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  1. those are rb10s and the centers a rc10 or 25, subs rw8 they wanted somewhere around 500 or 600...
  2. I had a cabinet maker create my tv stand to house the rc64. You can pretty much get anyone to do it under 1000.
  3. http://app.audiogon.com/listings/monitors-klipsch-ksp-s6-surround-speakers-2013-01-30-speakers-86426-fort-mohave-az--2 dont see these often and usually see them for 300-400, they go with the klf series or kg's
  4. interesting piece to read about turning 555's into 595's all by removing a little piece of foam http://mikebeauchamp.com/misc/sennheiser-hd-555-to-hd-595-mod/ I have a pair of 280 pros I love, the 380 pros would be something to look at as well with increased comfort, guess it depends if you want the cans open or closed
  5. $850 eD (elemental designs) a7-350 subwoofer black this beast is 220lbs and packs a 15" woofer with 1300 watt amp, is rated down to 16hz where other subs even struggle to get to 20-30hz local sale only located sheboygan, wi 1 hour north of milwaukee, wi
  6. thanks for the plug, these are mine and in mint condition (would ship if necessary) they aren't version ii but pretty much the exact same speaker, pretty much just a grill redesign like they did on the rs series
  7. I dont think theres going to be a fair share into audio at the rate the crooks keep taking, I think everybodies (I know mine did) Social Security deduction just went up 2% along with other Misc deductions.
  8. bump on update 81s and eD a7-350 are the last of the audio left...
  9. post updated, all emo gear now gone, lowered price on sub bump
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