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  1. from what you like to play as far as records - a good condition Technics Sl1200 should be just fine and cartridges are so plentiful , I would say a good Shure will do the job - they last more than the average
  2. it is important to install these connectors with the main units powered off and the power cable pulled out of the main socket to avoid any static or transient transmission - -
  3. I wonder how SpeakerLab was able to copy the k400 - wasn;t the K400 patent protected or is the SpeakerLab version very different the ,SpeakerLab gorn was rated at 350hz , that should explain the difference - some even called that horn an upgrade to the k400 -
  4. I wonder how SpeakerLab was able to copy the k400 - wasn;t the K400 patent protected or is the SpeakerLab version very different
  5. actually the LSI is even louder - paired up , they are too loud
  6. why is it that everybody regrets selling their khorns - I 'll tell you why , they are commanding higher and higher prices -
  7. the OP wanted empty Cornwall 2 cabs - and so do all of us - it is like looking for a needle in a hay stack -good luck - youi can make them for 2-300$ -
  8. OO1

    RIP Leonard Nimoy

    the alien has left the room - now we are all alone --RIP Leonard Nimoy - thanks for the logic , http://www.theglobeandmail.com/arts/arts-video/video-leonard-nimoys-most-memorable-mr-spock-moments/article23234864/
  9. shame on all you DEE-LAH'S , - stop the madness -
  10. the tripplite surge protector is a very cool device -
  11. three heresies will do just fine - as long that you are there - I would get 2 pairs of heresies - used can be 2-3-400 a pair - not bad
  12. that would be next to impossible as these never - never come up for sale -
  13. the speakers may sound harsh as the k43 delivers more midrange and vocals and less bass than an original k33 -a K 33 will give you more bass and more low end
  14. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=97469
  15. lets answer all your questions - : 1) The Cornwall 2 you have is rated at 100 watts - the k33 is more efficient than the K43 - as you need less power to operate - it makes more bass than a k43 as it is a 100 wats woofer than can go as low as 30htz versus the K43 being a 150 watts woofer that goes down to 50htz - the k33E was designed for the Cornwall 1-2-3 and the scala and khorn - the k43 E was designed for the scala industrial rated at 200 watts instead of 100 watts for the regular scala and Cornwall [- 2) you only need to change the caps if they show high ESR - since these are 30 years old - changing the caps will bring the sound back to original specs and better - the news caps are a better , more modern product -so the sound could be awesome - 3) the k43 is not stock in your speaker and was replaced - it gives out less bass but more midrange tone and more vocals - some people prefer this - some dont - 4) the crossover you have has the original caps but seems to have had a terminals strip added - 5) the rest of the components do not go bad like capacitors and should not be touched at all - dont touch them or the sound will be worse - 6) DEANG already put you the diagram of the crossover at the second reply - there is a 68uf cap for the bass woofer k43E - the squawker -midrange K57 a 3uf cap - the tweeter high frequencies k 79 has 2 caps of 1.5uf reach - hope this helps - Since all caps inter-react , change them all at once or dont at all -
  16. - jazz and classical is sublime in a scala - -rock and the rest is for the Chorus 2- more bass - - now which do you prefer -
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