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  1. very well said, my feelings as well
  2. I am profoundly saddened by this unfortunate news. My deepest condolences to Boxx's family and all who knew him. I will sorely miss the wide variety of musical tastes he shared and the fact he was almost always online when i would log in, no matter the time of day or night. Rest In Peace my friend. I will keep the tubes burning and the music flowing as much as possible in memory of your contributions to my musical awareness. Your presence on this forum will be greatly missed. Jim
  3. Please go to this link and read , I found it most educational. Supplied to me from another forum member. http://www.roger-russell.com/wire/wire.htm
  4. Only have experienced mine so far, so it is La Scala Heresy KG2
  5. Jim, If your LSs are in a not-so-big space and you don't only listen to R&R, consider trying a low-powered SET amp, you might like it. I had my KHorns driven by a 100-watt EL34 amp and one point. It sounded very nice, but similar to a good high powered SS amp. SETs are just different in my experience. Without waxing poetic too much - Intoxicating, palpable are a couple of words that come to mind. Low powered SETs can be had pretty cheap on the used market. Or one of my favorites is the Decware, I made the kit @ $350 including tubes. Mike Mike Thanks for the advice on the Decware, I will add it to my list of candidates for kits. I listen to pretty much anything these days as the LaScalas have made everything sound so good. Jim
  6. I have known of Klipsch speakers for decades because of the Khorn, but had never actually heard them myself, only heard the stories of how wonderful they were. In September of '09 a buddy of mine told me he had seen some smaller Klipsch speakers at a local thrift store for $89.00 so I thought I would go and take a look. It turned out they were KG2s mfg in 1983, they were in excellent shape so I though what the heck and purchased them. Using only an old sears seperates setup they sounded better than my main system that I had been listening to forever. I was so taken with them that I went to the magical interweb and found this site and started reading and reading and reading. The journey had begun. By mid October I found a pair of 1976 Heresys locally on craigs list that had just had the crites capacitor upgrades done. I could not believe what I had been missing all these years, and the journey continued as I purchased some vintage Harman Kardon receivers (see sig line) which really made the Heresys sing, especially the HK930. Then in December I see a set of 1977 LaScalas for sale locally on craigs list and could not wait to get them home. They were the best sounding speakers I had ever heard but then I replaced the original crossovers with Bob Crites A/AA crossovers and once again was astounded at how much the sound improved. I listen to them as much as I can........... it is very addictive.... but in a good way [] My next step will be going to tubes but that is going to take a while and whole lot more research. Who knew finding a small set of speakers in a thrift shop could be such a life altering experience [Y] Jim
  7. The new crossovers have noticeably changed/improved the sound of the speakers So now I am going to play around with speaker positioning again to see if I can find an improved sound for the room.
  8. I repositioned the speakers tonight making them quite a bit farther apart and more into the corners of the room.......... and once again it sounds better and better. I thought the new crossovers were the end of it and now I see that with the new and better sound from the speakers it is once again a matter of placement,,,, all over again. They just sound better and better .......... but it is interfering with my sleep LOL. Once I get it all dialed in with the space I have I will take some pics as it will be quite different than when I started Jim
  9. Well, I have moved the speakers closer to the corners of the room and they are a few more feet apart but still have some items to move to get them right into the corners. The soundstage has widened out quite a bit with no loss of sound quality. The different instuments etc are now much more distinct and more in "thier own spot" in the soundstage. I am starting to think that I wish my room was wider. Can't crank it up to high SPL at this late hour as I share the rather large house with the owners who are asleep a couple of floors above me, not a good idea to disturb thier sleep. It is all going well.... buy Heresies (with crites caps done) and they sounded better than anything I had before..... buy LaScalas and they sound better than the Heresies.....put new crites crossovers in the LS and they sound better than I could have imagined............... reposition the LS and they sound even better.....do final reposition when the others are away at work and school tomorrow and listen at high SPL and see how it goes............ and then recap the old HK930 for more improvement..............eventually tubes somewhere down the road............... what a great journey and it only gets better and better....makes life worthwhile
  10. Thanks Bruce Right now I have them about 6 feet apart and about 4 feet from the back/front wall and I sit approx 6 - 8 feet from then with them toed in I also hear a soundstage that is sometimes wider than I think it can be I will move my listening spot back a bunch and see what happens Since I put the Crites xovers in the bass and the imaging has improved dramaticaly.... with the bass not necessarily louder but more refined and sharper and is more noticeable in the mix and at higher SPLs it is more than good enough for me ..... for now Jim
  11. I only have experience with the originals on vinyl. I have no input for current releases. I did however buy a redone CD and it was a mess. The album had songs inserted on every other track and the mix was messed up. For a Hendrix beginner, you have to get the standard versions first. Thanx, Russ I have to agree with Russ on this Hendrix is probably my all time favorite since I first heard Are You Experienced when it first came out Start at the begining so you will know where he came from and where he went from there just my .02 cents Jim
  12. I have searched this forum and the interweb and have not found what I am looking for............. advice I have a dedicated listening room 12 feet by 24 feet with 8 foot ceilings A couple of small windows along one long wall and no open doorways In your opinion(s) what would be the best placement to exploit the characteristics of the LaScalas there is some shelving along the long walls that can be moved to wherever and some miscelaneous furniture which can be moved out as required Thoughts and suggestions are welcomed thanks Jim ps: I think they sound great the way I have it set up now but am looking for improvements if possible.
  13. Right from the first record the first thing I thought was what you said about your experience, but the clincher was when I listened to ELPs first album (a favourite of mine) at relatively high SPL the next morning. I was literally stunned by the experience. And all this through a HK930 with some hum and buzz issues and even older caps than the crossovers had, so the next thing is to recap the HK930 and carry on from there. D a m n I just cant wait
  14. Just listened to ELP's first albumn with some good volume Simply Stunning is all I can say It is like listening to new, better speakers I think I will have to relisten to all the vinyl I have spun since getting the LaScalas
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