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  1. I just picked up this unit for my basement. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for but my wife approved. In the side doors there is shelfs and slide out DVD holders ( I didn't put those in) I checked to see if my PS3 would work behind the door when it was closed and no problems at all.

    Its was a bit pricey ($1100) but its solid wood and it is very well built.


  2. Looks like a great setup you have there! Having two subs that go down to 14Hz must sound truly amazing! Have you run into any problems running two identical subs in the same room? I did a quick search on those subs and they are truly beasts, and you have two of them....wicked.

  3. thanks for the advice guys. I check out those websites and I think I would have a very hard time matching the stain.

    Thanks Wuzzer for option No.3. The base for my samsung would have 2inches of overhang on each side. Also its only a RC-52, don't think I would a 85 pound TV on a 22 pond speaker. Is that your way of telling me to upgrade my center..LOL.

    I think I might just install a floating shelf again and put above the TV.

  4. Hi everyone, I have a dilemma and I could use some help.

    I just got my new TV stand and set everything up and I need some advice on where to mount the center channel.

    I have two options.

    Posted Image

    1) to reinstall a floating shelf (since my new stand is inches taller then the previous) The only problem with this is the center speaker will be 20 inches higher then the mains. my RC-52 does have an adjustable peg in the rear, is this feasible to do? I didn't know if it was to much higher.

    2) mount the TV on the wall and rest the center on the TV stand. I don't really want to do this because my walls are 24inch on center (basement, came like that) It is possible to do but it would be a last resort, or unless I will get better sound?

    Oh and sorry for the mess I just finished taking the old tv stand out.

    Thanks in advance.


  5. I don't know if this pertains to your bluray problem. Maybe you need a system update from the play station network? I briefly read something (somewhere) about it.

    Hopefully that's all it is.

  6. I hate to say, I agree with a Buckeye.

    What speakers do you have? (Knowing this will make the answer better)

    If staying with your budget I would check out a Onkyo 800 series, less then your budget. Add a couple of Adcom 545s or 535s off the Bay or better yet here, and for less than a grand you will have a nice "Seperates" system without dropping a lot of coin. 535s are going for less than $100. 545s a little over $200. Most people could live with a System like this for the rest of their life, I lasted about 6 months.

    Then some day the Adcoms will sound great in an office or the Garage or hooked up to the Onkyo playing music through in-walls in the Kitchen and Living Room for parties -- That is where my Adcoms and Pioneer Elite are headed.

    After that a significant improvement in sound will require even more significant cash, better Processor, better amps, Speaker upgrades, better room placement? Sound treatments or at least more acoustically friendly furniture most important a Matching Center Channel?

    I have bought many things used, an 2002 McIntosh MX132 Processor for a little over a grand instead of 5 grand on a new one with the same exact specs. (No HDMI though)

    For Bluray I run an HDMI cable direct to my Flat Panel and use the audio outs to the McIntosh, sounds way better than a Pioneer Elite that was over a grand.

    For ATT Uverse the only option for Surround Sound is Component to the Flat Panel and Fiber to the McIntosh, Uverse is basically limited to 720p and low bit rate audio so for over a year this has been a great setup.

    I do not miss the HDMI connections of the Pioneer Elite 1 bit.

    Thanks for the honesty BE36.

    I have a pair of RB-81s for my mains and a Rc-52 center, for surrounds I'm using Quintets (believe it or not they are what got me hooked on Klipsch). My budget for a receiver was about $600 (the price of the Pioneer vsx 919) and $500 for the Emotiva UPA-5. Ive seen some amazing deals on receivers in the States, in Canada the prices seem to jump between 30-40%.

    The main reason I wanted to by an amp first had to due with the fact when listening to music my speakers sounded so much better, detail and bass response was truly a night and day experience.

    Ive looked at the used market and I haven't seen many good deals, when I have seen something worth calling about its already sold.

    Since I am new to home theater I though Dolby HD and DTS HD was a huge step ahead of DD and DTS? Now I am just confused??? Maybe I should try to re-think my upgrade on the receiver and just by an amp for the time being, then worry about a receiver??

  7. Hay Juniper, I looked up wenge plywood on google and it looks like some very nice stuff. From the craiglist photos the veneer looks like it has bubbled a bit, that's not a good sign. Maybe its just a bad pic. I would check them out in them out in person to make sure there's no problem. They would definitely make for some great looking cabinets.

  8. Thanks wuzzer, I hope my passport comes in soon so I can go and pick it up State side (if I was to get it shipped across the boarder ill get nailed with outrages shipping and inspection fee, I already set up my "us mailing adress")

  9. Thanks for the advice Rockon4klipsch.

    I'm leaning to the amp upgrade first because I know it will be a big improvement.My old Yamaha 596 has only the basic hook ups (being 8 years old) I've heard that dolby and DTS HD sound great almost like comparing pro logic to dolby digital, so I'm told. That is the reason behind wanting to upgrade the receiver, I've looked at the used market for hdmi recevers but there are not a lot currently avalible.

  10. Well I now there are quite a few PS3 owners on this forum so I would just like to recommend Red Dead Redemption.

    This is a amazing game as far as open world game go, the graphics are fairly good, the environment is immense and the story line is great. There are some great trailers on the Rock star home page so you can see what the game is about.

    I don't know how long this game will take to finish, if its anything like GTA 4 you'll be playing for a long time.

  11. Hay guys I have a problem that I could use some help with.I am getting ready for my next upgrade, Kind of the top priorities list. I was thinking about buying either a new receiver or an amplifier. I'm torn between the two because they have so many benefits.

    The receiver Ive be looking at is the Pioneer VSX 919, it has all of the HDMi ports I need and of course decodes HD audio plus it has the outputs for an amp. I was looking at the Yamaha RXV 765 but they are still around $800 vs. the $500 of the pioneer (witch I would put towards the amp)The Amp I was looking at is the Emotiva UPA-5. After hooking my speakers up to a friend’s old Adcom 545 amp (real 100wattsper channel) I was really blown away with my speakers! The detail was night and day when I played some Miles Davis, the instruments sounded like they had more separation (if that makes sense) Even though my RB-81s are just bookshelves the bass was definitely much better.

    Well that’s my situation, I could use any advice or comments. I am thinking about the amp upgrade first so I could get that same great sound.

  12. Prior to owning Klipsch speakers I had the Paradigm Monitor 7 system. I can honestly say I enjoy the sound of my RB-81s compared to the 7s, I even think my rc 52 blows the paradigm CC370 out of the water. To me I found the Paradigms to be a bit lifeless, but that's just my opinion.

  13. Hay how are you. I just went through the same situation with my ikea tv stand (just ordered a kinkard) I used a floating shelf that I bought from ikea (32 inch wide by 12depth) I wasn't able to fasten into any studs so I used heavy duty drywall anchors. All you have to do is pre-drill a 3/8 inch hole and insert the plug, the anchor attached to the backside of the dry wall and expands. The anchors are rated for 80 pounds. I braced the bottom of the shelf with some decorative brackets and it was done. It took about 1 hour (most of the time was spent making sure it was the correct height so the shelf was level with the top of the tv so its not visible) unfortunately I will have to re install the shelf since my new stand is taller. I can honestly say the shelf is 100% secure and has know free play. I can email you some pictures of the process when if you like. Sorry about the huge paragraph, I'm using my phone to reply

  14. It's not that hard really. if you can get to the stud - it's verystreight forward. if not - you may want to put a horizontal block behind the wall and attach it to the studs. Then close the wall and bolt to the block.

    I wish I could do that, we have wainscoting and chair rail above it. It would be opening a can of worms that my wife would complain about. If I put a piece of 3/4 plywood behind the moun and attached it to the studs would that support the mount?

    Thanks for the quick response

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