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  1. i stained the mdf on mine after removing the vinyl. Still adding coats will post pics when complete.
  2. Thanks to all, took Avguytx's advice and hit a carpet store. Modified my xovers to match series I and now have 5.5" long port tubes approximately. Next step is refinishing them. Vinyl on front baffle is crackling along the bottom...will likely remove it and either remove the drivers/paint the baffle black or possibly remove all the black vinyl from the face and stain it.
  3. I have hit that thread and it is definitely very very well done. Unfortunately I've only see the crossover diagrams for series I and II, none of the threads have the series III crossover. Here are the values of all of my xover caps: NPE: 1 x 25 uf 1 x 40 uf Polymer: 1x15uf 1x3.5uf 1x.68uf 1x3.5uf 1x1.5uf These seem to match the xover diagram labelled CF-3_pn_1163421 which I understood to be series I yet my wiring is not the clear type nor are my port tubes long. From my understanding manufacturing was all over the place on these speakers. Indyhawg had short port tubes but I believe had a CF3 series II xover. So basically I'm mostly concerned with the woofers...I already got port tubes at 5.5", ordered caps fro a recap (seems like my xovers are A/series I) but the woofers are a variable. John
  4. I would love to hear the rundown on the woofer changes as well.
  5. There's no defending him, he's a terrible human being and has treated people horrible. He made up a rumor about a mentally handicapped guy recently that he was a child molester and the guy got put out of business at the Irvington flea market. He told my buddy that he hoped he died of diabetes and then he would drink a mountain dew and urinate on his grave after taking his wife. He tormented a local quadrapolegic as well. He is terrible person, no need to put a label on him of being mentally disturbed. Doesn't matter what it is, he needs to cease to be an issue.
  6. Just checked back in after several months and indeed it does sound like Klipsch support was wrong. I'm guessing from previous threads that Chief Bonehead is Roy so that makes it definitive. I wonder how much they were changed and in what way. Oh well...still liking my series III's. Still looking for a definitive before/after photo for how to convert series III xover to series I xover.
  7. Just to debunk some Series III speculation: Klipsch Group Inc Support Team <noreply@klipschgroupinc.com> 9:59 AM (1 hour ago) to me ***DO NOT REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL. KGI SUPPORT WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR REPLY.*** Dear John,John, The woofers were never changed between the 3 versions of these speakers. Hope this helps. Thanks, If further information is requested by your support representative or if you have any further questions please use the link HERE. Please Do Not Reply To This Email
  8. All, just heard from Harry a week ago for the first time since last year. He's not been good medically but is apparently doing better, better enough to shoot out a few e-mails saying that he hasn't forgotten everybody. That's why he dropped off the radar.
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