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  1. Well Sarge, you should be at least concerned about blown drivers. All of the Heritage drivers can be overhauled for about $75 each, so a blown driver is no problem. Most of the other Klipsch drivers can be overhauled as well. To test them take a 1.5 volt battery and rub the leads to each driver across the battery terminals. A scratching sound indicates continuity through the voicecoil and a high probability of a good driver. Only a listening test will confirm the drivers are good.


  2. Yes! I have. I was in Audio Systems in Nashville around 1976 and was in the low-end room looking at what I could afford when a thunderstorm rolled up. I had to go upstairs and out to see if it was really raining. It wasn't! Back inside in the room next to the one I was in was the storm on a pair of K-horns powered by an SAE preamp and 100 watt power amp, all solid state! The storm was on the back side of "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" and it was completely real sounding, even in the next room. Later, they played Santa Esmerelda and my bell-bottom jeans moved to the beat of the bass drum; awesome! That's the only disco record I own.

    That was the first day I had ever heard Klipsch. It is the reason I have configured my La Scalas to mid-70s spec.


  3. I think Summer 2003 would be great. Say, in Indy on the last Sunday in May? 9.gif

    I'm going to take a firm position and vote for the city the Company chooses to invite us to. 2.gif I *think* the museum is still in Hope, but I believe it was destined to be moved to Indy. We'll have to see where it will be. One whole roll of my film, most of the stuff in the museum was ruined, so I would like to go back and get more shots. Outside of the Museum, the engineering and R&D labs were the most interesting part of the Hope tour. The whys of producing a speaker and the testing to see how it sounds and what is needed to "voice" it turned out to be most fascinating. That is all in Indy, now. This is about the right time to start talking about a trip, if we're going to do it.


  4. I have not heard an RC-7, but I'm satisfied with my KLF-C7 as center between La Scalas. A Belle with early AlNiCo drivers would be a great center for you. AlNiCo is naturally shielded. You may have to search for an AlNiCo woofer, but they're out there. This is likely to be a project. You'll likely find a speaker with some AlNiCo drivers and have to substitute the rest. Naturally, this could be done with a Heresy, La Scala or Cornwall, too.


  5. One member did just what you asked about, contoured the openings. I front mounted my tweeters and found it reduced harshness and improved stereo imagining. Contouring the squawker opening and continuing the flare, would require cutting the cabinet too much for the screws to hold, so I lined the squawker opening with heavy felt from Home Depot.

    Klipsch makes "Z" brackets that mate flush mounting the tweeters a lot easier. Call Trey at 1-800-KLIPSCH.

    Damping the horns with rope caulk or Dynamat has been a popular undertaking. It works!


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  6. The kit you are looking at is not the same as the Wave. It uses different tubes. Without seeing the schematic, I can't say if it is similar.

    I;ll sell you a pair of Waves, with covers, cords and a spare set of "matched" tubes for $200. They have about 10 hours on them.


  7. I say subwoofers (2) and center, first. Surrounds could be a $20 RatShack speaker for a while, if they become important.

    Since Belles are so powerful and low distortion, you'll need 2 powerful subs to have a chance of keeping pace and having low enough distortion to blend in. SVS can be bought online and is said to have subwoofers that can fill the bill. I use a pair of VMPS subs and a 400 wpc amp with my La Scalas. When in the corners the VMPS can match loudness up to my personal limits, even on Stone Temple Pilots.

    I use a KLF-C7 as my center. It is not a perfect match, but is close and sounds great. It can match the La Scalas to the levels I can tolerate, as well.


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  8. Since you're increasing the impedance of the speakers by 33%, you decreasing the amp's outpot by 33%, or down to 97.5 watts. What speakers will you be using? It Klipsch, you COULD operate on 1/10th of that power. I'd suggest looking at a 50 to 60 watt Yamaha, Sony, or the like.


  9. You may have to chase the wires to the woofer to confirm what may be out of phase. Check everything carefully. Each of the drivers have a red spot on the + terminal. The Type AA is a fairly simple network with no phasing tricks. + from the input terminals is plus through to each driver, even though the squawker runs through the autoformer.

    Here is a copy of the schematic.



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