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  1. I've got a 1000A running my rear channels. They run in Class A up to 1.65 watts and Class AB above that. I have a 1203A running the front 3 channels. It's a very similar amp, but rated at 140 x 3. They sound great and are very clean. You should like it.


  2. Tom Brennan might know more, but I'd recommend using the 311-90 to cut down on beaming the midrange. Tom recommends using E-V SM-120 horns with the K-55-V for good effect. the SM-120 has a 120 degree dispersion angle. I'm looking for a pair of Altec 802s or 806s to go on 511Bs to pair with my La Scala bass horns. Older K-horns used a K-500-5000 crossover. I'd say yours could reach 500 Hz as well and the 511B is easier to find than a 311.


  3. It's not right to make fun of people's misfortune. However, being involved in the electric power industry and watching Enron (from a safe distance) grow and try to bully the industry, I usually fine jokes aimed at corporate Enron very amusing, especially cc1091's.

    Had Enron not cooked their books and operated a ponzi scheme, they would still be in business and would probably rule the industry in 5 years. They have only themselves to blame.


  4. RC-7s can indeed make fine main, center and surrounds. BobG once recommended I use KLF-C7s for surrounds. I found a pair of La Scalas cheaper, but looked into it. You could easily build a fine HT system with 5 RC-7s and an RSW-15.

    The 2 1/2 way woofer system is to prevent cancellation at the highest frequencies the woofers produce.


  5. BigD,

    I am using ALK networks with the K-55-Ms. I find them a little too forward at 3-X (wonder what Brennan would think). If I use more attenuation, the tweeter sticks out like a sore thumb.

    What would you want for your K-55-Vs? Do they have spring clip terminals?

    I hope Klipsch went with the resurected Atlas driver in the latest return to production.


  6. There's no doubt the GAS amp is not helping. I'm with Tom on the P-trap. It's easy to insert and remove, too.

    What about your room? Is it reflective? After I put Dynamat on my K-400s, I found them better integrated into the system and not forward. My room is not bright, though.

    A good SET shouldn't dramatically change the character of the sound. It sounds like that's what you want. However, if you lower the output of the squawker much, the tweeter will stand out too much.

    After the P-trap, try bypassing the inductor for your woofer. The inductor reduces the power to the woofer a little (a dB?) and rolls it off at the squawker roll-in. A little more woofer output may acheive the balance you want.


  7. Is the system for atereo or home theater? I'd pretty much say go for the Macs! You're getting them for a great price. They deserve a great preamp to go with them, on the order of a Mac or maybe Conrad-Johnson, or another great tube preamp.


  8. There have been some factory tours over the years. I know of 2. It took a lot of persuasion to arrange the last one and quite a bit of insider assistance, too. Don't show up and expect to get one. There's a lot of activity and potentially dangerous machines in there. Klipsch can't afford to have an injured visitor or a distracted operator.


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