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  1. SVS emailed me back will NOT fit.
  2. I have a pb10-nsd with 300watt bash amp. And have a pb12-plus sledge 800 watt amp in a box (at my storage). Was wondering if the physical size of the plate would be the same size to switch them. I cant just look being that one is in storage. Its about a 30min drive so if someone knows it could save me some time. I did email svs with this question also..... The bash amp is a cut all costs bare bones (volume, phase and on/off/auto). The pb12-plus 800 watt sledge has dsp 2 peqs, low and high pass filters, different tune modes and more. Not to mention almost 3 times the power head room. I know it probably could damage the driver if not used correctly but... Imho the term to much power is never the case. Less effort is always an advantage in making loud noises. Thanks
  3. This was the point of the thread!!!!! We want to know.... ROY
  4. Agreed.. Good point I got into a similar idea a few pages back. It would probably require pro drivers to keep up. I don't think 2 rf7 10" drivers under it as an example would work well. And if you did use them. It would probably need a low pass filter to start rolling off at 60hz to keep the high spl that would be needed to keep up with a driver horn combo of the 510/691. And even at a 60hz cut off I wonder if the spl would still be way to low. Im sure they could tame the 510/691 to make everything match but wouldn't that kinda defeat the purpose?.... IDK
  5. Im going to try my 800 watt sledge amp on it. The two peq might be useful. I also believe it will drop in (fit).
  6. I know....lol. Its not my first (or 50th) choice.
  7. Or maybe some promo codes for different level members (to use at authorized Klipsch dealers).........
  8. Ha! Congrats! Thanks for posting. Pics soon please. Klipsch needs to start handing out some commission to this forum!
  9. Well I found a svs pb10-nsd for $175 perfect condition. So I'm going to put building one on hold for now. Pretty impressive stats for 175
  10. Thats a pretty beefy 10". Nice.
  11. Wood this glue be fine? Or something else be better? https://www.parts-express.com/gorilla-glue-4-oz-bottle--340-004 Also what stuffing would be cheap?
  12. I think I might give this a shot.
  13. But I do want to be able to get something that can keep up better. But isn't to much money.
  14. Good advise. I know you know. 👍 I cant do it right in my current room. Its one of the big reasons my budget is what it is. I don't want to invest very much doing it wrong.
  15. In seriousness though I cant do it (horn) in this set up. I was thinking about it... but near field is pretty much my only good spot for location in this room (you mentioned near field isn't great for a horn sub).
  16. There are no H word talk here!
  17. Lol I knew you were gonna say that!
  18. I like ported too. This would be used for 25-50hz range. Near field like a few ft away (right behind me). Im using a cheap 10" polk sub atm. Works great for low levels. But then disappears pretty fast when I turn up the LaScalas.
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