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  1. M.H.,

    There cannot be too much difference between the La Scala and Belle. The Belle squawker crosses over 100 Hz higher than the La Scala's 400 Hz. In many years both used the same crossover and they have always used the same drivers in the same year. I lack proof, but I believe the Belle's bass horn is capable of going higher because the effective bend radius is longer than the La Scala's (it is bent more gently). That should make up for the shorter squawker horn. That shorter horn should also be less prone to ringing since it shorter length makes it effectively stiffer.


    with 4 La Scalas

  2. The K-55-X is so close the the late K-55-V it would scare you. They are still using the K-401 horn. The throat hasn't changed, it's still 1" and the voice coil is still 2". I'll bet that is what you saw. The K-55-X is made by the same outfit that made the K-55-V, but has a new name.


  3. As long as you don't drive the car amp into distortion there will be no damage at all. However, power amp ratings on car amps are notorious for being overstated. In addition, car amps are rated at 4 ohms or even 2 ohms, but your La Scalas are about 8 ohms.

    A car amp rated at 150 watts per channel into 4 ohms would pull over 17 amps. Does it have 2 10 amp fuses? If not, it won't put out 150 watts/ch.

    Assuming typical peak power ratings, a 150 watt/ch amp will put out 37.5 watts RMS into 4 ohms and half that into 8 ohms. 19 watts/channel will not make La Scalas rock outdoors. 37.5 watts is about 3 amps into 4 ohms. Does it have two 3 or 4 amp fuses?

    Still, as long as you can't hear distortion, you won't hurt anything. Should you actually have 150 watts RMS/ch, you will have plenty of power, as long as the battery lasts.


  4. Al's crossovers primarily use better components. In fact, they are pretty much the state of the atr, hence the price. The crossover points and slopes remain about the same as the AK/AL-x series. The tweeters have less protection, but fewer components to interfere with the sound. The impedance curve is pretty well flat from about 80 Hz to 20k. Al uses a trick with a resistor to control the impedance in the midrange so it doesn't get so high. That should be good for tube amps. The Klipsch networks tend to have more losses in the tweeter circuit so Al's networks sound a little hotter.

    I prefer them to the Type AL by a long margin.


  5. According to BobG, some time ago, the tweeter in the C7 is actually turned wrong for horizontal use. If you turn the speaker on its end, vertically, the tweeter has the intended dispersion pattern. He encouraged me to look at a pair of C7s for my rear channels. I founs a second pair of La Scalas cheaper, in the end. i say go for it!


  6. It looks like Tom has several nice money pits!

    My favorite Colt is a Series 80 Satin Nickle Gov't, Model. I've only seen the one. Most people have never seen one. I also have a DW 41V with 4" and 8" bbls. Shoots great! I could never get a handload to work well in it, though. I always had unburned powder left and poor groups. When a Ruger Blackhawk in .44 Mag. hurt my hand, I bought the .41. It turns out a .41 Mag. has more energy than some .44 loads.



  7. Rush is a Liberal! Not me! cwm4.gif

    I'm also partial to Colts, but 1911s. The OACP makes a great tool for CCW.

    The AWA Peacekeeper does look like a lot for the money. I understand a Custom Shop Colt goes for about $3500.

    I have a little of everything from the attached BP replica to the 1911s mentioned.



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  8. Production is not scheduled until mid-April.

    There is information about the new Heritage out "there". Essentially, Klipsch is going back to the future with the lone. New versions of the K-55-V and K-77-M will be used and a new crossover network is required. K-horn is to be issued first, La Scala next, and Belle and Heresy later. Heresy III would be a good development name, but I don't know what the official name will be. The bass horns and squawker horns were not changed. R&D on the drivers and crossover caused the delays. There was apparently some difficulty at the OEMs. I have some theories as to what may have been going on, but no facts. The new drivers are said to be smoother and the result is a warmer speaker.

    A retrofit kit is also expected some time in the future.


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  9. The Heritage Series is still made. Production was restarted this month after about a year's hiatus for a driver replacement and crossover redesign. I think most of the time was to allow the OEM to do some R&D on the drivers and to let its ownership settle down.


  10. Well, he didn't say "passive bi-amping". Smile.gif

    JohnJohn, you might try Harrison F-mods on the inputs of your amps for the crossover. They are only in 12 dB/octave and in discrete frequencies, but you can get high and low pass at the same frequency.


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  11. Yes, It is! It's shown in the proper placement for the older CII. In that position, the long axis of the horns is horizontal. Note the riser on the bottom, often thought of as the "side".


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