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  1. Well thanks all. I think I was getting the impression from friends here that this would not be a goer and it seems that people here agree. It is a pity - I would love to have done something in audio - ah well - just the tourist location side then. I do like the idea of a games room but am a bit worried about people bringing their kids here only for the kids to spend all day every day playing on a damn console. That is definitely not the reason to visit a Greek island!!
  2. Yet again I would like to request your considered opinions, thoughts and ideas on yet another nutty idea from the stable that is Max. My wife and I are considering starting a business and there are 2 options on the table. SWMBO wants to do something in tourism (availing ourselves in the process to some European funding to assist with setup). I on the other hand would love to get into the business of audio, although I am concerned that there seeems to be precious little scope for profit in most of the areas I am aware of. As a bit of background we do own a fairly sizable piece of land, with a fairly fabulous view and abutting its own beach, on an island called Trikeri, which is growing in popularity although still largely undiscovered and totally unspoilt. On this plot we could build, for example, 40 studio type appartments for rent. A thought occured - could be combine the 2 businesses? It seems that the idea of theme holidays is growing but I have never seen an option for an audiophile holiday (for want of a better term). I was thinking something along the lines of 20 1 double bedroom appartments with sleeping for upto 2 more in the living room, 6 audio rooms or varying sizes and shapes (one of which would be a mega home cinema) and the usual shop, swimming pool, tennis, bar, taverna etc. along with an additional audio shop where you can buy records, cd's, SACD's w.h.y. as well as order equipment either to take home or to have delivered to your home later. Each studio would have its own small sound system of a value of up to around $3-5,000 with guests being able to choose rooms on the basis of systems as well as any other choices, subject to availability. Additionally anyone can request to change their standard provided source (e.g. CD player for something else like a TT or an SACD / DVDa player). At any time of the day and probably most of the night anyone can go and listen to the main systems in the 5 dedicated audio rooms. All rooms will be provided with media although guests will be encouraged to bring their own as well. For overseas visitors I am thinking of making this part of a 2 week combination holiday. Maybe one week seeing the sites of Greece on a coach tour, or a week on a yacht and a week on Trikeri. There are many other variations possible to add to this: - our own chat site / forum on the net with access from the rooms as well as global. - music feature evenings - introductions to classical, Jazz, soul etc. - system shoot outs for different types of music / different formats etc. - Visiting systems - maybe one new system a month. - Live bands once per week to compare live and recorded (in the largest audio room). - featured manufacturers with a large range of their products (e.g. Klipsch, Aragon etc.) Of course there will be lots of opportunities to chat with fellow audiophiles from all over the world, compare recordings, favorite music genres and so on. Anyway that is the basis for the idea - what do you all think?
  3. Kelly, the amp in question has 3 tubes on it: (1 x 300B & 1 x 6SL7 & 1 x 6AG7). If I upgrade the 300B at some point to a better version than the chinese tube it ships with what about the other 2 tubes. I do not know what these are but I would guess from the pricing that they too are chinese in origin and probably not the best of breed. If I get this amp it will be the first I have owned with a multiplicity of tubes on it. I am wondering on the interaction between them. For example if I were to get a general electric 300B should I get similar for the other 2 tubes?
  4. OK - that is quite specific - I will have a look and see. On the subject of amps one of my KT88's just went belly up = loud humming and a sudden blue tinge... Right now I am running the original Sovtek 6550 WE's that came with the amps - not too bad. Now the question is, is it worth getting the KT88's again or better to wait a few weeks until the 300B's are ready... Decisions, Decisions.. BTW - Wolfram - mail me your address so I can ship to you if something comes up (maxg@hol.gr) Cheers
  5. Thanks for the input Kelly... You will notice the signature has gone - it was always going to be temporary. I do indeed intend to keep in touch with some of the people I met through the club - there are some very good people there. As it stands I will not be re-joining soon - maybe at some later date but not for now. AS for your input to my system I think you know well enough on both the vinyl and the tube front. As it happens one of my tesla's just blew (loud humming and sudden blue colour - I think its dead Jim!) so I am back on the 6550's which dont sound at all as bad as I remembered (the ZTPRE from Acro having a lot to do with that no doubt) but the image size is smaller and the overall impact reduced. Anyway now I have to go and get another matched quad of some KT88 or another - unless those 300B based amps show up soon...
  6. Like many others here I found that mounting the Heresy's higher than normal works best. Mine were about 3 foot from the floor standing on cabinets. One of the nice things about the Heresy is that they are well sealed enough not to suffer from being placed on hollow objects (at least not unduly). Arco came round to my house once and opened the cabinets during play. He heard a definite improvement that somehow passed me by. In the end I always ran them with the cabinets slightly open just in case.
  7. Yes Mike - those are the boeing's themselves.... Incredible sound - probably the best speakers I ever heard for a demo - really blow your socks off!!
  8. Knew I could depend on you. I will check it out once the amps have arrived and been tested out a bit. Cheers
  9. Actually one thought occurs. My discovery of vinyl was almost directly down to you as a person - who I met through this site, rather than through the club but lets not split hairs. I do not deny that I did benefit in many areas from my association with various club members. I would like to think that there was an element of reciprocity there too...
  10. Arco, You are a gentleman and someone who's opinions on audio I value highly (as I am sure you are aware). I really hope that my leaving will not effect our friendship - I have tried to be as diplomatic as possible over what happened at the club but suffice to say that it became impossible for me to maintain a relation with it. I am happy to talk to you any time if you want to know all the gory details - lets just say a swathe of posts were deleted from the ACA forum including one from me, and, I think one from the president that would have made it clear what the problem was (or at least a part of the problem).
  11. Wolfram, Developments on the vinyl side now happening so fast even I am having trouble keeping up. Aside from my TT upgrade plans I have now found this amazing source of classical vinyl (a tiny shop in Piraeus - the port of Athens). In the shop he has mainly classical (about 300 titles) some good (actually fantastic) and some very average. I was very pleased to find what I did and counted it as a result. Then I got talking to the owner and he has invited me to his warehouse after he closes his shop on either Friday or Saturday. In this warehouse he claims he has 20,000 classical records!!!!!!!!! Anyway I am calling round my friends with vinylitus and I am hoping a troup of us will head up there on one of the days. If you have any particular favorite pieces let me know (I know - I have been such a dismal failure on the DSOTM front, but it cant hurt to try!!) BTW - DSOTM front. According to my mate Tony my copy is worth serious money, I am trying to get hold of the dealer to check it out - we may be talking over $1500 here!! For that kind of money I will definitely sell it (and live with my French version for a while). Post just arrived - more albums!! Love ebay. Cheers
  12. Flappy, Looks like you really want to know what this high end thing is.... Well I am probably not the person to ask as the only sure thing I can tell you is that it is not me. Yes - it does involve spending huge amounts of money on a system that reproduces music - it just doesnt seem to be focused on building a balanced system capable of playing a wide variety of music. To be fair there are few systems if any capable of reproducing, say, a heavy metal concert one minute and a string quartet the next (although KHorn based systems can come as close as anything I have heard). I am certainly of the opinion that no system can provide that massive attack you want with certain types of music and at certain times of the day whilst concurrently being able to portray a more relaxed gentle approach for delicate musical moments. What has struck me with the high end is that if anything such systems are less capable of such swings than more moderate HiFi systems, including my own.
  13. OK - in no particular order: 1. My TT. I am going to upgrade the standard K4 cartridge this week - everyone says it is a good idea so what the hey - give it a go. I am thinking of the Eroica cart - highly recommended by my local project dealer - thoughts? Oh its MC and high output (1.6 mV?) - supposed to work fine with my phonobox. 2. My TT 2. As many people are now saying I should upgrade this unit I went off to the show to investigate options. The show was littered with some seriously fab tables (with equally serious $$ costs) that would be lovely except for the additional costs of the divorce if I spend that kind of ducats. The one table that might be a possibility is the Pro-ject 9. The dealer will take my table, arm and stage in for 90% of what I paid for it (I kept the original box which helps) and bung in the upgraded Project phonobox SE and a Clearaudio cartridge (MM) - the Viruoso Mk2 I think - all for $1500. Not a bad deal I thought. 3. Wilson's new speakers. At the show I heard these mated to a Krell amp and a variety of Krell and I think ATC components. the CD player was Krell (who knew they made one?). Anyway these were pure audiophile stuff and therefore left me completely cold - not unpleasant but hardly emotionally involving - a bit like needlepoint. 4. I am now fully recovered from my daliance with Avantegard Solo's. I think I would love to have these speakers in a system I could listen to once a week or so - but not every day. I would recommend anyone who can to listen to these - especially those of you with KHorns. there are not many speakers that are faster than a KHorn but if any are they are these. 5. Lots of vinyl buying lately - my classical collection coming along really well now. New purchases include: 1. Vivaldi - 4 seasons on decca jubilee series - UK print - staggering. 2. Mahler - Symphony no 3 - Decca, double album - UK print - even better. 3. Beehoven Symphony 9 - CBS master works - Germany - not bad - not as good as the others. 4. Strauss - Also sprach Zarathustra - Living Stereo/RCA Victor red seal - excellent. 5. Rachmaninov 3rd piano - ashkenazy playing - Super analogue Japanese disk - oh yeah baby!!! 6. Orpheus in the underworld - Offenbach - Phoenix edition - German - yup again. There were several more but most were not all that good. I got one Deutche Grammaphone that isnt bad (Mendelsson 3rd symphony) but I have never been a big fan of DG. 5. Tsakiridis Devices. He was at the show big time with a huge selection of amps ranging from his 300B at 8 watts up to his monster 300 wpc amps with armfulls of KT88's on them. Most impressive was his celebration amp with 100 watts of pure class A triodes on them - but you need a lot of floor space. Anyway it seems a couple of the kinder ACA members told him all about my system and how good it sounded, one going completely overboard on it. So now he wants to come over to hear my setup. This is ideal - he will being various of his goodies with him for us to play. One concern over the 300B amp. It seems he is using Chinese tubes and I have never heard good things about them. He swears that these ones are great, of course. Are there any good chinese tubes out there? That will do for now - there is bucket's more but who is going to read this stuff all in one indigestible sitting?
  14. Well you are entering shakey ground here. It seems Sansui have a reputation only for their amps and most specifically not for their speakers. I have no idea why this is - but they sure work for me. The nicest things about them - in my opinon are: 1. Nobody wants them so you can pick them up for a song. 2. They are built like brick outhouses - quite puts the Heresy to shame. Notice I have not mentioned their sound. This is not because they dont sound great - they do in my opinion - but I am kinda alone on that. I would say that if you can find a pair going cheap (like $10 to $50) them pick them up - what do you have to lose? I would love to find someone else who has them and rates them as much as I do. Even the Sansui lovers forum drew a blank on that. I would have assumed I was barking mad - but so many people who have visited have agreed both that they are superior to the heresy's and that they do indeed sound great that I am beginning to think there is something else afoot here. Maybe I am entering the twilight zone...
  15. Well as you can see below I am now an ex-member of the ACA. Nothing too sinister - a slight falling out that caused me to evaluate the aims of the club in comparison to my own. I suddenly realised that by the definition of the club I am not a "high end" person and actually have no desire to be so. Sadly there are no alternative clubs here in Athens that I know of - maybe I should start one... On the other hand what would I claim us to be? The not the high end, but stereo and preferably vinyl on reasonably priced gear that performs beyond all expectations despite the improper placement of the equipment club? Doesnt really have that ring to it does it? ah well - back to listening to, and buying vinyl. As an aside - it looks like there may be something of a market for my DSOTM recording that plays in similar fashion to the above. I spoke to a dealer who may have a client willing to pay some serious $$$ for the thing. Should be enough to get me a Project 9 if it pans out. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
  16. LMAO Fini, That was a great line - My the kids have grown!! Really did give me the giggles that one. What a time for the system to go off line too - I had so many things to post. Ah well - will have to start now I suppose.
  17. Dean, Get the damn things in place first - listen to them and then we can discuss changes. Golden rule of life - if it aint broke dont fix it!!
  18. Well yesterday was a busy day, what with all my DIY exploits and it being the first day of the high end show here in athens I was thoroughly exhausted by the time I finally hit the sack. OK, some highlights from the show from your intrepid reporter... Firstly the big differences between this year's show and last years are 2. The bad news was that it is considerably smaller than last year with a lot of major stuff missing. The good news is that those that came brought with them something they had definitely left behind last year - namely good sound!! After my first day (spent 6 hours there) I can say that the KHorn presentation is about a zillion times better than last year. They have it set up with 2 distinct front ends which they switch between. The digital front end is with the all new Accuphase 30 wpc class A SS amp mated to the highly regarded DP65 CD player. It is one of the better all digital setups for sure. The analogue setup has a tt I cant remember the name of (ever) and a hoffland pre and some tube power amp I again cant remember (there goes my reporter membership card). Anyway the digital is superb and the analogue only slightly better. I would say that the above is the second best setup in the show. The best? Well would you believe it coming from me. The Avantegard Solo. Anyone who reads anything I write will recall me being critical of Avantegard's (mainly the all too separate bass unit). Well the Solo has no such problem, because - it doesnt have a bass unit and I can tell you here and now it doesnt need one (down to 30 Hz). As a matter of fact it doesnt need an amp either - these are powered speakers. Come to that they were being played without a preamp - straight from the phono stage into the speakers which have their own volume controls. Aside from anything sonic there is a huge appeal to me anyway in the idea of having a TT, a phono stage and a pair of speakers and nothing else. By pure coincidence it turned out that the guy selling these beasts is the same guy that sells the accoustic solid TT's I rave about from time to time - and the same who sold one to Tony. The phono stage is his own design. Basically we are talking killer sound here. Almost as big as a KHorn in full flight (soundwise - but not quite - nothing is!!) with seemingly more bass, more speed, and stunning clarity. If the guy had been taking orders he would have had mine then and there. thankfully he wasnt because I now know this would have been a mistake for the following reasons: 1. The speakers look like jet engines on a stick. WAF zero (in my house anyway). 2. I would have to sell everything to use them let alone pay for them and when I say everything I mean everything - even my beloved speaker cables would have to go (powered remember - they use RCA's to connect). 3. These speakers are magnificent in every audiophile way imaginable, but they are not relaxing. I listen to music every night before I go to bed. I want to be lulled by the music not beaten up by it. MH talks about musicality and to me this is the very issue. For a while there I was taken, sold and ready to part with the cash. I was blinded by the whole high end thing for the duration of the show - so much so that when I got home I didnt want to hear my own system - scared I would hate it. When I finally plucked up the courage to play it, at a low volume it was like being caressed by the hand of an angel. I nestled into my chair, immersed myself in the music and forgot all about systems and amps and tubes and what have you. Thank god I had left my credit cards at home. As an aside Tsakiridis was there with a huge array of his amps (barely room for his maggies to fit in). Pride of his display is some celebration amp he has made for being in business 5 or 10 years (cant remember which). Anyway it is a mighty pair of boxes with about a dozen or so 300B's on each one making it something like a 100 wpc class A SET monster. SET for B&W is you like. Very impressive but not for me. the little unit in the corner with 3 bulbs a piece - yup 8 wpc - that is the one for me. There is lots more to tell but I doubt anyone really wants to read this so I will stop here. In the unlikely event that anyone wants more I can do other posts...
  19. Well the last couple of days I have taken off work and decided to get sme bits done. Aside from sorting out all my pending orders on ebay and getting cheques in the post and so on I also took the opportunity to sort out the old record collection. Now as many of you will know I am not a very handy person when it comes to DIY. As my wife says the only thing that is handy about me is that I live nearby!! Anyway undaunted I decided to put up a shelf for my album over-spill. And here, hopefully, it is: Not bad eh? Looks straight. Nice thick wood - note - nothing pre-fab here - them is genuine pieces of wood there that never planned to be part of a shelf.. I wonder how long it will stay up? Anyway on the subject of pictures I also thought I would share the new look of the Sansui's - naked so to speak. these are those tiny little horn loaded tweeters I was talking about: Arent they cute!! They also sound a lot clearer now I have removed the baffles and the front latticework. To date SWMBO hasnt mentioned their new look so either she hasnt noticed, or, possibly, she prefers them that way. Well that's it for now folks....
  20. Well Dean - welcome to the world of the Heresy. I am one of the few here who is delighted you got them, but for my own reasons. Here's what I want you to do, connect up the Heresy's to your RF7 system, in place of the RF7's and let me know how the midrange and highs compare - ignore the bass issue. I ask this because it has crossed my mind that an RF7 might be of interest to me to replace the Heresy / Sansui options I have now. It seems that I can sell the 2 pairs for just about 2/3rds of the price of the RF7... All that aside dont let kelly talk you out of these BEFORE you hear them - try them out - decide for yourself if you like them. AS everyone says Heresy's are a little bass shy, but their actual performance will vary according to the room they are placed in and the amp driving them. When I ran mine from the Accuphase they bottomed out at 63Hz. On the PP tubes they bottom out at 47 Hz (everything else the same). No idea why, but the peak the Heresy's had at 50 Hz with the tubes really could fool you into thinking they have bass. It is only when I compared the sound to that with the Sub that I realised quite what bass was missing, even with the tubes. Do I need to tell you what sub is the best match for the Heresy's - I must have written it here a hundred times...
  21. golf, cigars, beer, computers hmmm A club A stub, A glug, and a bug.. All wrapped in a christmas hug. Schamlty, ballzy, witty... Please deliver my gift wrapped less to....me!
  22. OK - I sense a business opportunity here... Suppose I told you I had access to 2 pairs of KHorns - still in the boxes and 4 pairs of LaScalas also in the boxes (not even fully assembled methinks - judging by the box sizes). No Belles though - sorry, but a bunch of Heresy's including some professionals. Well - surprised?? I was at the Greek distributor yesterday and there was a major stock moving event going on to prepare for the high end show here (from tomorrow). Havent seen that much Heritage equipment in one place for...well...ever really!! Of course you would have to pay Greek prices for this special opportunity (take your price, multiply by 3 to get the Greek price, then add ?% for shipping and a 10% finders fee for me (on the final total of course). If 3 or more of you order I think I will have enough money to fly over and help you install them.
  23. Ebay you say... CLASSICAL RECORDS 14-Nov 21:30:36 £5.00 THE ROLLING STONES ROLLED GOLD DOUBLE ALBUM 16-Nov 14:23:41 £3.00 Belafonte Returns to Carnegie Hall (Dble LP) 16-Nov 18:21:13 £16.00 10 CC LIVE AND LET LIVE DOUBLE LP 1977 17-Nov 11:49:58 £4.99 SYMPHONY NO 6 .MONTEUX SB2024 LIVING STEREO 18-Nov 11:11:06 £28.99 Furtwangler 11 LP boxset,Wagner,nibelung 18-Nov 20:34:47 £18.01 BEETHOVEN EMPEROR CONCERTO. RCA LIVING STEREO 18-Nov 21:12:26 £2.00 LOUIS and The Good Book LOUIS ARMSTRONG 1968 19-Nov 10:34:03 £31.01 THE ROLLING STONES ROLLED GOLD DOUBLE ALBUM 16-Nov 14:23:41 £3.00 Not bad for a 4 day period!! (actually the Belafonte and the Armstrong are for Tony - the rest are mine!!! Check out the price I got the RCA living stereo Beethoven for!! Just love that place - but it is melting my credit card faster than my wife does.
  24. Lets get the damn thing first and we can worry about the money later... I cannot believe this has been so drawn out - I thought I would pick you one up in a jiffy..
  25. Good news and bad news on the DSOTM front. I just had a vinyl expert over at my house (owns a record shop - only vinyl and a massive collection of his own). He brought his DSOTM with him (the Japanese one again MSFL?) to compare to my lowly greek copy. Again the Greek copy won hands down, which is good, and he confirmed to me that he can find me a mint Greek copy within a couple of weeks, but, and this is the bad news... He examined my Greek record and identified it as being one of the first albums pressed (he guessed first 50 pressings from the Greek press). Apparently there is a marking on the first copies that does not appear on later copies and mine has it big time. He almost guarantteed that any other Greek pressing I can find will not sound the same. What do you want me to do? I can order you one anyway but it is anyone's guess how good it will be..
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