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  1. Grilles are interchangeable with the cane grilles on my HIIs.


    Must’ve had utilized leftover cane grilles in the c. 1986 “Signature Edition”...


    No plans to crack open the rear panels, as long as they sound fine.


    When remodeling is finished in den, I’ll peel away most, if not all of the walnut veneer.

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  2. 43 minutes ago, 314carpenter said:

    The equipment here is very impressive.  Instant upgrade for anyone considering building a home theater system, or a multizone setup. Enough power there to make your utility company moan.

    “She’s giving the Georgia Power a Merry Christmas.”

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  3. 44 minutes ago, wuzzzer said:

    I'm right there with you.  Today I removed the middle shelf on my TV stand so that I can finally put my Heresy center in it instead of it sitting on the floor in front of my tv stand blocking the receiver, turntable and UHD player I had in it.  The stand isn't wide enough to fit anything other than the Heresy so I was going to use two small night stands/dressers to the side to put everything on only to realize that they're not deep enough to fit the turntable and receiver.  So, now I have to get a couple new tables/stands for everything.


    Oh well, at least it'll allow me to do some much-needed cable management while I have everything torn apart.


    Wire management, what’s that? HII Center will go on that table, made from a cargo hatch of a Liberty Ship...


    Still have new wire, Y connectors, banana plugs, an amp, et Cetera in boxes...broke the SPL-150 out yesterday...


    AA Crossovers are at JEM Performance Audio, being returned to Klipsch specs...

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