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  1. I'm in NW Washington, how about you?
  2. So I'm stuck between 2 TT i think. Should I just buy a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon..... or I found a nice Dual 1019 that I can buy and have totally gone through for about the same price, hmmmmm cool old or cool new
  3. Bigal63

    Dead rw 12

    So my sub Power supply blew and i am looking at other possibility's on how to fix it. I can order a new Bash amp for it, but before I do that I tried something. I plugged an RCA to XLR into the LEF out on receiver and plugged into a spare Altec Lansing 9444A amp. I put the amp in bridged mode which should give me 300 watts, more then enough to power the sub. It works but even at full volume it just isn't loud enough. Any Ideas??
  4. Thanks for all the reply's, I am kind of leaning toward an old school TT . Just because the I like rebuilding old stuff. I totally rebuilt both Dynacos and also my LaScalas. I have compiled a list of some of the better TT and have already found several on CL. I'm sure my current TT is not doing my system justice
  5. Ok so my current set up is this. TECH. SL B35 turntable, PAS 3 Pre Amp and a ST 70 amp. I want to upgrade to a good old turntable, What I don't want a $1000 dollar one, well I would love to but can't justify it. I see plenty of Dual and Maranz on line, I just dont know where to start. Anyone have a list of good ones to look for on CL, there seems to be plenty of them.
  6. Got this whole bunch of tubes tonight at a yard sale, for $30 bucks !!!!!! Now to start sorting through them. Can anyone tell me how to figure out whitch ones ar TV tubes, audio tube and such. There is a bunch new in boxes and most ar loose, lots of mil spec stuff. I already found a few that I can use. I might have to invest in a tube tester now LOL
  7. I've got an old PM 1400, 700 watts a side I think......you can dammage just about any speakerI think wit it
  8. Put new caps in my H-2's a few weeks ago. Didn't much care for the sound right away, but they are my shop speakers and have been spending alot of time rebuilding my Eico HF-12 tube amps with the music on and I can't believe how they have come to life !!!!! I am now hearing things in music that I have never herd befor......All I can say is WOW !!!![]
  9. OPPPPPS LOL let me see if I can fix that[:$]
  10. So I got tired of "Ebay" most of it was overpriced and you really dont know what you are getting. So found this local repair guy in Stanwood that repairs mostly guitar stuff and he had a few amps sitting around. So I took a few things off his hands, they had been sitting around his shop for a year or so. 1. Dynaco 70A (factory wired with the manual and matching ser# on book) 2. Dynaco PAS-3x (factory wired with the manual and matching ser# on book) 3. Dynaco FM-3 (home built) 4. He through in a pair of EICO HF-12 mono blocks I got it all for $750, I think I did OK?? [][] Now this stuff will keep me busy for awhile !!!!! All the Dynaco stuff works great, The pre amp needs a new balance pot and will some day rebuild the whole thing but WOW this setup makes my LaScala's sing(and thump) What a night and day differance from any of my other SS amps. I have so much more bass, I even took the sub off the system. At low volume there is nice crisp bass ( and when the wife leaves the house and the volume gets to the half way mark it is simply unbelievable !!!!! when I close my eyes I cant tell where the music is coming from it is just everywhere[H]. The mono blocks work, but sound like S**t.... So I think I will strip them all the way down and compleatly rebuild them, that should make a good winter project.
  11. So i figured something out last night....don't drink a bunch of beer and switch to wine and then sign into your Ebay and look for tube stuff!!!! I bid on about 10 things and made offers on 3 others !!! LOL Thank god the cheap side of me was typen and I was going cheap on stuff. I got to work this morning and started getting emails on all this JUNK I was biding on. Luckely it hasn't cost me anything YET !!!!
  12. Saw a pair of these 40W Mono Blocks on CL, Any one herd good or bad about them ??? http://www.caryaudio.com/pdfs/manuals_archive/cad40m_mkii.pdf
  13. Thanks to John, he let me come into his home and listen to his Fisher 400 and the Mcintosh mc30's on his KHorns.....they were amazing, but I must say the Fisher was a good as the Mac's[:S] but we really couldn't put any power to the horns or his wife would have had us both kicked out[]. The guy I bought my LS from has a Fisher X101-C, will need to be gone through but its in good looken shape and all the parts are there....whats a far price ???? I was thinken $150 or so???. not a lot of info online but what I have found I think it is one of there better amps. I also found a Kenwood KW-55A at a local shop that is going for $125, its not in the same class but its cheap. might go have a listen to it tomorrow.
  14. LOL I did the same thing in my garage this summer, half of it encolsed in plastic so I could paint and sand....worked ok but far from a paint booth!!!! next time I think I will do all the prep and then take them to a auto body shop and let them do the finall spray!!
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