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  1. Saw this on eBay, dont know if its the right one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Speaker-Bridge-Strap-/301104512977?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276
  2. Cool thanks for the input... Good luck with yours
  3. Well that's not good. How do you tell if you have a first gen speaker? I haven't had any issues with mine. Still loving it...
  4. .My wife hasnt used it more than 5 hours at one time, it has no problem handling that. It claims it will do 12 hours. No issues, easy to set up. I dont understand the auto speakerphone question. If a call comes in, it goes thru the speaker but with my android phone, I have the option to answer thru the phone or speaker on the screen when a call is coming in. Hope that helps
  5. After playing with it for a day, the thing is pretty awesome. Sounds really clear and gets pretty loud. The wife used it all day in the kitchen. She's a happy camper
  6. Well I went ahead and bought one for the wife, I'll post a review after Christmas...
  7. Thanks for the reply, the KMC is a little out of my price range, are there stores that actually have them to listen to? I live in the So Cal area. 92567
  8. Just wondering if anybody had one and their thoughts??? Looking into buying one for my wife for Xmas. Thanks
  9. After more research, I think they are promedia 5.1. I guess I should of posted the picture without the grill. I'm assuming these are not 8omhs being computer speakers. He's dropped the price to $50. Still worth getting and hooking up to a 4 ohm receiver, if even possible?
  10. Trying to see what these are. Klipsch site no longer has the discontinued section for reference. These are for sale for $60, Good deal, Thinking it would be good for my son's room, Thanks
  11. I found a new replacement , but would like a back up, what do you charge?
  12. 3.15-amp 250- volt , that's what's in the non- d sub, pull yours out, it's where the main power plug goes into the sub panel. it will say on the fuse Home Depot or Radio shack carries them
  13. Klipsch still sells new replacement plate amps, $250ish, with a one year warranty
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