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  1. We’ll put… totally agree! There is a ignorance is bliss factor though I think…..not to many people ever experienced pro line in their house. So it’s hard to miss it if you never had it.
  2. Do you run active crossover? How do you hook it up to your Chorus (The wiring and everything I mean)?
  3. Great info, and much appreciated post. If I follow the above post what would be all in cost approximately?
  4. Before I bought the La Scala’s I was looking hard at the 396s. I couldn’t find any used (kind of spendy brand new). They are that much better than La Scala’s you think huh?
  5. Which is fantastic obviously because I learn oodles of stuff…
  6. Coyote when I read some of your posts, (I’m not even kidding) I have to go to Google…look up certain things that you say…read pages of what they mean, and then come back and continue reading.
  7. Nothing wrong with being humble (which you clearly are being) i’m sure we’re all dummy’s compared to Roy lol..
  8. That’s very helpful. Thank you.…. It’s been along time since I’ve heard of 510s… effortless, effortless effortless!
  9. No offense, but you’re you’re not technically minded…than I don’t know anything.
  10. In my old system, I ran three KPT-904 behind a screen. (I don’t know if your remember you actually helped me with it)… I was definitely on my way to 402s and jubilees. but you know life changes things sometimes so…
  11. OK best possible way aside for a second………..(lol) is there any way that I could run that with what I have right now without adding any other equipment? (just the 510 and a driver sitting on a bracket on top of La Scala)?
  12. Yeah, I’m not about to cut into the La Scala’s… but building something for on top of it with a 510 inside or using the brackets that I have is certainly an option…. Most of the people I know already think I’m out of my mind for how crazy I get into this stuff lol…..but guys like you coyote take it to another level (and with all respect, of course) I’m just not sure I wanna go that far with the active crossover and all (multiple amps and other things you mentioned).. I know I could do it, but all of those things are $,$,$,$.
  13. I waited so long because my ceiling isn’t high enough from the ground! 🤣🤣🤣…
  14. That’s funny, but true… I would have 402 right now, if I had a room big enough to fit them (and I mean literally if I had to scrape the ceiling, I would have them if they would fit.) … but kidding aside this is hypothetical. I’ve put some money into these La Scala‘s. And they sound fantastic. i’m just thinking next upgrade 😊.
  15. Good to hear from you coyote… do you think the 69 is the best driver for the 510? Would this not work without an active crossover?
  16. I know this has been done, but what exactly would I be getting myself into if I were to go down this road? What kind of cluster would I be creating for myself lol? I have 510 brackets (that sat on top of 904s already) what what would I be looking at in terms of making this a plug and play?
  17. Wow 😮.. well done, and well played! Beautiful….
  18. Minus the cosmetics and a few other things of course ….Thoughts?
  19. Maybe I just answered my own question I don’t know. I guess my main question is if I just run one position would I be handicapping the program (taking away from what makes it so popular)?
  20. Appreciate the feedback. The instruction (and what I’ve read ) say you basically have the one (first) position for the main listening position, and then an eight point square box around that position. So if I’m understanding it correctly all the main stuff (like distance, levels, and phasing) is all done from the very first calibration. All the other 8 measurements are NOT considered listening positions… these are considered room measurement data.
  21. So I ended up getting a receiver that sports this new technology (new to me). I have literally one sweet spot in the room . Are there any cons that any of you are aware of of using only one mic position for all nine testing of this program?
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