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  1. Whats your idea ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I for sure don't need reference levels and my room is not that big
  3. lol never thought of that but your right it would And I would be a Klipsch fan boy again and get some respect
  4. KL-7800 can be picked up for about 500.00 each so 1500.00 or less isn't bad for the L/C/R , I tried over and over to build a HT/2CH combo and ended up just focusing on 2 CH for now . The problem is now I miss having a 5.1 setup for movies and think going in wall with a nice receiver like a AVR-X4000 which I already owned and thought was a great value .
  5. 3 KL-7800-THX L/C/R Looks good
  6. Yeah I will make sure placement is very carefully done that's for sure , its going to be awhile before I do this project . I just wanted to do some research
  7. I'm looking to do a L/C/R in wall and rears in ceiling or back wall , that way I have room for my 2 ch setup and can still watch movies with some decent sound - I will use a SVS Sub I have still .
  8. Has anyone here used any of the in wall klipsch speakers ?
  9. lol I spend way to much on her already , I bought her a Klipsch SB 120 yesterday to go with her new TV . okay maybe it as for me
  10. It sold on a different site , now I need to be patient and wait for my NBS Pre . I needed a break anyways for a couple weeks
  11. Ice Based ? its a Pre Amp
  12. Thanks , they make covers for everything even amps . Awesome people to deal with http://stereosquares.com The spot to the left is reserved for the NBS
  13. Had a cover made for my Classic 2 - I had it tinted very light
  14. Okay I'm on board just placed my order looking forward to receiving it .
  15. Very nice I have been talking to Craig about having a Pre amp built also and every time I'm ready to pull the trigger I come back to the built in phono stage and 2nd guess myself " how good can it be " compared to a higher cost separate . Also I would be giving up my Wyred STP-SE Preamp with " Remote " From what I have read and heard Craig's preamps are top notch and I'm really interested . Also Craig is a great guy answered all my questions and I had many
  16. Listing says Brand New so these have never been used ? or are in Brand New condition ?
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