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  1. FS Selah Audio TC-12 Subwoofer 500W Bash Amp Gloss Black 800.00 plus shipping Very Nice Shape Grill included This Sub is around a 100 Pounds http://www.selahaudio.com/id249.html
  2. We finished your ZP3 on Friday. It will be coming to you with a complete factory tube compliment that has been selected for low noise and tested in the ZP3. Looks like I will see it next week
  3. I can completely understand that. My lovely bride has no problem with my obsession and the fueling of it. Her "rule" is for me to sell something if I am going to buy something. The problem is that I usually buy something before I sell something. Kind of backwards huh? Bill Buying before selling is real bad , I do it all the time like this morning I got 2 amps for sale so what do I do buy 2 more mono blocks .
  4. For sure if you can swing the center I would grab it and be done
  5. . Sorry didn't mean to hijack your post
  6. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1500804/klipsch-rf83-and-rc64-speakers incase someone is interested
  7. I was considering picking up a pair after the holidays , but it seems for the price of a pr 83,s one could buy 4 82's and have some change left over .
  8. How does the bass between 83's & RF-7's are the 83's the only model with 3 woofers ?
  9. Congrats!! A good tube phono pre makes such a big difference. Didn't get the tube pre yet 1-2 weeks
  10. Marantz Clearaudio TT-15S1 Turntable & Clearaudio Virtuoso Ebony Cartridge - Long Frustrating I believe I'm thinking about picking up a Rega RP6 but don't think I would gain to much . I just started getting into vinyl . My next goal is a record washer 16.5 , Decware will be receiving my ZP3 Today so I should have it back in 1-2 weeks
  11. Just got my Half-Speed Production and Mastering ~ GAIN 2TM Ultra Analog Specially Plated and Pressed on 180 grams of High Definition Vinyl Sourced from Original Master Tapes Ray Charles The Genius Sings the Blues I was in heaven wow awesome
  12. Have heard any of the Decaware amps? No I have not
  13. I bought it 2nd hand and had the seller send direct to Decware . Once they receive it they charge 100.00 and for that they test the unit and repair anything under warranty - they also transfer the lifetime warranty into my name . From the posts I have read Decware seems to have awesome customer service and build a top notch product . Don't worry about the hijack it happens , I'm sure I did my share I have a pretty awesome set of speakers now but if I go tubes all the way I might have to go a different route , maybe klipsch again
  14. why don't you eBay them for 275.00 shipped I bet they would be gone in no time
  15. Pop, Crackle, Hiss! LMBO I wouldn't expect you to understand. But it beats the pants off digital. Shakey I have had a few Dac's and they sounded awesome - Wyred Dac 2 Eastern Electric Dac Plus etc , but with a TT that is setup correct with a good phono stage its hard to beat . But people like different things nothing wrong with that , what sounds good to one person might not sound good to another . Take horn loaded speakers
  16. Purchased my first Decware Phono Stage ZP3 should have it in a couple weeks
  17. A1UC

    Used Speaker Value

    I always check past sales to get a feel , Its hard sometimes if the speaker brand is not well known I guess one just needs to do the research before purchasing or selling .
  18. A1UC

    Used Speaker Value

    I would be interested in hearing other members thoughts on used speaker values , I went through a few sets of speakers and they seem to sell 50-60% of retail even if they are mint . Last pair I bought I paid 3k and the retail was 4200.00 I guess how popular or in demand a speaker is comes into the value also . I'm just wondering if there is a good formula for this that people go by ?
  19. I am selling my Marantz Clearaudio TT-15S1 Turntable & Clearaudio Virtuoso Ebony Cartridge Includes Original Box 950.00
  20. (3) ICEpower 1000ASP Modules 1000W 4Ω (2) ICEpower 500ASP Modules 500W 4Ω D SONIC 5 CH AMP I have original box - power cord - trigger wire The warranty is good till 3/28/15 on parts and labor and is transferable to the new owner The same amplifier with ICE modules from Wyred 4 sound would cost you $3,595.00
  21. Peachtree Nova Amp (Black) $850.00 Firm Would consider partial trade for a Phono Pre Amp MM/MC Shipped lower 48 very little use , I have the original box The Peachtree220 has 220 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 400 watts per channel into 4 ohms! This new breed of Class D amplification samples many times that of the original modules making the 220 smooth and extended. Unlike Class D amps of the past, it produces room-shaking bass. The 220 has both balanced and unbalanced inputs and is 90% energy efficient. 220 watts per channel 8 Ohms 400 watts per channel 4 Ohms Impedance: Balanced 100k, Unbalanced 50k The novaPre Preamplifier is the perfect complement to the Peachtree220
  22. A1UC

    Turntable Help

    maybe he sold it to me lol
  23. A1UC

    Turntable Help

    Thanks for the link , I purchased a Marantz TT-15
  24. Looking for someone near me 53546 that has the tools and can dial in a Turntable
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