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  1. Nice snag. They work great in a HT Set-up.
  2. The fronts of the Dixies are square. The size of the plywood he used was closer to 3/8. Nowhere near 3/4. Mark
  3. Looking pretty spiffy there! Where did you get the cloth? Badges appear to be in the right place also. Your wife has good intuition.
  4. I'm here but so far haven't received anything in my inboxes. Try again.
  5. My Black Box IIs have the same cut. I believe it allows the horn to be front-mounted. That's exactly what it's for and you can just barely get the back end of the horn in or out with it.
  6. A mint pair with nice original grills and stands are easily worth $1,500+. If you can get them for less than that more power to you. The problem with these is that there are so few of them around on the open market that there is no information to use value-wise. In general however, it's all relative to the people involved. If it's fair to you and fair to them then it's a good deal. It doesn't matter what you pay/get for them. I can say that if you tried to buy a new pair you're talking 3 grand easy all day long if someone had something like them. So far as Adam's comments, regardless of what I paid for them, mine came from Detroit to Charlotte (in 2 trips no less!) so there are other extraneous factors that come into play also.
  7. They are for real. I had a pair. They're nice and compact. Mine were later and had the spring loaded terminals vs the screw style.
  8. Send me a price.Bruce Bruce, Sorry I didn't see this earlier. If you're interested send me an email through the contact button. We can talk that way or exchange phone numbers and whatever. Mark
  9. It should also contain (2) 3 x 7 horns. F8-140 (?!) Sound Column. Typically used in auditoriums and school cafeteria's and the like.
  10. Send me your email so I can get you pics and other pertinent info. My stuff is in my contact button area. You have none in yours. They'll be pretty cheap to ship from CLT to ATL.
  11. I have a pair of DIxies plus a pair of Dixie Jr's to get rid of. Marital issues force the reduction of gear spread all over......interested parties can contact me. Also, LaFiesta's (Beautiful), F8 SOund Columns, Super Concerto A's and a few others, Black wedge shaped Monte Carlo Frazier surrouds come to mind. And a pair of midgets.
  12. Shipping for a nominal fee p;us materials sounds GREAT to me! (IMO)
  13. There's maybe one or two lurkers around here that might have a pair to my knowledge. "Buckaroos" are pretty much far and few between on here as far as I can tell.
  14. I have encountered both "Greg" and "MM's" initials in Fraziers I have (or had)
  15. Plz send upir email to me (PM or email) or change your base settings so that I can send you something. FYI, Todd is correct in the the OEm grills only had six panles. Mark
  16. Those are in great shape, even the woofer cones look fresh. Congrats! Looks like you have quite an army of speakers. +1 on that note. Hard to tell from this last pic what the cabs look like but from the front the things look pristine!
  17. If you happen to be talking about Elevens being that high off the floor God forbid anyone bump them! My Elevens are rear ported by the way.
  18. The Scott looks like a sweet little unit. I have to ask.........are the Heresy's really noticed or needed in this set-up? I mean really? Tell the truth. PS, I hope you found the badges met your expectations. Mark
  19. Todd, You have a "gift" or extreme luck or are just persistent and have too much time on your hands! I have no other explanation for how you stumble upon the stuff you do! Mark
  20. I'm glad to hear you found something you like for a reasonable price. It may just be me and my luck but regarding their CD players? I've had nothing but bad luck with them. So I wish you the best and enjoy it while it lasts. Hopefully that will be a long time.
  21. Great looking speaks with lots of potential but I felt compelled to "flag it" for his little Make Offer blurb. CL ain't eBay! He can sell the things through eBay or as we've already discussed, Facebook. (but I hate that site with a passion too. Must be a guy thing) PS, I need money so if anyone on the east coast needs any Fraziers, parts or badges lmk! Mark
  22. Oh My! Those are absolutely beautiful! Even if they don't work you can hardly buy raw wood for that price! On the Facebook thing which I hate personally, I'm going to assume it was someone that had a "bricks and mortar" store and that's how they got listed. Hmmmm giving me ideas on getting away from Fleabay! (If I start a stereo site there will you guys buy from me?)
  23. Those look like ball and cup style retainer grills to me
  24. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone commented on this. Ken, when most refer to "horn loaded" speakers they're referring to horn loaded cabinets, folded horn, etc such as Klipschhorns or in our case, Dixielanders. I knew you meant "horns" were in your Mark V's vs cone tweeters. It's all part of the semantics and a learning process. No harm, no foul. It's all good.
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