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  1. 6 minutes ago, Emile said:

    I have (tried) to mate K-510's to Forte's (w/DSP). Never got it right; the horns just blew the Forte's away, making them sound like cheap bookshelf speakers :(  A previous post mentioned good success with a Chorus. Never owned any LaScala's, so I cannot predict how well the K-510's would "mate" with them - but pretty sure it is a much better pairing than with Forte's :) 


    BTW, had the 510's down to 500-550Hz, which I believe is about the minimum they'll take.


    Also had K-510's on my KPT-904's crossed at the passive 904 xover of 850Hz. Sounded excellent, but wanted a "bigger" horn - just like you. Since I did NOT have room for 402's, I bought some JBL 2384 horns, with JBL 2451H drivers. Horn may be too big for LS's as it is 30" wide. Chopped mine down to about 25-1/2" making them fit (with a box) perfectly on the 27" wide KPT's. Don't think you can cut those JBL's further down (to match LS's) as one gets "into" the curvature. But ... the improvement over the 510's was drastic :) 


    Good luck :) 

    Wow you have done a lot since we talked back when you got your 904s. If it’s not to much trouble you should shoot me a PM picture of your new set up.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, richieb said:

    My findings and your statement on the “game changer” of 2” inch exit drivers ie K691/510 continues the theme of the dominance of Klipsch Professional to their consumer line. Along with openness, detail, accuracy I’ll add effortless - 

    We’ll put… totally agree! There is a ignorance is bliss factor though I think…..not to many people ever experienced pro line in their house. So it’s hard to miss it if you never had it.

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  3. 1 hour ago, jjptkd said:


     I have the k510/ k-691 combo in my Chorus II's right now and they are a game changer, nothing I've heard in the "home" end of Klipsch speakers really compare. The 510 with the 2" exit driver seems to combine the best of the Tractrix horn with big, openness and the pointed detail and accuracy of the exponential horns. My favorite thing about this top end is how detailed and full they sound at very low volume, find myself perfectly happy listening at sub 70db most of the time. 

    Do you run active crossover? How do you hook it up to your Chorus (The wiring and everything I mean)? 

  4. 6 hours ago, Islander said:

    The 510/K-69-A set will go down to around 480 Hz easily, which is where the La Scala bass bin comes in and takes care of the bass part.  That’s how Roy set it up originally.  I’ve got a pair or 510/K-69-A sets with custom Plexiglas bases for sale.  The factory stands are meant to be screwed to the top of the speakers they’re used on.  If they’re not screwed on, they tip over onto their faces. For that reason, I designed some 3/4” thick Plexiglas bases, and had them produced at a specialty Plexiglas shop.  They look great!  The stock black metal brackets screw onto the Plexi bases and the combo is very stable.  


    As well, you can turn them or place them anywhere on top of the La Scala cabinets, although I’d recommend placing them at the front, so that the time alignment created by the Dx-38 is preserved.  You can aim them in whichever direction you like, although PWK’s newsletter, The Dope From Hope, recommends aiming them at the opposite corners of the room.  Aiming them like that gives the widest possible sweet spot, with the stereo effect being produced in the largest area of the room.  Meanwhile, the much larger bass cabinets are not as critical in regards to where they’re aimed.  This means that they don’t have to be aimed at the same radical angle as the tweeters, so they can take up the least amount of floor space.


    As Coytee says, once you have the pieces, it’s just a matter of connecting them and plugging the correct settings into the Dx.  There’s no need for any further tweaking, unless you want to chase the last possible 2% of sound quality,  I was happy with the original settings.  It was the first time for me to set a device like that, but once I got started and saw the logic of it, it took me only about 20 minutes or so.  Some guys use a computer program to do it, and they say it’s simpler, but that was too advanced for me.  Coytee knows easily twice as much as me, but as he says, it’s pretty straightforward.  Once you punch in the settings, you’re good to go.  If you update/upgrade years later, as I did, you just update the Dx38 settings.  Unlike with a passive crosssover, you don“t have to buy any new parts.


    As for amplifiers, keep in mind that you just need 4 channels of high-quality sound.  That can come from 4 monoblocks, 2 stereo amps (the most popular choice) or one 4-channel amp.  If you already have a high-quality stereo power amp, which I had, you just need to get a second matching one.


    Keep in mind that this is a high-end speaker set up.  Cheaping out in any way or with any component (like with lower end power amps) defeats the purpose of what you’re trying to do.  Also, using matching power amps simplifies things.  The gain for bass and treble is equal, so you have no matching issues, and the sound is consistent, from deepest bass to highest treble.


    Almost forgot:  the Electro-Voice (E-V) Dx38 digital sound processor is a pro sound unit.  This means a couple of things.  First, that it’s a high-performance and heavy-duty unit, and second, that it uses a different signal voltage from home audio gear.  The simple solution to this is to add an ART CLEANBox Pro, which is widely available and costs only $90, plus the price of two short XLR cables.


    That’s the basics.  Just ask if you need any of it clarified.

    Great info, and much appreciated post. If I follow the above post what would be all in cost approximately?

  5. 18 minutes ago, richieb said:

    This is somewhat an orange vs tangerine comparison but my 396ll w 510/K691 combination pretty much lays waste to my stock LaScala mid/tweet top end. And I’m surprised to say as much as I love LS horn bass the 396’s with a moderately sized sealed sub is a force to be reckoned with. The 510/691 combo doesn’t put fear into the 402/Faital HP but it sounds really, really good. I’m pretty sure it’s superior to the stock  LS top end. 

    Before I bought the La Scala’s I was looking hard at the 396s. I couldn’t find any used (kind of spendy brand new). They are that much better than La Scala’s you think huh? 

  6. 3 minutes ago, Coytee said:

    Compared to these other boneheads on the forum?  


    I just keep my ears open and try to listen & file it away....so I'm higher on the scale of regurgitation than I am on technical skill.



    Nothing wrong with being humble (which you clearly are being) i’m sure we’re all dummy’s compared to Roy lol..

  7. 1 minute ago, richieb said:

    This is somewhat an orange vs tangerine comparison but my 396ll w 510/K691 combination pretty much lays waste to my stock LaScala mid/tweet top end. And I’m surprised to say as much as I love LS horn bass the 396’s with a moderately sized sealed sub is a force to be reckoned with. The 510/691 combo doesn’t put fear into the 402/Faital HP but it sounds really, really good. I’m pretty sure it’s superior to the stock  LS top end. 

    That’s very helpful. Thank you.…. It’s been along time since I’ve heard of 510s… effortless, effortless effortless! 

  8. 2 minutes ago, Coytee said:

    I suppose.  But I don't know that the passive you have is correct for it.  (I'm not that technical minded)

    roy designed a passive for it   I have a schematic for it somewhere, can't yet find it.


    Rigma (Marion) took the design, built them.....he's an OCD engineer (are there any other type?  lol)  He spent $3,000 IN PARTS ALONE to put these together.  Weighed like 40 pounds each.  The next year, Roy came out with the TAD's, redesigned the passive....  Rigma spent another $3,000 to alter his crossover....  I simply went to my active and changed parameters and I was done.


    Found the passive.  Those are Rigma's knobby knees, not mine but, gives you an idea of the "no costs spared" scale of his.


    Ms. Valerie (PWK's widow) had a bass bin in her house, the passive for it was stuffed inside the speaker.  



    510K69.PDF 430.93 kB · 0 downloads

    No offense, but you’re you’re not technically minded…than I don’t know anything. 

  9. 1 minute ago, Coytee said:

    If I recall correctly, Roy has told a story about 2006 (if I have the correct year) some Boneheads went to the Factory and visited.  He shared the Jubilee with them.  He used an active crossover and biamped it.


    They all loved what they heard, but muttered that it had to be passive before they'd consider it.


    The following year, is when I went to one of these gatherings.  Roy spent time getting it dialed in so he could use a passive.  This is when Mike & myself bought a pair and essentially, what kick-started us boneheads buying the (what is now called) Underground Jubilee's.


    Roy shook his head with confusion....  he's muttering loud enough for us (or me anyway) to hear...


    "I just don't get this....I play the speaker for the crowd....they all say they'd want it with a passive.  The next year, I go to a lot of work, creating a passive.....and these boneheads start buying it BUT, what to they order to go with it?  an active...."

    Here's picture of speaker he played for us while it was in his chamber getting the passive dialed in.


    (I thought this was a pretty cool picture)


    That’s a fantastic story. I appreciate you sharing it.

  10. Yeah, I’m not about to cut into the La Scala’s… but building something for on top of it with a 510 inside or using the brackets that I have is certainly an option…. Most of the people I know already think I’m out of my mind for how crazy I get into this stuff lol…..but guys like you coyote take it to another level (and with all respect, of course) I’m just not sure I wanna go that far with the active crossover and all (multiple amps and other things you mentioned).. I know I could do it, but all of those things are $,$,$,$. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Coytee said:

    Your scale of sound (not the loudness but how "big" it sounds) will get bigger, the coherency will also increase because now you have a 2-way not a 3-way and it's easier to integrate the two verses three drivers.  The absence of the other crossover point is not insignificant.


    Beware....you will then hear about the K402 atop the LaScala bin and soon after this, you will begin your quest to find a used pair of K402's (good luck) you will beg, plead.....you will offer your children, you will offer your wife, you will offer your cat....you will however, surely keep your dog or we will then know you are serious.


    You'll finally give in to temptation, buy 402's and wonder why you waited so long.

    That’s funny, but true… I would have 402  right now, if I had a room big enough to fit them (and I mean literally if I had to scrape the ceiling, I would have them if they would fit.) … but kidding aside this is hypothetical. I’ve put some money into these La Scala‘s. And they sound fantastic. i’m just thinking next upgrade 😊.

  12. 22 minutes ago, ClaudeJ1 said:

    Hence the reason why you're better off skipping them, or it will compromise your phantom imaging. I discovered about 15 years ago when I used Audyssey. They all work in a similar fashion. I currently use YPAO from Yamaha and I do the same thing. 1 mike reading only. You're welcome.

    Is there any point to it?

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