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  1. the RF-7 sold tonight to bobh422, the M&K sub however is still available.
  2. Thank you Youthman. Yes, I am willing to ship, as I do have the orginal boxes for both the towers and sub. Asking price is $800 for the RF-7 and $350 for the MX-125MKII.
  3. I am in North Texas and selling both my mains and sub. Is there any interest? Please PM if you have any questions and/or would like detailed high rez photos.
  4. I recently purchased a pair of EAW speakers and decided to part with my towers. I would rate at 8/10, mostly due to age. Slight wear on the speaker tops and sides, nothing visible from couple feet away. No modifications, everything is original and sound as good as the day I got them. One woofer does have a dent, which took place when I moved the speakers out of my HT room, while the room was being painted. I do have the original boxes and all the packing materials. I think I have manual and binding post jumpers, not 100% sure. I am the original owner and am asking $1100 plus shipping and fees.
  5. http://www.critesspeakers.com/klipsch_midrange.html
  6. those don't look like cornwalls to me. take a closer look, seems to be a knock-off using klipsch drivers.....
  7. What is the logic behind the DIY in adding or fulling replacing the factory installed material. In all my speakers, RF7, KG2, and KP-4000 i can see some level of foam. For example, my sub actually doesn't have that much, only two square sheets glued to the sides. Nothing on top or rear and with a passive on the bottom, makes sense that there is nothing there. My KG2 has just a single sheet that fits in the middle of the enclosure from top to bottom, with a hole punched in the middle that allows the wire to terminate to the cross over. I can remember seeing a youtube video of a guy that glued a matting material to all internal walls and tried using a thumping test (before and after) to demo the results. I really couldn't tell any difference. I am guessing it extends the lower end frequency response ? Bottom line, what is to gain by doing this modification ?
  8. can't say i listen to "organ" music. when i am in the mood, i sometimes tune in WRR FM101.1, which is DFW's local classical station. most of the music i listen to is rock and alternative rock.....tool, seether, chevelle, 30 seconds to mars. some R&B and some classic rock. found a pair of KP-4000-C on CL and picked them up today. they have been in a garage for the past 4 years and very dirty, still have them in the garage until i can clean them up. but, i have run some prelim tests using my sansui 6060, with the subs hooked-up to the "B" speaker outputs. and considering my crude set-up in the garage, the low end is just insane. can't imagine using preamp outs with a crown or peavy amp, with a crossover adjustment, proper cables, and just the right placement.....
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