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  1. https://thedeepdive.ca/mcdonalds-franchises-warn-of-imminent-big-mac-price-hike-amid-labour-shortages/ i guess maybe the big mac costed more or something. it's possible it got "phased in". i won't check next time i go but it's just weird i had to do that. i can get a white spot double double with bacon+mushrooms at that price (ish), and for even less with my frequent-eater discount card. again, don't judge my eating choices!! "inflation" yo!
  2. when i got mcdonalds earlier this week, i did a double take. i never do a double take when purchasing food, like, ever. i never think about these things and yet apparently i unconsciously had to check my order when i got to the first window. a big mac meal with a chocolate shake, an egg mcmuffin plus bacon and 10 nuggets came out to 25 dollars. i mean, okay, judge me on my eating choices, whatever, but i dunno. it seems higher than before. not a bean counter, though, so i could be wrong.
  3. thanks. currently my ProMedia Ultra 5.1 sub is being repaired. a little excited to have it back. can't express how happy i am with the purchase. was quite expensive at the time (700 dollars plus tax in 2003). repair was not cheap, but klipsch delivered big time on its PC products.
  4. i wish the theme selection would be at the top, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. i wouldn't have found it otherwise.
  5. hi, i made a new account because i thought this new forum would have lost this one. turns out i was wrong. could you please close account 'gagan'? thanks!
  6. sorry to bump an ollld thread, but these were good times. i had great experiences with micron early on, but not as much as time had gone on. one time they sent me my out-of-warranty R6i headphones back without asking me if i would pay for repair. i was not too thrilled about that. on the plus side, i've gotten better with soldering so i fixed it on my own with probably a nicer connector.
  7. You got a notification? I sent mine in late May and I've yet to receive or hear anything. granted I didn't leave an email but I'd like to know if I could make sure they got my headphones and are replacing them... Can I somehow find out? I'm getting a little worried! Thanks
  8. I'm very worried now that I've heard this. Infact I bought mine from London Drugs and I sent everything back to the Micron Electronics address per London Drugs' suggestion. There was no heads up on whether I should ask for an RMA etc, it was just that I send it all there so I can get a replacement. I am a little distraught since I sent it out thursday and they said it'd be 2 business days as in it's arriving today. I would like to make sure that I get them replaced.
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