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  1. djk - I read this thread a way back - very interesting - I was wondering about the dual ports at the back -do they have a dual function a) by acting as a vent for added air volume that is then exited through the dog house opening 2) radiate the sound from the back of the dual ports making the bass sound louder hence the 7db at 40hz - -tx
  2. thank you for the correction - Ladies and Gentlemen , I thank you in advance -
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen , I am looking for the part number of the adapter that enables a k52 -k53 driver to bolt-on , basically screw on a k600 or k700 horn lens - also if anyone can direct me as to where these can be purchased , thank you -
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen , I need to clarify an ambiguity - The midrange drivers - k52k -k53k -k57k -k61k - are these the same driver with a different horn lens - or are the specs different - thank you -
  5. Gentlemen , on my Klipsch industrial speakers - I need to replace the fuser carriers - the original klipsch fuse carriers are not available from klipsch parts - - the fuse carriers that I have show the word fuse written 3 times around the diameter of the fuser carrier cap - would you know where I can find the replacement - thank you very much -
  6. thanks Gary , if I understand - I can take an E type network and do the conversion of take an AA - both should work - right
  7. Gentlemen , I am looking for a HIP crossover shematic - thank you
  8. I am looking for the specs on the CP-1 - specs-dimensions - crossover , is a CP-1 stronger in bass reproduction compared to the KP-301 series - or are they both similar - Can a K43 be used in a CP-1 - thank you
  9. I second Michael - COLTERPHOTO1 - klipsch components are all repairable , not throwable - PWK made sure that all his designs were repairable or upgradable - in fact you may be throwing away very good audio gear
  10. I would love to get these speakers shipped to me - I have sent you a PM - regards
  11. klipsch lascala industrial speakers - the speaker has a jack panel on the rear with the speaker terminals - black -red & 1 jack inputs on top and the HF-LF at bottom - I removed the connections without taking a picture of the electrical hook up - does anyone have a diagram of the connections on the crossover AL - thank you
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