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  1. You got some nice gear Cornman [Y]
  2. http://www.powersoundaudio.com/
  3. Audioquest X2 Speaker Cable I have 2 25ft runs and ( 6) Pair 12 total Brand new Locking Banana Plugs 110.00 Picture only shows 1 roll of wire I have 2 seperate 25 ft rolls
  4. I would buy a JTR Cap with a crown 2100W Amp for 1350.00 []
  5. (4) All for 60.00 or 20.00 Each No Power Adapters these sat on a shelf for backups never used but lost power adapters
  6. Sunfire Wireless Subwoofer Kit Reciever and Transmitter Power Adaoters and RCA Cables Included . I used this kit for 3 months its in awesome condition and works great 85.00
  7. My speakers are made with Bamboo Ply and I really like the look
  8. Color ? Anyway to upload a picture small sign and normal wear has different meaning to certian people
  9. Sale Pending if it falls throughzip is 53546
  10. " Ill buy you a nice dinner somewhere " I like the place down the road from me , we can load the sub up after we go eat []
  11. missouri at 12mpg 350.00 in fuel Doesnt seem like a deal lol
  12. You know what they say 2 subs is better than 1 []
  13. Re: JTR Captivator & Crown 2000W Amp Pkg Deal 1350.00 Firm
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