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  1. Actually, this is a term I read somewhere on this forum years ago when I started thinking about this project. Not sure who it was, but someone else had the same need (getting a center channel to match the big Heritage speakers). I tried to connect w/ him/her but never heard back. When I stumbled upon the single LsScala I just could not resist trying this.
  2. The dimensions for the cabinet were 47 x 13 x 25. We made it out of MDF, so its quite a beast to move around, but hey, I've got LaScalas so what is another large box in my front stage?? It looks relatively compact sitting under the screen. For the woofers, I uses 2 X Dayton Audio DC250-8 10" Classic Woofer My logic was to approximate the surface area of the original woofer and then wire them in parallel to match the impedance.
  3. Hey gang. Thought I would share the custom heritage channel I made for my LaScala based home theater. This started when I refurbished a vintage pair of La Scalas (AA crossover). After some excellent two channel listening, I decided to convert that room into a theater room and went about collecting 4 Academies for surrounds. I got super lucky when a single LaScala (later model with a AK-3 Crossover) became available. The problem I had was that the third 'Scala was too tall in the center position as for comfy viewing I wanted my screen lower. After some research, consulting Mr. Crites, and enlisting the help of a friend with a woodworking shop, I scavenged the tweeter, midhorn, got the crossover Mr. Crites sells for his Cornscala design, estimated the surface area of the Cornsacala woofer and translated that to two Classic Woofers from PartsExpress, and designed a cabinet to hold everything w/ proper cabinet volume and can fit under the screen, and voila: The LaSquata The results are beyond my expectations. Wide dispersion, crystal clear clear voice tracks on movies, matching timbre and response. I am powering this with an NAD AVR and added two HSU 15" subs. It's quite epic, comparable to a commercial movie theater and the whole house shakes during LFE segments.
  4. Hey Billybog. Did you ever attempt the LaSquata?? I have the same situation and managed to get a third LaScala but want to have my screen lower so I need to get the center channel down to a height of about 24". I was thinking of getting a custom cabinet made to accommodate the woofer behind the tweeter and midrange and fire two small folded horns out the sides of the driver. It would wind up being pretty deep and wide, and I'm not sure how to get the same bass response, but since it's dialog mostly that I care about, not sure I need the bass to exactly match my right and left.
  5. I am experiencing some really bad congestion/sibilance/resonance in my early 80s La Scalas with K-55-V mid horns. Does this mean I've got blown diaphragms?? It's clearly the mid horn as I do not hear this on my other systems and it's quite pronounced when I put my ear near that driver as these tracks are playing. It's a raspy sort of distortion. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. If you are looking at this, you know about how great high efficiency speakers and low power amps can sound. This thing is amazing. I had it driving a pair of vintage Klipsch LaScalas and it sang, and did so at very high volume. A great match for vintage Klipsch, or would make a great desktop system. Only selling as I upgraded to a First Watt J2. From Trends: Trends Audio introduces the mini-size Class-T Power amplifier TA-10.2P providing up to 2x15W output with the bundled AC power supply unit. Thanks to the Tripath's proprietary Class-T Digital Power Processing technology and our special techniques in circuit design and component selection, Trends TA-10.2P achieves the sound quality of high-end H-Fi but in a very affordable price. Trends TA-10.2P performs very like Class-AB amplifiers with high fidelity and warm sound. Yet, its power efficiency and physical size is just like Class-D amplifiers. Even it's maximum output power is only 2x15W, Trends TA-10.2P is actually powerful to push even the floor-stand speakers with sufficient and good control of bass sound.
  7. Anyone know how these compare?? I currently have a pair of early 1980s with some rebuilt AAs. Thinking of adding a center channel using a pair from late 80s with AL crossovers. Will there be much difference??
  8. Thanks for all the thoughtful replies. NOSValves makes a comment about short vs long wall. I wish I could use the long wall but just cannot because of how the room is used. I really never quite understood why using the long (vs short) wall is so important for K-Horns. Is this because there is too much interference between the channels before signal reaches listener? Whereas with the long wall configuration, the wave has a long fetch to travel with no obstruction before hitting the listeners ears??
  9. I've been really enjoying my restored late 70s LaScalas. I have found in my 18'x 32' room, on the short wall, they sound best about 12" from the back wall, and 18" from the side walls toed in, but not 45 degrees. The convergence point is about 2-3 feet beyond my listening position. I tried them in the corners, but the imaging suffered quite a bit, and the sound was blurry/confused. Does this mean K-horns would not work in my room? I do have perfect corners for them but am concerned about my experience with the Scalas. With the Scalas pushed back into the corners, it's the same tweeter and midrange in almost the same position as I'd get with K-horns, right? The sound gets better as I move them AWAY from the corners. Would K_Horn be any different? It's kinda an expensive cumbersome thing to try if it ain't gonna work.
  10. I've got background hiss on a new-to-me tube/ss integrated with a tube pre amp stage. It is constant no matter what volume with no input from source. Can this be a power problem? Other amps on that circuit with same setup have no hiss. Tubes getting old? Defective unit?
  11. My source is digital Apple Lossless> SONOS>PS Audio Dac I hope to get a turntable someday and re-purchase my top 20 albums in the best vinyl I can find.
  12. I've heard that EQ creates phase problems, is that true? And do you have any rec's on which unit?? Seems EQ was popular in consumer stuff in the 70s but has now disappeared.
  13. That "shoutiness" is some ways is what I like about the LaScalas, esp. for classical and for low-volume rock. For classical I am hearing the hall more than ever and minute nuance of how the string players are playing. Of course this translates to harshness in other forms of listening. I guess it's tradoffs. Too bad no-one is making a pre-amp with different tube stages that can be optioned with a switch so that you can fine tune sound based on the recording or mood.
  14. Yup, in the process of getting them up to spec right now (even re-finished the birch cabinets in a nice dark walnut!) and they look great. Put the drivers back in this morning and my re-capped AA crossovers from Mr. Crites should be arriving tomorrow sometime. Can't wait to get them back together as I know the caps will make a big impact as will fixing some damage to the cabinets that was causing some mid-bass resonance. I guess I'll start out with what I have and look forward to a lifetime of rotating different upstream components into the mix. Even with all the problems with them when I first got them, I was awed with the scale, weight and dynamics of the sounds. A bit harsh on the high end with my SS stuff, so that's why I ask about tube pre-amps. The more I read about the subject the more I want to get my hands on some Conrad Johnson stuff.
  15. In the past with other systems, I have found that the pre-amp stage can make a BIG difference with sound. I get better soundstage, dynamics, everything really. My BC is an integrated, the Trends is a pure power amp so it could use a pre-amp. My idea is a tube pre so I can tube rolll to adjust the tone. The BC is pretty good, but the tone is a bit cold and there is some detail missing. I'll probably sell that unit to finance the pre-amp. ANd yes, phono stage is not important, I figure I can add that later if I go in that direction.
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