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  1. Impressive for sure...almost as impressive as the 700,000+ miles on the original motor in my 1977 Chevy Silverado... Hehehe...
  2. I talked to the suppliers for Klipsch parts in Ontario, and it's around $198.00 for a new OEM BASH plate-style amp. They suggested that I try an authorized Klipsch repair facility here in Ottawa first, and see if they can diagnose the problem, before buying a new amp assembly. If I can find out what the problem is, and if it can be fixed, then I'll come back and mention what it is, in case other people on here have similar problems with their sub amps too... Cheers!
  3. It's my understanding that the KG 2.5's use a K86K or equivalent tweeter...is this the case, and where is the best place to source a pair? Thanks!
  4. I liked the 2.1's a lot when I tryed them out at a Best Buy a couple of years ago. I will likely look for a set of them when/if my trusty Harman/Kardon Champagne 2.1 speaker system wears out first. Best of luck with yours, and let us know how they go for you once you've had them for a while...
  5. Awesome story! I had a pair of KG 2.5's before, and they are what put me onto Klipsch in the firstplace. I found them sitting on the bottom shelf of one of the local pawn shops, covered in dust still. I bought them after only demo'ing them on a little JVC HT receiver they had in the shop. Brought them home, cleaned them, used wood oil to recondition the veneer, and connected them to a 1978 Marantz Model 2252 stereo receiver. I decided to play Brian Setzer's "Dirty Boogie" CD on them, and when I listened to his version of "Sleepwalk" and then later, "Hollywood Nocturne", the hairs on my neck and forearms stood on end. Klipsch horns were designed to recreate Gibson Les Paul's and brass instruments...I'm sure of it! I recently gave them to my neighbour downstairs as a present (with one of the tweeters damaged previously being damaged by a clipping Kenwood power amp I had them connected to and listening to Van Halen at a hearing-loss volume), and got into the Refference III RB-25 HT setup, which sounds a lot similar to the old KG's. L8tz!
  6. Hi everyone, I hate to admit it, but my first post on this forum has to do with a problem. I have an RW-10 that is being fed LFE from a Marantz SR7500 receiver, and a few months ago, I noticed that it started barely working. It used to absolutely decimate our little apartment without much effort, and I had it set up to match my other speakers perfectly, even with stereo music. I only ever had the sub volume on the receiver set to +5 (it goes upto +10, but the receiver calibrated it for the room at +5), and I only ever had the gain/volume control on the side of the sub itself at about 50%. I already talked to Klipsch customer service, and we've established that the driver itself isn't toast, and that the unit still powers up. When I first bought the sub (it was a floor model that had hardly ever been used in the shop I bought it from), I used only the LFE jack on the back of the sub, but that stopped working properly about 1 month after I got it, and I switched to using the left/right input jacks with the supplied Y cable for my monster subwoofer cable. This last configuration worked fine for over 18 months, but about 2-3 months ago the subwoofer has started outputting very little volume. Even with the receiver set to +10, and the gain on the rub at 100%. Put it this way, the 5 1/4" subwoofer from my Harman Kardon Champagne 2.1 Computer speaker kit puts out more bass right now. I've taken all of the tips apart on my monster cables and checked the solder joints which are fine. I've checked, double checked, and triple checked all of the settings on my receiver, and on my DVD player. There's nothing wrong with them either. The folks at Klipsch had told me that it's more likely the BASH amp has failed, than the LFE out on my receiver failing. This was after I told them I plugged an MP3 player and other sources straight into the sub, and it didn't do much with them either. Does anyone here know what one of the amp modules would cost (talking Canadian money, not the greenback), and how easy it is to change out yourself? I've heard they are easy, and not as expensive as replacing the entire sub. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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