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  1. Jason str, thanks for the recommendations and links to the amp and woofer. Ill have to see where I'm at with my funds when the time comes. Once I get going with this, I'll definitely be in touch with you. Khornukopia, I will have a talk with my father in law about shelves down there. Most importantly, I'll have a talk with my wife about it. Getting that entertainment center out of there would be really nice. It takes up a lot of real estate. With that out of the way, it would be easier to get to the audio gear on the walls, keep equipment out of the kids' reach, and let the speakers breathe. I have a lot of equipment, so the shelves would need to be longer for sure. MechEngVic, I will try pulling the speakers out and toeing them in more. Do you know how far the sweet spot would be from the speakers, toed in like that? I would have to measure, but my main listening spot is probably between 11'-13' from my speakers. Baby netting would be sweet, if it's easy to fold up and get out of the way. I've thought of a baby gate like the pic, but I don't know if it would be tall enough. Maybe I should put a volleyball net across the room lol. Really, its not a bad idea Thanks guys, I really appreciate all of your suggestions!
  2. Awesome, thanks guys, I will start looking into purchasing the plans for a low profile THTLP. Schu, I purchased the NBS from breakdown7 (David) I love it! Khornukopia, I thought about putting some of my gear on the wall, so I could purchase a smaller entertainment center for my stuff. The speakers stick out a bit too far, so it would make my equipment hard to lean over and reach on the wall. I also dont think my wife would approve...I have my current entertainment center because it is big enough to hold my stuff, and the doors protect some of my stuff from the kids. Jason str, once I purchase the plans, how much, on average, would it cost me to build this subwoofer? Would it be front firing, standing up, with the opening located at floor level or at the top of the sub? Avguytx, I'm extremely paranoid about my kids being near my equipment lol. I have a 3 year old boy, and an 8 month old girl. After many arguments with the wife, she won, and they have a play area downstairs in my space. I am looking into childproofing my equipment. I don't play my tube gear when the kids are around. I switch to my Marantz 2275 that's behind a glass door. I just need my turntables and tube gear, on top of my entertainment center, protected when I'm not using them. Any ideas? I see you can purchase dust covers made out of kevlar like cloth, but that probably wouldnt protect the tubes of my amp or the wood, if they throw a heavy toy. I see you can order some acrylic boxes, to size, from a few places, but they are pretty spendy. They would look really sharp and it would probably be a lot cheaper to make them myself, but I don't know how to work with acrylic. I also thought about building some sort of boxes out of wood, stained, and padded on the inside, to put over each component, but that could look bad, if it's not done right. I know my speakers will probably take some hits, but I'll just have to deal with that unfortunately. My equipment remains unscathed for now, but I need to get everything protected really really soon, or it's going to be a real heartbreaker...
  3. I guess I'm just wondering, what would be the best tuba subwoofer for my space? What would be the best way to go about raising my speakers up? And What sort of room treatments should I consider, and where do I really need them in my space?
  4. Long Post!! Hi guys, just curious about your opinions and advice on my setup. Any help is greatly appreciated, as I have very limited knowledge with room acoustics, subwoofers, bass traps, speaker placement, and basically everything else with audio. I'm just trying to get the most out of my setup, with the room given. I have to have my speakers along the far back wall, and I know it's crowded up there. I have 2 young kids as well that need a playing area, so this leaves the most amount of space for everybody, and gets the wife's approval. Right now I have a Hsu research vtf 15h subwoofer up front, which actually doesn't sound too bad with the Belles, but I will most likely be selling it. I would like to build a horn loaded subwoofer, that will integrate better with my speakers than the Hsu. My system is for music- I don't really use it for movies . I'm limited where I can put the subwoofer, so I'm wondering if I could place a smaller tuba ht that's standing up in the corner, or maybe a long table tuba, firing toward the ceiling. I probably have around 19" of space width wise, once I move the hsu sub out of there. My father in law would be helping me with the build, and he has good wood working skills. I'm also wanting to raise my speakers up to get the tweeters and midrange at ear level. I know I'd be losing bass doing this- that's why I want a tuba sub . I'm just wondering what the best option would be. Putting the speakers on top of cinder blocks to elevate them? I'm accumulating a lot of records these days- what if I built some risers under each speaker, that's capable of holding records? The records would weigh down the riser and fill up empty space, making a nice foundation for each speaker Would building tapped horn subwoofers, and placing the speakers on top be an option?
  5. The room is rectangular- along the left wall the foundation sticks into the room about 5 1/4"... Its 3' 10" above the floor...so the ledge runs all the way along that wall. The width of the room above that ledge is around 13' 2 1/4".... The width of the room with the ledge is around 12' 9", and that's where my speakers are at. The length of the room is about 27' 9", and there's a little hallway further back that goes to the laundry room and upstairs. My ceiling isn't quite 8' tall- it's around 7' 8" My speakers, center to center, are spaced about 9' 7" apart... They're pulled forward from the back wall into the room about 9" or so and are both toed in
  6. Thanks, I was just curious if I should try them out later down the road. I'm more than content with my eliptracs, but it's always nice to know where they stand. I'm always interested in upgrades for my Belle speakers. I didn't see any comparisons mentioned.
  7. Just wondering, how do these tweeter horns compare to the Fastrac eliptrac hf horns that I currently have? They look very similar in design. Anyone compared the two?
  8. Big price drop on an excellent turntable...$600 shipped or best offer
  9. Big price drop on an excellent turntable...$600 shipped
  10. $375 shipped...here's some more info on this excellent dac... https://www.audiostream.com/content/musical-fidelity-m1-dac-new-one
  11. Selling my Rega Rp3 turntable with upgraded Tangospinner subplatter. Turntable sounds excellent and is in very good condition. It's been well taken care of and I am the sole owner. I'd say an 8/10 cosmetically. The only issue is that the cue lever and tonearm lift gradually bleed down with the tonearm, so you have to hold the lever up by hand, until your ready to drop the needle - a minor nuisance, but worth mentioning. It will also include the Rega elys II cartridge that it came with. The elys II is in excellent shape with very few hours on it- 25 hours or so. Original box and all packaging included. Will be double boxed for shipping. Shipping included in the price. PayPal preferred....$675
  12. Selling my M1 Dac A which has the asynchronous usb input. Excellent for any stereo system, computer, or headphones setup. This Dac has been well taken care of, as I'm the sole owner. Cosmetically, I'll give it a conservative rating of an 8 out of 10, just because it's used. I dont think there's even a scratch on it. Original box and packaging and power cable included. Shipping is also included in the price. PayPal preferred... $400
  13. Sorry for the late response- long work day. I was the one fortunate enough to purchase the NBS preamp from Breakdown7. I'm beyond excited right now, and I can't wait to hear it in my setup, paired with my Stereo Vrd. Thanks David!
  14. How much does a pair of k500 horns usually sell for?
  15. Absolutely gorgeous! GLWS!! Btw, I had my Dad's Marantz 2275 completely restored by a guy named Paul Hovenga. It was a great decision! It sounds even better than it did before, and performs flawlessly. I can only imagine how this Pioneer sounds, being that it was fully restored as well.
  16. Hahaha, I believe you shakey- I probably would! I'd definitely love to hear a pair of the forte iii. I've been eyeballing them since they were released. I'm sure I would absolutely love them I wish I had the funds, but I've been loving my Klipsch belle lately, with the fastrac horns.
  17. I have owned Heresy IIIs and Cornwall IIIs....Heresy IIIs with a nice subwoofer compare very closely against the cornwall IIIs, considering they both have the same midrange horn. Heresy III and a subwoofer will save a lot of money and give you a very similar performance in my experience. I actually preferred the overall balance of my Klipsch Forte I speakers over the Cornwall III with that same midrange horn. I kept the forte I.... I sold the Cornwall IIIs because I felt, for a such a big speaker, midrange detail was lacking for me. It really bummed me out, considering how much they cost. I wish I would've picked up some Cornwall IIs instead, or maybe even cornscalas. I'm just sharing my experience.
  18. Oh man, I was saving up to purchase some. I missed out big time. Does anyone else make similar horns for 1" drivers?
  19. Not the same website, but is Dave's site down? I was going to look at his fastrac horns for Klipsch Belles, but I can't visit his site. Is he still making fastrac horns?
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