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  1. Well the thing is it may cost you $120 for sub but the amp or the driver could be shot. If you add the price of a new amp and driver with shipping it would be cost the same if not more then a new sub-12.

    If someone will stress "AS IS" he knows there is a problem, in the end its up to you, you may luck out and there could just be a loose wire.

  2. Welcome to the Klipsch forums!

    I have not heard a lot of Klipsch subs but I can tell you that the Sub-12 is a great sub at a great price. The Sub-12 goes low (24hrz) and has a lot of power, I have the gain turned down to about 25% and it rocks. Prior to the Sub-12 I had a Paradigm PDR-10, there is no comparison between them at all.

    Well I hope this helps.

  3. Welcome to the Forums, this site is great! Everyone is friendly and always willing to help.

    I;m fairly new to the Klipsch forum but I can honestly say the Sub-12 is a beast. I had a Paradigm PDR-10 before the Sub-12 and the differance is night and day. The Sub 12 goes down to 24hrz and has enouph power to shake pictures on the wall.

    The best part is the price, I paid $400 shipped (to Canada)

  4. I picked up Resident Evil 5, wow what a great game so far. Its a great improvement over RE4. The sound is great, the graphics are great, the only thing I didn't like was the load times..oh well can't get everything.

  5. Very weird, that was the first game I downloaded when I got my PS3. I haven't been on the PS3 network in a few months, I don't have a cable modem anymore, we moved out of bounds.

  6. If you are lokking for a great driving game in 1080p try Gran Turismo 5, all I can so is wow!

    if you have a cable modem download some demos from the PS3 network.

    As for sci-fi games try Fallout 3( it is a long game, kinda RPG) what a cool game or Dead Space.

    Grand Theft Auto 4 was agreat game, sometimes its just nice to cause sh#t..the game is in 1080P

  7. Wow I am sorry to here the bad news, I remember a colum in HT mag about speakers bought from the white van...They had the same things to say about them.

    You should go to the same mall as your father on the weekend and see if you can find the white van, bring a few liters of gas and a match[6]

  8. I bought the Motorola Blue tooth ear-piece for $27.99 from Wal-mart. It works great and the battery last for a long time.

    Overall its a good piece at a good price, its very easy to set-up with the PS3.

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