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  1. I wouldn't throw your wife out of bed for getting crumbs on the sheets..... But that bike is terrible. Get yourself a 1000RR or an 1198 Duc.
  2. Ugh.... I'm sorry youth. I love your equipment and the panels look good. ... Buy I hate how "red" your room is. Probably works better than my beige room but the red is killing me! Lol
  3. Honestly I have been perfectly happy with my rf7Ii setup and my onkyo that I rarely even think about home theatre. I just turn everything and sit back and enjoy. I gave my friend the Tuba a while back (his room was much larger than mine) and now a divorce has forced his hand. No time for him to sell so I told him I would take it back and try to sell it.
  4. BTW, I'm selling this now (for a friend) $200 or BO and you get the amp with it. Pick up in mass
  5. so did some quick trouble shooting today. The hand shake idea didn't work. I was able to get the splitter to display on both tv's but only if I went straight from my cable box to the splitter and skipped the avr. Tried this on 2 different avr's so it seems unlikely it is an issue with the avr. My options seem to be few. I can buy a new avr with dual out's..... or spend $60 on another splitter and hope that works? kinda lame. Im surprised more people don't have the want or need for dual out puts. Only a couple comments on this thread. Thanks for your suggestions guys.
  6. ahhh thats perfect. Thx for the pic. Im gonna play around with mine one more time and then if I can't get it to work ill order the one you bought.
  7. are you using this as a "switch" or as a simultaneous output splitter? Basically what Im trying to ask is do you use your tv and projector at the same time? Because my goal is to run 2 tv's at the same time. cable box > avr input > avr out > hdmi splitter > 2 tv's
  8. Thanks Cal I will give that a try. Question though.... how do you determine which tv is the "primary" screen? my splitter has 1-4 out puts but no other marking or direction I can find for which to use as a primary. I mean I can assume it could be output #1 but if that didnt work I would be lost.
  9. well I have a splitter from monoprice product #6192 if you care to check it out. It plugs in for some reason but its not "amplifying" the signal. Unfortunately the hdmi cables going to the tvs are in the drywall and I can't change them. I swapped out the hdmi cables that go from the cable box to the avr and it didn't change things. Im going to try it with a different avr next......if that doesnt help I think Ill try a different splitter that claims to amplify the signal. If that doesnt work I think it will be time to try an avr with multiple outs.
  10. What I want to be able to do is run 1 cable box into the avr and send the signal out to 2 TV's. 4 months out of the year I will be using 2 cable boxes but the other 8 months I only want to use 1 cable box (Saves me $12 a month to not have the extra box outside of football season).
  11. I will be using it for 2 tv's that are basically the same. I will be displaying 720p only (HD cable).
  12. I have a basement bar with 2 TV's. Im looking to get an AVR with 2 hdmi out ports that will display at the same time. i bought an hdmi splitter from monoprice but its not working. im getting no picture on 1 tv and the other tv is going in and out every 2 seconds (literally 2 second increments). So rather than keep trying different hdmi splitters I thought I would cut out a piece of equipment and just get an avr with dual outs. The key is they need to be able to diplay simutaneously. Anyone have any experience doing something similar? what avr are u using? thx
  13. Your onkyo (when hooked up to the internet via a landline or onkyo's wireless adapter) allows you to stream internet radio and use your phone app as a remote control.
  14. Artto.... Those subs look like HSU ULS 15's not empires. Am I mistaken?
  15. I have never heard a Rythmik sub. However I have read alot of good reviews about their servo technology. Maybe someone can chime in on Rythmik? Or you could even go to AVS forums and look at the official rythmik owners thread. Just to give you some different options.
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