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  1. When I used the Klipschorns with a Denon AVR-1912 the low end and punchiness was non existant. I'm not an expert, but I've noticed that the affordable AVRs really do not do well with these speakers. I switched to a Peachtree Audio nova125 and it really woke them up. The only thing that might be lacking is that sub-bass shake for movies. I am addressing that with a XS30.
  2. Has anyone tried the SVS SB-13 Ultra with a set of Khorns? http://www.svsound.com/subwoofers/sealed-box/SB13-Ultra#.UrDRxPRDthE or on the cheaper end The HSU VTF-15H. http://www.hsuresearch.com/products/vtf-15h.html I really want to try something like this HSU ULS-15. http://www.hsuresearch.com/products/uls-15.html Rythmik F15HP http://www.rythmikaudio.com/F15HP.html
  3. I got the Nova 125 in today and have been listening to a lot of FLAC and am really impressed. Beats the pants of my Denon AVR-1912 so far.
  4. I went with the Nova 125 after talking to Jonathan Derda at Peachtree. He mentioned that the 220 would have too much gain for these sensitive speakers. These are so sensitive that he said the Nova 125 may have too much gain and I would hear this hissing/humming. To address this they offered to have the techs modify the gain on the amp to better match the Khorns. The unit should arrive this Wednesday, so hopefully it solves my AVR woes.
  5. Well, I think I have decided to go with a stereo setup. Surround doesn't really interest me. My plan is to use the TV for HDMI switching. -1 optical cable from the TV to (preamp, receiver, etc) -Other sources can be connected to the preamp/receiver. I am debating these two setups at the moment, but would love to hear some other ideas on a preamp, amp combo with remote, optical in, etc. I've heard some people complain about hissing noise when running class d and sensitive speakers. The hybrid tube system and DAC attracts me to the peachtree. NovaPre + Peachtree220 http://www.peachtreeaudio.com/novapre-peachtree220.html Nova125 http://www.peachtreeaudio.com/nova125-amplifier-with-dac.html
  6. Saw this deal pop up on slickdeals. These are normally $2K, right? Harman Kardon 990
  7. That idea is a bit new to me. So the DAC would control volume and trigger the SX-980 to turn on? You just leave one volume setting on the SX-980?
  8. Did you keep the sx-980 or get rid of it? It may have been able to been repaired. A lot of those are excellent, but just don't have the modern features folks want. I use an old and rather smallish H/K 430 two channel receiver powering a pair of Heresy speakers for my tv listening. The audio quality is great.Bruce I still have it, but not having a remote and digital inputs makes it pretty inconvenient. I briefly kicked the idea around of a normal AV receiver for video/tv, then connecting the SX-980 when I want to listen to music. I'd rather get something modern if it can have good sound quality. My Denon AVR-1912 sounds really "flat" compared to the Pioneer, but from the replies the HK 3490 and newer Pioneers are good sound wise. I'll probably get the modern pioneer like SC-71, SC-1222-K or SC-1223-K if I can find one of those deals that were mentioned on the thread. Otherwise the frugal side of me will try the HK 3490. Thanks for all the recommendations guys!
  9. Thanks, I sent him a message asking about it. Have you ever listened to an older stereo receiver? I was really dissapointed with the sound quality with modern AV receivers after listening with my grandfathers pioner sx-980. How does that modern pioneer compare? Well, found this HK 3490, fairly inexpensive in terms of home audio. Too bad I'd have to take it home to find out if I hate it. Harman Kardon 3490 120 Watt-Receiver
  10. I do have baseboards and while I am perfectly fine cutting them, my wife probably isn't! I will consult her on some options to make sure we have a good seal to the walls. Is there a Klipshorn FAQ thread somewhere? Owners tips, tricks, frequent issues, etc. Any suggestions on a good receiver that matches the Khorns? The Pioneer Elite SC-71 reviews seem to speak highly of it class d amp, Sony STR-1040 has some nice features. I would prefer not to spend over $1K. Even something like the Outlaw RR 2150 (if it has a remote) would be fine, since it could run all audio from the TV and has sub out. Too many choices! Just found the Peachtree Audio decco65 online and that looks like something promising. Digital inputs, but analog out.
  11. Decided to bump this thread instead of a new one. I've moved to a place with a decent living room that has two actual corners. I'll take some pictures later. I'm looking for some advice on a receiver/amp setup. My grandfather's old pioneer SX-980 lost the left channel, so I purchased a Denon AVR-1912. HDMI switching and other features were great, but the audio quality is noticably worse. My Denon AVR-1912 was purchased as a refurbished model and died shortly after the warranty expired. Can someone with khorns help me out with AVR selection? Which is the best route? Option #1: Purchase another inexpensive receiver that has a remote, HDMI switching, surround, and other features and maybe using an amp for the Khorns. Option #2: Spend more on a higher end receiver and don't worry about an amp. I've not had the oppurtunity to listen to a lot of recievers, so I am open to suggestions. That lates 70s pioneer is better than anything I've come across, but doesn't have any modern features I also don't know how to get it repaired. I'd like to add a klipsch subwoofer down the road to help with movies and extreme lows in music. Eventually I may add a center and two rear channels for actual surround.
  12. Well after a bit of listening, I'm going to need to do something about the center channel for movies. The room is fairly small. Does anyone have an opinion on the RC-42 II vs. RC-52 II as a center channel? This will be connected to a denon avr-1912 or avr-2312CI (still debating on these).
  13. I did the right one this way and it helped a lot. I turned the left away from the listening position to use one corner, but this was to create a walking path into the hallway. When we move to a bigger place I'll pick a living room around whether I can place these speakers correctly.
  14. They kind of dwarf everything in my tiny living room. I am looking forward to eventually having a larger place. I canted these, so one corner is against the wall. I understand this isn't ideal acoustically, but will have to do for now. For size reference the TV is a 55".
  15. Those look like exactly what I need! I'll go pick some up today. I think the radio shack near me has 16 gauge as the largest speaker wire they stock. Would this be adequate or is it time to order some 12 gauge from monoprice? Just saw your post from the manual. Perfect, thanks again!
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