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  1. It sounds like over enthusiasm, rather than ignorance. Because I was part of the Klipsch Fans Tour of Hope, I sometimes hear things that others don't. The new Heritage drivers are practically identical copies of previous drivers. It is just an odd quirk that the mods that made them smoother, may have made them less efficient, but by a barely audible bit. Being into crossover design as much as my Civil Engineering mind can comprehend made me ask about the crossover. That's the only way I knew. I'll bet few outside of this BBS know either.

  2. Maybe one day I can learn French. It would help reading about Le Tour.

    It sounds like you may want to build a set of La Scala cabinets yourself. Beware of the German plans, they have some wrong dimensions.

    We all have our prefered combinations. Mine is K-33-E, K-55-V (AlNiCo) on K-400, and K-77-M used with a Type AA crossover. This was the typical configuration from about 1965 or so to 1981 (at least for the K-55-V). The K-77-M was standard from sometime in the late 70s to 2000.

    Q-man prefers K-33-E, K-55-M (ferrite "Mud") and K-77-M with a Type AL-3 crossover. This was the configuration for 1982 to 2000 with a change to the K-401 around 1990(?).

    The 2002 configuration is K-33-E, K-55-X (modern K-55-V) on K-401, and K-77-F (modern K-77-M). The K-55-X and K-77-F have about 1.5 dB less output than the older versions and require a different crossover. Klipsch is the only source for the newest drivers and I doubt that Klipsch will sell them since they are all needed for current production.

    Look at this ebay search for the parts you want.


  3. Other than Klipsch , the most reliable place to get horns ans drivers is ebay.com. There are several sets of horns and drivers for sale there now. The K-400/K-401 horn will be the most difficult to get. An altec 511B has a larger mouth but makes a good substitute. Some say better. The driver sets you want will be: K-33-E/K-55-V or K-55-M/K-77 or K-77-M. I doubt you will want the latest K-77-F, unless you can match it to the latest K-55-X squawker and correct crossover.

  4. I like the SS-1s; I say buy them and be happy.

    Having matching speakers in your system helps create the illusion that you are seated in the middle of the action. It is not precisely required. I get very good performance from 4 La Scalas and a KLF-C7 for a center. With most people, money doesn't grow on trees and they must buy theor gear in stages. If you like the KG 3.5, keep them and add the SS-1s. If, later on, you find the KGs don't mesh well with the rest, replace them with SF-1s, but try it first. There's no reason the throw away good speakers.

    BTW, Don't forget a sub. I tried to get by without them for a while, but HT demands at least one. There is lots of bass energy you will miss without a specialized speaker just for it.

  5. The only difference between a Type AA and a Type A is the tweeter circuit. Specifically the Type A has only one capacitor and no KLiP protection.

    There sbould be NO DIFFERENCE in the bass and mids switching between the AA and A. The forgoing statement is void if the Type A is built with superior components like the one pictured above that Guy built. The Solen inductor alone should be a great improvement to the bass. My Type AAs were noticably improved by the Hovland caps in the tweeter circuit.

  6. LSBB is La Scala Birch Black. The r means 1977 and the first 9 and 10, is some sort of notation for the time of year. The last digits are the production sequence number. There is no worry about non-consecutive serial numbers; they are both alike. Perhaps in 1982, the year of the squawker change to K-55-M, non-consecutive numbers may indicate a mismatch. It would be obvious, though.

    The t means 1979.

  7. Pland,

    Don't modify anything until you have listened to them for about 6 months.

    I'm asuming from the year that those have a Type AK crossover. It should be nearly identical to the Type AL I've had and dislike. If you want to stay with Klipsch, parts, call and order the Type AK-3. It's the latest for your driver set and is said to sound VERY good. If you want to roll your own, or want to try the ALK crossovers, search the forum archives. Don't use a Type A (or derivations of it) with a high powered amp; say over 40 watts. I like the Type AA, especially if the caps are changed to Hovland Musicaps. I have a pair of ALKs for my La Scalas and they are superb, sound well integrated and clear. They will be a great match for your K-horns.

    Another hot mod is to damp the squawker and tweeter horns. You can use rope caulk from Home Depot for both, or use Dynamat on the squawker horn as I did. The consensus here is that either works as well as the other.

    I stuffed the top of my La Scalas with polyester fiberfil. It reduces the hollow knock it has and perhaps some cabinet resonances.

    For a K-horn, you need to ensure the cabinet fits tight into the corner and seals and that the walls are plenty stiff. A stiff corner may be a multi-day winter project, but the seal to the walls is easliy accomplished with some weather stripping on the tailboard. Make sure your baseboards and shoe molding doesn't hold the cabinet away from the wall.

    Work to make your electronics as good as the speaker. It is notorious for showing all flaws on the system.

  8. circumspect (s�r�kem-sp�kt�) adjective

    Heedful of circumstances and potential consequences; prudent.

    - circumspectly adverb

    The American Heritage� Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition copyright � 1992 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Electronic version licensed from InfoSoft International, Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. I had IEsux completely removed from this machine until I installed Turbo Tax. Then, I just gave up. I don't use it, I use Mozilla, do I still need the patch? I don't trust MS and their patches.

    I don't have XP either, precisely because we have it at work and it is awful! We still get blue screens as often as with 95/98. Mine crashed 3 times in the first 2 hours I had it! It had been a rock steady PC under 98SE.

  10. Rudy,

    50 watts into a pair of Belles results in 124 dB, if you're 1 meter from both of them! Loudness increases 3 dB for each doubling of power and 10 dB for 10 times the power. 100 watts is +20 dB. 105 dB is LOUD!!! I listen to my La Scalas at 80 to 85 dB most of the time, or at 1/100th of a watt. Belles are rated the same as La Scalas or 104 dB at 1 watt at 1 meter. 30 to 70 watts into Belles would be a comfortable listening level in a football stadium!


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