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  1. I have just such an experiment in the works. I have a pair of 511Bs and am looking for a pair of 802 or 806 drivers for not too much cash. I really need to get the La Scala bass horn tested to see how high it goes. There's a guy at work that has the gear, I just haven't gotten over there to do it. Based on what I can find out, the 802 on a 511B will be 108 dB @ 1 Watt, a Type AA network, slightly modified should work great. I think the 80X/511B combo will be weak above 10,000 Hz and a tweeter may still be required (the response starts down at 10k and is 15 or 20 dB down at 20k, the chart's at work).


  2. I know, I know.....

    My mother-in-law loves Big Band. She seems to specially like it on my Klipsch. I would love to pick up a Shorthorn and a NAD L40 and somehow rig it to play in mono in her house. Big Band was so ofetn played in mono and the Shorthorn has the look of the era. Sadly, she has no available corners, so It'll have to be an early Heresy (H-700). She is widowed and hasn't the room, nor patience to put up with big speakers and complexity. Loud is not in the equation.

    The trick is to get an electronics package that is stone simple and can handle mono operation. Tube powered would be cool and fits the period. What is out there that I can use to build this system? I could still pick-up the L40 and an H-700, if it is switchable to mono.

    What say ye?


  3. There are better amps out there than the Sampsons. Specifically, I look for a Parasound HCA-3500A (350w x 2 at 8 500 x 2 @ 4 from 20 to 20k) and an Acurus A-250 (250 x 2 @ 8, 350 @ 4, 440 x 2 @ 4 ohms @ 1k Hz) plus marbe an Adcom 555. These will sound better and meet theis ratings from 20 to 20k, not just at 1k Hz. I use an A-250 to power 2 4 ohm VMPS Larger subs. It can kick.


  4. Tony,

    Since you are where you are, I'd remove the woofer, unsolder the braided leads to the cone, drill out the rivet the held on the masonite, and replace it with something similar from an electronics house. Reattach it with a pop-rivet. I don't think this is a job for glue or silicone, too weak.

    You are in a big enough city that you might find a speaker repair shop, too. They should be able to fix it, since all cone drivers use just about the same thing.

    Your damage it too small to justify $110 + shipping and duties.


  5. For surrounds look at the SS-1s. i think you'll like them and they are relatively small.

    However, you need a subwoofer first. A 3.1 movie system will be quite satisfying and you don't realize the very low bass you are missing. There are lots of good subs out there, but don't even consider anything less than 12" and 250 watts. You need a great sub to keep pace with Heresies and that -C7.

    Want cheap, look at this kit (smaller subwoofer) and a power amp: http://www.vmpsaudio.com/ps2.htm



  6. I have an answer. The Rollerblocks are Bullshit! (excuse my expletive)

    It cannot be both a coupler and a decoupler.

    It does NOT use earthquake foundation technology. Earthquake foundations use springs and/or viscoelastic isolation to limit the energy transmitted from the ground the the structure.

    Powercords with RF filtering in an environment rich in RF AND connected to a REALLY poor quality power supply would provide a definite benefit. Otherwise, the benefits are entirely psychological. Think about it. How could a teflon water hose provide better water than a viton water hose? That's all a powercord is, a water hose. Once the voltage is changed by the transformer, rectified and filtered by the capacitor bank, there is nothing left of the original AC wave. I assume that the power supply is well made and not one in a Pioneer component.


  7. I have heard the KLF-20s and liked them. I have 4 La Scalas and a KLF-C7 for my HT. I think you'll find the KLF-30 have boomier, deeper bass. You may miss that aspect of the KLF-30s after switching to the Belles. OTOH, the Belles will be cleaner and purer sounding. They will sound more realistic. Acoustic bass notes will be presented as clean and accurate so that you think the instrument in in the room.

    I also think you're characterization of the Legend and Reference series a bit harsh. You own several of them, have they been that bad?


  8. Tom,

    I saw the pics of those K-horns. It is not a factory mod and the closed backs are not long enough to finish the bass horn, so deep bass performance will suffer if not placed in a corner. The mod seems well done and it will likely make it easier to achieve full performance in a corner, but it is not enough. A K-horn needs 4' from the apex of the corner out along both walls.

    I believe the reason Mr. Paul did not enclose the ear of the k-horn was because of other patents and the fact that it was not necessary since it was to be placed tight in a corner anyway.


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