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  1. 4 hours ago, Bonzo said:

    I got a couple of quotes for packing, shipping and insurance for another member. To the mid-west it was between $75 to $100 which I think is a bit ridiculous.  

    Yikes! It shouldn't be that much. It's not that bad to ship as it's not that heavy. I packed one myself last year and it was 45 cdn to send it to central Canada. 
    If no one bites in the US send me a PM and we can work something out. I do want it. ;)


  2. I don't know how accurate this is, but I worked with both The Rolling Stones and The Hip. I heard this in both camps that The Hip were the only opening act for the Stones that crowd called them back to do an encore. Happened in Germany. I know it happened, but unsure if they were the only ones.

  3. Yes, they toured and did their final concert in their hometown of Kingston Ont. I was at that one and the Toronto show.
    I worked 3 tours with them in the 90's. Gord was the kindest man I had the privilege to meet and spend many hours on the road with.
    The country mourns a legend today.
    RIP Gord,  Thank you for the memories.......

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  4. 20 hours ago, DizRotus said:


    I'll meet you in Windsor.  Oh wait, I still need to get my enhanced driver's license, now that my passport is current.  I miss the days when a quick trip to the Windsor  Ballet required only a driver's license.


    Seriously, thanks for the offer.  I'll let you know.  The F'smurfs are due any moment.

    here's mine. ... they were working fine when replaced with Bobs new ones.


  5. 15 hours ago, DizRotus said:

    Depending on what arrives withe Frankensmurfs I just bought, and what @ClaudeJ1 has lying around, I might be interested in them for the Super Heresys I'm building.  If you sell the, first, that's good for you. I'll check back.

    I also have a set of B crossovers sitting idle if you get stuck if he sells before you find out.

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  6. Oh man I'd love to have this beauty, but the canadain-us dollar exchange rates now kill any thought of it....argggggg
    Love to match it up with my 1060.

    Good luck with sale. If the dollar rises here very soon I'll come a calling!!!

  7. Clinton, I spoke with Shaun.  He doesn't mind shipping to Canada as long as you can cover the Import Taxes (if any). 

    Ship USPS and make sure the right custom form is completed (sorry don't know the form # off hand) . The added taxes will be collected on delivery if they decide on collecting (Canada post is hit N miss collecting). 

    I had a piece shipped from TN and wrong custom form was done. It disappeared in the tracking system, only to be returned to sender 30 days later. It's still in transit....arggggg

    I'm using rf35's and love them since switching out from rb61's

  8. I only heard it for a few hours and really liked it before unplugging and getting restored. When I got it back I noticed the fuse holder was a little loose when I replaced the fuse. Mt fat fingers  went to tighten it and it was like it shattered with little pressure, Arggggg. So I haven't heard it yet in about 5 months, so I'm looking real forward to it.

    I traded a stock Marantz 2225 and Dual 505-2 TT I paid about 100 for total, for the Scott, It's in really nice shape , so got it done up right. 

    I'm using a 299a now, that I bought off forum member canyonman that I love! Looking forward to hear the difference between the 7591's and the 7189's.





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