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  1. WTB 18-21" Speaker Stands Looking a a decent pair of stands no wood
  2. My mistake 3025.00 Shipped Selling for 1900.00
  3. Its a very killer amp new it was around 3500.00 plus
  4. I have the M2 5CH 500x3 2x250 8ohm Nice and cool and sounds awesome
  5. Marantz UD5005 No Remote
  6. Quiet_Hollow Is it just me or is that Blu Ray player 36" wide
  7. Selah TC-12 Sub 950.00 Will post pictures later , its gloss black with a 500W Bash Amp
  8. Cable Solutions 2M Signature Series 77 Coaxial Digital Audio Cable Paid 54.03 couple years ago 25.00
  9. I guess you got me on that one lol
  10. Thats good now the new owner of the card can look at it for another year or two
  11. If I ever buy a new house with a full basement I will be buying Klipsch again
  12. Got some new ones RAAL ribbon tweeter, Accuton dome mid,Scan-Speak woofer some of the best drivers out there http://youtu.be/8vhQNvzzGEE
  13. http://www.selahaudio.com/id188.html 2800.00 Firm 4200.00 New W16's & Raal Same speakers as the Salk Veracity ST
  14. Song Towers Bamboo construction, Raal Ribbon Tweeter, upgraded posts and black name plates. $2000.00 Firm $3200.00 New
  15. PARASOUND P/PH-100 PHONO PREAMPLIFIER ~PPH100~ 125.00 Like New
  16. I think your right for 1000 I will keep it no longer for sale - Well for now at least lol
  17. Payment Sent Thanks
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