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  1. J.L.

    KG4 or KG5.5

    Love my 5.5's!!!! I put the Crites upgrade in the horns and so nice to listen to.... And in some music, it sounds like your sub is on when really it isn't !!!!!! I love these babies!!!!
  2. J.L.

    Flash drive Volume Level

    How about Audacity or MP3 Gain?? Could I put all the different volume level songs in one of these programs, then normalize them, and then save these normalized songs to a different folder and then put these normalized songs on a flash drive?? Lol..... Confusing.....
  3. J.L.

    Flash drive Volume Level

    Yes yes yes!!!! The utility that would make it the same volume would be the way for me.... Could you recommend one codewritinfool?? I use this flash drive in two or three places and none have a "normalize" feature.... Thank you for your reply!!!
  4. Hello all!!!! Once again it's been a while since I been on here.... Have a question concerning a flash drive i have with many songs on it. The trouble is, some songs are at a good volume level while others are too low of a volume level. Is there any way to get them to all play at the same level and then save them that way so I can play them in my car without constantly turning the volume up and down all the time?? Thanks for any help.... ---- J.L. PS..... Still loving the ole KG 5.5's!!!!!
  5. Hey, thanks on your input guys!!! Yeah, I don't know what happened, but the more I think about it, there just had to be something wrong. I should have mentioned to the the guy that set them up for me what I was hearing and asked if something was connected improperly..... I just can't believe that these beautifully made and highly praised speakers with gigantic drivers in them, would sound so lacking in the bottom end. I just can't imagine, ODS123, that these speakers just might not be for me. I wish I could have had all you guys with me at that listening session, because describing sound is so hard to do. To jump off topic for a second, it reminds me of the time I took my girlfriends father (a retired dairy farmer) to a Guitar Center. I was looking to buy a new name brand acoustic guitar, and as I played one after another he says to me "what are you hearing that is so different from one guitar to the next??... to me they all sound alike".... and we had a good laugh and I said "well I see your point... they all sound like guitars... but what I'm hearing are many things that distinguish one from another, and not all in good ways".... Then I thought I'd try something, and took him over to where the oh so very nice Martin Guitars were and played a D-41 for him. And almost instantly he said "now that one I can hear a difference... it really sounds much better than the others"..... and to this I just think that the Cornwall should have sounded better to me. It should have sounded somewhat better than the KG 5.5's that I'm using now.... And unless they were hooked up out of phase, I can't imagine that anyone would have the adjustments for the tone set so that the bass was that much diminished??? I mean why have a speaker that large if all the sound you were after was one with hardly any bass at all??? If so, I would just purchase one of the very smaller Klipsch speakers then..... Oh well, I've rambled way too long again on here.... lol.... I just wish I had the knowledge that you guys on this forum have of speakers and amps and pre-amps and such.... I'm pretty limited on this stuff and just go by what my ears tell me....
  6. Hello all.... I haven't been coming on The Forum too much these days as life has gotten quite busy as of late, but had to report on a quest that my buddy and I took last week. I've been wanting and wanting to hear (and see) a pair of Cornwalls for such a long time and finally did it!!! When we got to the place to check them out, we were treated oh so nicely by the crew at the store and the Cornwalls were new and finished with the Cherry veneer!!! It was amazing just to stand there and stare at them as they are enormous (and beautiful!!!!) And the cherry finish.... sheesh.... Anyways, this is where it went downhill.... The very nice man that wrestled them out from where they were located in the room and positioned them for listening, showed me how to access music from a computer source for listening and left my buddy and I alone to audition the Cornwalls. I played many familiar and unfamiliar selections. Turned the volume up to a position way past where I thought would be a nice level of listening, and..... no chest thudding bass that I figured would be hitting me somewhat at this only slightly above average level of volume????? I mean, the vocals were nice and clear and the higher frequency sounds were there too, but..... I just expected a full sound at least..... I've been reading so much online of how the Cornwalls have full sound even at lower volumes and these didn't at low or slightly above average sound levels..... I tried song after song.... songs that I knew had good low end to them and it just wasn't there..... I'm guessing it was because of where the man positioned the speakers in this room, which was about 1/3 of the way out from the back of the room and we sat at the opposite end of the room for listening. Even with this probably not pristine position of the speakers, I would have thought that the 15 inch speaker would have moved enough air to give that oh so nice low end, but.... no..... And after the audition I spoke with another fellow who worked there who had just gotten his own Cornwalls, and he said that he added a sub to his set-up ?? This baffled me completely as I thought with such a massive speaker (and high sensitivity) that's in the Cornwall, why would anyone need a sub anywhere near this speaker!!!!!!! Well when I got home and listened to my Klipsch KG 5.5's, I could hear bass.... and this is with the EQ set almost flat.... I know my KG's can't compare to the Cornwalls, but for what I paid for them and what the Cornwalls would cost me, no doubt I'm staying with the KG's..... Oh, and it was, I think, a Luxman(?) amp that was driving the Cornwalls....
  7. J.L.

    KG 5.5

    Thanks Tigerman..... I have been hoping (sorry... lol) that's where they were made....
  8. J.L.

    KG 5.5

    Hi.... I'm just wondering if my KG 5.5's were made in Hope, Arkansas. That's what's on the labels on the backs of cabinets, but wasn't sure if they could still have been made overseas?? And was wondering when they were made?? S/N is 027793516 Thanks for any help.... ---- John
  9. ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh. That's good!! Hehehe..... That sounds like something talk radio host Mark Levin would say, that is if he were an audiophile!!!!!!!! Sorry, couldn't resist.....
  10. Hello MAZ.... Thank you for the invite and I would love to hear the comparison, but probably a little too far for me to travel. I still haven't purchased a tube amp yet, but like you say, it happens to everyone!!!! There is a shop in Binghamton, NY (audio classics, I believe is the name). I may venture up there if they would agree in advance to some sort of demo comparison. But for me, it's always a matter of money and time, so I'm am unfortunately somewhat limited. I know I'll need more equipment too, I'm thinking, other than just the tube amp to get the sound to my KG's.
  11. Wow again!!!!!!!.... what an excellent read, mdeneen!!!!!!!!!! This joining of this forum has taught me so much just in the years time I've been on here. Such intelligent people on here!!!!! But that post by mdeneen really has sunk in. It’s what I thought mainly anyway, that to each his own basically. But I never new about how tubes are better for amplifying than ss is. And how all this correction must be performed by ss amps before the it reaches my speakers. All this makes my interest very high for trying out tubes. Thank you to all fellow members for all their insight into this topic!!!!!!!!! I very much appreciate it!!! At some point if I do decide to purchase, maybe at that time I could ask what you would recommend for a tube amp. Thanks again!!!!! Everyone!!!!!
  12. I get pretty excited about the potential of buying a tube amp, but will be such a departure from what I've had since my younger days. Would this great sound be able to be achieved just by plugging my CD player into the tube amp and then out to my KG 5.5's?? Or would other "add on equipment" be required also??
  13. Just copied and pasted jjptkd's mentioning of the Jolida 102CRC to Amazon. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before on the forums, but all sound quality benefits aside, these freakin' tube amps look so dang COOL!!!!!!!!!! There, I said it!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Wow….. So much information….. I do have to admit, I’m not a highly educated man, so all these technical terms about how solid state functions and tubes function is quite a bit intimidating, but I do so enjoy my music listening and would love to improve it if I can. This may only be done, as one of you mentioned, by going to an actual shop and hoping the salesman there will be so kind as to let me hear a comparison of the two. Or by purchasing the two different types and selling the one that loses the contest. Hehehe…. I hope I’m not the kind that is going to stick with my Honda Civic (my current solid state) when in fact if I can afford a nice used Lexus (new tube amp) and the sound I want to improve would be…. Improved… Also in keeping with the car comparisons, the bottom line will have come into play. Just wish this was as easy to pick out as a nice acoustic guitar is. Of course, my taste in acoustic guitar sound may very well differ from that of other players or listeners. It just seems to me that there is no cut and dry way about this solid state vs. tube thing. I mean if I had a CD that I liked but thought the sound of it was slightly sub-par on my system, and played that same exact CD on a tube system and it then at that point extremely impressed me, then yes, I would be looking into buying. But just seems to be so much ambiguity on this topic….. At least to a certain degree….
  15. Thanks for the replies.... I know it would be difficult over the internet to hear the difference between the two, but the way most talk on this forum, it's quite a difference to hear. So that's why I thought it might be worth a try. Would love to hear the difference between tube and solid state in person!!!! I'm in north central PA area. And thanks Scrappydue, that would be great if you can come up with something!!! I had an old Yamaha stereo receiver (50 watts I think) that had a loudness button. You depressed it for a little boost in bass. I had it switched on all the time. That was a great sounding unit, but I thought I needed more power, so I got another Yamaha that is 85 watts now. From what I've learned on here, you really need to increase the power to notice the difference, so I was just spinning my wheels doing this.... hehehe... oh well....
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