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  1. If you like it LOUD, do not substantially modify the factory crossover. The factory crossovers have tweeter protection built in them and it's required. The tweeter can handle about 2 watts continuous and 10 watts peak. The spec varies a little depending on where you hear it, but this seems to be a reliable set of ratings.

    Here is the crossover upgrade you're heard about: http://www.alkeng.com/klipsch.html. Al's crossover's don't have any tweeter protection. However, they do sound superb.

    La Scalas won't go as deep as your 30s do, but the bass is clean and "quick" and obviously natural for the frequencies the bass horn covers. Sitting in a corner, on the floor, the bass horn begins to roll off below about 55 Hz. Be sure to listen to them before you buy. OTOH, La Scalas can comfortably reach 120 dB at 1 meter and the pair easily hits 110 dB in my 16' x 18' x 21' x 19' room.

    If you like deep bass consider a pair of monster subwoofers.


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  2. I have a new Panasonic progressive scan DVD player hooked to my non HDTV-ready RPTV. It works Great! I cannot view progressive scan signals, but it will also output a very good standard NTSC video signal, too.


  3. Not switching to Ac-3 mode is a common problem with the ACT-3. Part of the problem may be with your DVD player. Can it be set to default to AC-3 (DD 5.1) rather than Pro Logic (4.0) or DD 2.0? Sometimes a DVD will have all sorts of different sound tracks on it.


  4. $3000 is twice too much for decorator models; maybe more. Keep looking for another pair.

    The K-horn will have noticeably deeper bass than your Belles. The squawker horns in yours will also have wider dispersion at higher frequencies than the K-5-J.


  5. I have not been able to hear an RC-3II, so I don't know how it will match. I use a KLF-C7 and it IS a good match, though not perfect. A single Heresy from the years your La Scalas were made is likely to be the best match for center and another pair for surrounds (that's what I intended to get) would be great. However, the Heresy woofer is not shielded, so it might cause problems with a direct view TV. Heresy IIs are still available if you want new.

    Nothing succeeds like excess! I got a pair of La Scalas off of ebay for less than a pair of Heresies, so my surrounds are La Scalas, too.


  6. Without the serial number there is no way to date them accurately. The K-77-M was used beginning in the late 70s and the Type AA was used through 1981 with a K-55-V squawker. The -V has a round softball sized grey cover over its AlNiCo magnet, not square. With the known changes, there is no telling what year they were made, even the K-77-M could be an update. If the K-77-M is original, I'd say 1977 to 1981.


  7. Actually, Y'all have it backward. The power amps should be turned on last (and off first) to keep turn-on (and turn-off) thumps from the pre-amp from damaging your speakers. In the 70s and 80s the gear demanded it. My ACT-3 is well behaved and doesn't need to be treated that way. This does not apply the receivers and integrated amps because the speaker protection circuits wait until the thumps are gone before connecting the speakers.

    The preamp section of my old Yamaha CA-800 integrated was terrible. When using 125 watt power amps and my La Scalas, the windows would rattle.


  8. Putting the second one 3' out of the corner will not hurt. Having the subs in different placed tends to cancel room nodes and WILL prevent both of them from reinforcing the nodes your room already has. With 2 subs in different places you will have fewer peaks and troughs in the bass response. I have mine behind the mains and in the corners. However one corner is 90 deg. and the other one is 100 deg.


  9. Crutchfield has the highest prices going. Sometimes they are above MSRP. I will buy car audio from them, especially if it is on sale, because their techs are knowledgeable and that carry a great set of harness adapters so you don't have to cut up your factory wiring harness.

    I don't care if they carry Klipsch because it'll be priced too high.


  10. Your dealer is yanking your chain. Klipsch will surely rebuild your tweeter for less than $200, probably less than $100. Technology has not changed so much that KG4s cannot be the bassis for a great HT system, if you want them to be.


  11. Klipsch can recone the drivers for about $75. I don't know if Orange County speaker Repair can do it. Give tham a call.

    As to your crossovers, Klipsch used different suppliers over the years. I'm sure the values are the same in each Type AA. The parts Klipsch used are very durable, so, unless you are hearing a problem, you don't have any bad components. Unless you are redesigning the crossovers, you should replace the caps and inductors with ones of equal value.


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