch direct, I have heard they have great customer care.

  5. Hay Mudkicker, its true that there are not a lot of stores that carry Klipsch, only two come to mind East Hamilton Radio and Bay Bloor Radio. I know there are more, I just don't know of them.

    I previously owned the Paradigm Monitor 7s and I found them completly lifeless comparred to my RB-81s. The only thing the Monitor 7s had h leg up on my Rb-81s was more bass, but thats due to them being floorstanders compared to bookshelf speakers.

    I think the biggest problem with Klipsch in Canada is the prices, my RB-81s were $450 a piece and thats with paying cash. Ive saw the RF-52 system (with the RT10 sub) sell for $3800 last November. I bought my Sub-12 online for $400 last year and it was about half the price as Best Buys at the time. [:'(]

  6. I know that within 6 months time you will Hear, and feel the need to upgrade your speakers for Bigger Ones !

    Yup thats how I started out 1 year ago. The Quintets are a great little speaker that sound good considering there size.

    The good thing is you can slowly upgrade the system one speaker at a time ( well thats what I did, RB-81s then the matching reference center)

    Best of luck to you, let us know when the upgrade bug bites.

  7. Upgrading the center will give you the highest returns .

    Right now, you can get a brand new RC-35 center, SHIPPED for only $100. Use this link, and make an offer of $100. He'll accept it. I don't know if it's the right center channel for your use, but it can't be far off.

    I just ordered two to use as 'presence' speakers (and 'accidentally paid $125 each before I saw that the seller also accepted every else's offer of only $100 each). I use the RC-7 as my center, but it's mighty big. The RC-35 might be a better match for your existing RB-81 fronts.

    PS: Check the seller's feedback to see what others who 'won' with their best offers paid for the RC-35's being sold.

    Thanks I just checked it out, he does not ship to Canada anymore though!

    That is one hell of a deal though.

  8. Hi everyone!

    I would like some advice on my next upgrade for my home theater.

    My current system comprises of a

    Yamaha RXV-596 receiver

    Klipsch RB-81 mains

    Klipsch Quintet center and surround speakers

    Klipsch Sub-12

    Samsung 50" plasma

    PS3 80 Gig

    I am working full time and going to school part–time so the upgrades will be about 6 months apart.

    I was thinking of either upgrading my receiver to a Yamaha 765 or replacing my center channel with the Klipsch RC-52 or RC-62.

    What do you suppose the would be a better upgrade?

    Thanks in advance.


  9. Hi guys I have a couple of questions regarding surge protectors/ un-interrupted power supplies.

    I recently bought a new TV and I plan on replacing my receiver in the next couple of months so I want to protect my investment and I was wondering what the better route to go would be.

    What are the advantages/disadvantages of either unit, I’m looking to spend about $125 at the most.

    I hope that’s enough information to get so responses.

    Thanks NK

  10. Wow, that is a good deal.

    I thought I got a good deal on my RB-81s for $550, but you got RF-63s!

    Is there a way you can mount the tv on top of the RC-64? maybe build a small bridge? I just checked out the spec on the "beast" its huge!

  11. I have came across the carver M400 cube amp on several e-bay auctions and for some reason be price,looks and specs decided I might get one, of course they are used and have been out for a long time from what i understand. But what do you guys think or has anyone used them? Comments good or bad. I read alot of reveiews on audio review and they seemed to really like it.
    I would be using it to power my RB-81s and was wondering if this would be a good combonation
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