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    • Ohio State's Urban Meyer on one of his players: "He doesn't know the meaning of the word fear. In fact, I just saw his grades and he doesn't know the meaning of a lot of words."
    • Why do Tennessee fans wear orange?

 So they can dress that way for the game on Saturday, go hunting on Sunday, and pick up trash on Monday.
    • What do you say to a University of Miami Hurricane football player dressed in a three-piece suit? "

"Will the defendant please rise."
    • If three Florida State football players are in the same car, who is driving?

The police officer.
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  1. In our forum, people have almost always listed a price.  We don't step on each other to get items.  Oppo is going out of business.  This makes some people think they are worth more money but, the contrary is true when it comes to electronics.

  2. I own an Oppo and they are over priced for what you get.  They are good units but, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic offer the same value for much less.  List a price and stop playing games. This is not Ebay.

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  3. Also, considering buying used speakers.  They will help with the budget. Basement location does require more subwooferage.  Due to ceiling height and basement construction, consider in-wall surround.  I have tried stands, mounting on wall and in-wall.  They are all nearly equal in performance and in-wall makes wire management easier.

  4. I would find a way to add a second or third sub.  powering the sub is not the problem.  You are outdoor and not getting much room gain,  The only solution is more subs or a more powerful sub which has to be much larger.  This system is most likely just for music. Some Pro line speakers may be another options if you are looking to get really loud .  A subwoofer that does well in the 60-100 Hz area would be excellent for outdoors.

  5. The amp is 1000 w X 4 or 250 w/ch.  The sub is 200 /500 w RMS/peak.  No real benefit with bridging the amp.  Bridging may result in a blown driver.  Bridging will not net much in volume.  Doubling the power(watt) will add 3 db which is barely noticeable.  Welcome to the forum.  Tell us more about the audio system, room and your goals.  In general you need a lot of subs to get Reference level volume.

  6. I think the real thing needed is for the teacher to lead the topic and lend some structure to the topic.  Each student should have to contribute 2-3 post per discussion.  Their grade should be based on participation and not content.  Even strange content can generate excellent responses later in the post.  Good Luck Mangofirst. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, oldtimer said:

    TCU total enrollment---around 10,000 

    Ohio  state total enrollment---around 60,000


    You must be very proud that we gave you such a good game, and then gave away the game to you.

    TCU is an outstanding team.  I would be lying if I said I was not worried for a lot of that game.  TCU is scary to play against and has a good coach.

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  8. it's a tough business when you have a small share of the market.  Samsung, Sony and Panasonic all make very competitive BDP for a fraction of the cost.  These companies also offer more streaming choices which is becoming very popular.  Sad to see a USA product/factory go out of business.

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  9. An OSU player went back to his apartment after the game  and sat on the poarch.  A TCU grad came up on his porch.  How did the OSU player get the TCU grad off the porch?  Paid him for the pizza, he, he.


    That same weekend the OSU player met a guy from MSU and ask him how do you spell Mississippi.  The MSU guy ask, the state or the river.......

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  10. I used the amp in my signature with the Forte's and loved it.  It is high quality without the bells and whistles and a modest price.  This amp has been to GTG's against amps up to $7,000 and held it owns.  This is an ultralinear pp amp that operates in Class A the 99% of the time with normal listening habits. I have not ever thought twice about replacing this amp.  It will be with me a long time.  It sounds like the amp the op has may not be the right amp for him.



  11. I have Aura bass shakers in my sectional couch.  They will give you some vibration.  A sub does not have to set net to the front speakers.  I use one as an end table.  I also have one behind the couch as a sofa table with decorations on it.  Be creative.😊(note center of couch with marble sofa table behind it, he, he)


  12. 6 hours ago, -js- said:

    anyway - my point:  any advice now that I've added the amp but do not seem to be getting the low end emphasis or improvement that I thought I would get.  where to look?

    and one of these days I may get around to the how-much-power-voltage-is-really-needed test to see how much voltage I'm actually getting at the mains.  but in the interim, any other ideas

    I have tried multiple amps like Yamaha, Carver and Acurus with an avr and compared to the avr alone.  If the speaker is getting enough power, there is no more low end to get without using tone control or something else to increase the bass.  A good sub can deliver a better 35 Hz and under.  This is more noticeable in movies.  The question is, what do you really mean by more low end?  When I think of low end for movies, it comes down to chairs shaking, pressure in the ears and chest, air moving around the room.  Loud bass can be achieved by a sub or speaker capable in the 65 to 130 Hz range.


    The Integra is a good avr and the amp may not add much IMHO.  A 200 watt amp is only 3 db louder thnt an avr or amp of 100 watts.  This is only a slight increase in volume.  To double the volume, you need 10X the power or go from 100 watts to 1000 watts, Wow!  Most of the large Klipsch speakers don't need much power .  I have a  4300 to 4600 cu ft. HT and the never use 200 watts/ch for HT.  I turn the system up to reference level quite often so things are running full blast.  I do use subs since a subwoofer can play lower, louder and more accurate than a woofer.

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  13. 11 hours ago, baszha said:

    Imagine a pallet load of Klipsch speakers....to be more specific...

    2 RF-7lll,s

    2 115SW,s

    1 RC-64

    2 RP-502,s

    All of which are sitting in your garage on the pallet waiting to be installed.

    Also on this list of frustration is a Denon X4400H and a Emotiva XPA-5 GEN3 w/250 wpc.


    But none of this can be installed until you don't no when....You see...my listening room is having a major make over. I just had the room painted. Next is carpet for the room and adjoining room. So I need to get all the cables under the carpet first. 

    I live in Montana and have a very steep driveway that requires 4 wheel drive to get up and down during the winter so I am pressed for time to get the carpet done. Which I was going to be done here very soon. Well that plan went south because now my water heater needs to be replaced and the guy cant get to it for three weeks. closing the window of time before the snow falls. It is driving me crazy!!!  there is a very real possibility that I wont be able to get my system set up until spring...unless we have a very dry winter. 

    Now, you have to start thinking like a real Klipsch forum member.  There is a way and get that old brain churning.  Good luck getting up and running.😊.

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  14. No input on Wyred for Sound amps but, I have been using Class D for several years and love them.  I use a Pioneer Elite SC 99 and have compared it to my tube amps and it is no slouch.

    The sound is very clean with a black floor.  A lot of the rest depends on the preamp and source.  I am all digital and have no plans to change.  I currently use the SC 99 as a preamp and the Acurus 200/5 as the power amp.

  15. 3 hours ago, Jeff Matthews said:

    There you go!  Stay away from docs, except to know where you stand.  I've never had a doc not straight-up tell me how I can improve my condition without resort to drugs.  It's easy to make adjustments early - not so when you allow damage to get too far.  Too bad I can't afford to get screened for everything known to man, but I do value the basic tests.  I am at the age where colonoscopies are recommended.  I don't know about that...  My friend's brother had one a while back and bled-out a lot, having to go to the hospital.  He had another recently and got some kind of antibiotic-resistant infection that has taken a bit of a toll on him over the last 2 months.  

    A family friend  just died from a flu shot at age 53.  She developed Guillain- Bare Syndrome.  It is extremely rare but if it is you, it is 100%.  It is still better to get a flu shot......maybe?

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  16. 4 hours ago, EmilC said:

    Was that your 1st D1 college game?   Over 100K in the Big House. A thrill no doubt.

    Don't get that kind of crowd in the NFL


    No, I am an OSU alumni.    That was some time ago, and it is always nice to see a Big Ten game.  My kids also went to IU and Purdue where they had parents weekend on a football Saturday.  I'm not a fan of pro football so, this is my favorite time of year for sports.

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  17. 7 hours ago, EmilC said:

    While others go thru a period of rebuilding, teams like OSU, Alabama, Clemson reload.

    Got to give them credit for it

    There are those school that always see to get good talent.  I went to the UM vs SMU game.  What a great time!

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