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  1. One last bump before I suffer the misery of CL.
  2. Black Friday option: take the KLF-10s for $225 and add on a black KLF-C7 for $75 more. There is no grill and I have filled in some bracket holes with wood filler and was planning to either refinish or spray the areas with rustoleum black satin spray paint. You can have the full can of paint to finish, too. If I figure out how to add a pic in the replies then I will post a pic but my morning brain isn't working so well at the moment.
  3. @Eth2 and Chuck, thanks for the kinds words!
  4. No, we never met but we did exchange a few emails when I was selling some kg3.2s. I have not replaced these speakers with bigger ones. I had planned to do a KLF HT setup but I have a couple of Fortes up front and an Academy so I am content for now. I am just trying to reclaim some space and lighten my load for a planned move in June.
  5. Edroom, You must be single or know Jedi mind tricks to be able to keep a full size KLF sound system in your house. I am single and the KLF-10s were my first celebration gift to myself when she left. She always complained about the speakers so I thought it was only right to get some more big ones. :-)
  6. I have a pair of medium oak KLF-10s for sale - local pickup. $225 for Forum members. They are functionally in great shape. There are some plant circles on the top from the previous owner and a few scratches. The grills are in great shape with badges. Let me know if interested and I can take more pics or answer any questions. Thanks, Brian
  7. Yes, it is amazing how many speakers in the used market have the plant rings. I would imagine that in most cases the one who bought the speakers was not the one who decided to decorate by putting a plant on top of them. Still a shame. @ Moray - great idea. I will definitely test the bottoms first. @ Chris - Thanks for the color chart. I am familiar with Watco. I was thinking the natural oak might work but I hoping someone here may have had some experience with the medium oak. @ liebherr - thanks, I'll be careful. Regards, Brian
  8. I have both. Right now I have the academy between two Fortes but I honestly liked the C7 better when I A/B'd them. I thought that the C7 had better clarity and sounded a bit more like the Fortes to my ear. The academy seemed slightly muffled. The academy is older and I don't believe the caps were ever refreshed so that may be a factor - I don't know. The reason that I am using the Academy right now is to give it a chance and also because it is wide enough to put my TV on it. I know, the Academy is supposed to be the right choice, but if you see a local C7 for a good price, you might consider it.
  9. Good luck .. I hope you get them. I just picked up a pair in medium oak 2 nights ago. Looking forward to putting them to the test this weekend. I hope that you will be too.
  10. Technically, the amp is still with the HT setup but it will soon be moving to the 2-channel. In theory, I like the idea of adding a multi-channel amp to the HT but the yamaha amp didn't seem to add anything so I am skeptical about just getting a 3- or 5-channel amp. I am suspicious that it may be a low voltage issue with the avr.
  11. Thanks Budman. I saw that. I like the simplicity of one unit and the pioneer looks like it might have a good deal more juice than the yamaha based on its weight.
  12. This CD player does not have a digital output. The CD player connects to the AVR through L/R RCA-style cords. But even digital signals such as my cable box have the same volume issues. I will also try changing the channel levels. Thanks.
  13. I am currently using a Yamaha RX-V667 receiver for a 5.1 system. I added my Yamaha MX-830 amp for the two fronts because it sounds bad *** when I play straight from my CD player to the MX-830. But, when running with the 667 it is a very lackluster experience. Even with the 830s gains up half way and the receiver volume near reference levels, the sound is no where near the expereince of the CD player with the 830 gain just barely on. I was planning on buying an Emotiva UPA-5 (or similar) to replace all amp duties from the receiver but now I am thinking that I might be better of just getting a new and bigger receiver (thinking maybe Pioneer SC-1222). I don't really want to spend much more than $500 so a new receiver and new amp is out of the question. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks, Brian
  14. I just picked up a pair of KLF-10s last night with a medium oak finish. The tops had the standard damage - potting plant rings. The finish has worn thin on the tops but the veneer seems to be in good enough shape to keep for now. I was thinking to sand them a refinish but I am not sure what combination of stain and oil would work best for medium oak. Golden oak seems to work fine for oiled oak but I am having trouble finding anything on the forums about medium oak which has an orange-like tint to it. Any suggestions? Also, has anyone noticed that when searching with google that Klipsch forum results don't seem to come up any longer. Thanks, Brian
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