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  1. I've never heard the R-14m but I'll assume it sounds like Reference II line. I compared the Reference II with Reference Premiere here at my room and I noticed that the RP is a Reference with the loudness button on. It has a strong bass and a strong upper highs with no mids. I'm a big fan of 2.1 configuration, so a strongly suggest you to keep your sub and choose a pair of books to play with it. It's pretty hard to find a floorstander that plays bass like a sub. Instead of spending money with new speakers, I'd try to equalize your speakers a little bit. Do a subtractive EQ at mids doesn't hurt at all and can surprise you.
  2. I'd like to thank you guys for the thoughts. I decided to keep the Rb 51, they sound pretty decent to me. I sold my Yamaha and I'm using a pretty small class AB amp with 35W that is more than enough for the Klipsch.
  3. Sure! The problem is NAD doesn't provide any support in my country ...
  4. I've heard a 3020D when I was in USA and until today I regret not buying one for me. I got a huge and unnecessary S501 instead. I got worried about reliability issues with these newer amps with SMD components and got an old school amp.
  5. That's an issue. I'm aware that these powered speakers has some issues. The problem is that since I'm not in USA, I cannot have Klipsch support in case of any problem...
  6. In my experience there's not much difference between modern solid state amplifiers. If you measure them, you'll find low distortion on HiFi amps but there is not a really audible difference, at least with a non hi-end speakers. But this area has a lot of controversy and it's really hard to debate about it without fighting. The only thing that is well know on engineering is about having a amp with plenty of power. Since music is a complex signal with a lot of short therm peaks, is good to have a amp capable to reproduce them without clipping. The thumb rule says that if you want to get the most power of your speakers without chance of clipping you have to get an amp with 4x the power of speaker. Of course it only valid if you really wants to reach the maximum SPL levels. If you listen music at normal levels, spending money on high power amps is just a waste.
  7. Thank you Since I can't listen to R-51PM I'm asking about it sound signature compared to RB-51II.
  8. I live in a very small apartment and the Yamaha is too big for my rack. It has a lot of inputs or outputs that I don't use. It a waste of space and equipment. I'd like to have a minimalist system that just got my needs
  9. Hello! Today I have a pair of RB-51II, a Yamaha A-S501, a Crown XLS amp for a DIY Sub. I listen some CDs with a Marantz CD5005, a spotify through a Chromecast Audio and a TV using a optical cable. I'm getting bothered with my system size and considering a downsizing. The first thing I thought was a smaller amp like a Yamaha Wxa 50 or a NAD 3020D. But then I saw the Klipsch R-51PM with all inputs that I really use: optical for TV, AUX for Chromecast and a RCA for the CD and the sub output that I need. What do you guys thinks about that? Will I lost too much about sound quality ?
  10. Hi I'm looking for an upgrade for my stereo. I have a pair of RB51II used for a stereo setup in a very small living room. The dimensions are 7ft vs 8,3 ft and a 10ft of right foot. I was thinking at the new RP line because people say it was improvements are tweeter response, sounding less harsh. But I'm a little confused about two things: Does worth the upgrade for the new line? Does worth getting a bigger speaker in a such small room?
  11. Yes, I'll go for it. It's the cheapest and simplest way to get a decent sub right now.
  12. I'm pretty sure we can get excellent results from a Class D amp. There's some HiFi companies designing these and getting great reviews around. It's true Class D is the simplest way to design cheap amps either. And I bet Behringer choose the second way to go!
  13. I'll tell you about my personal experience. I've always used a Pro amp with my Klipsch. It´s a low power AB Class amp, from a brazilian make, I think you guys doesn't know it. It's a 35WPC amp and it sounds ok for me. Low distortion, low noise, everything ok by the book. I aways think those discussion about amplifier sonic signatures are nonsense. Speakers has sonic signatures, not power amps. Right?... Two weeks ago I got a Yamaha A-S501 and WOW! What a difference! Even my wife came to me asking about that. She thinks I changed the speakers, not the amp. Now, lets back to Behringer. It's not a great amp even at the pro market, they make cheap products. It's a Class D amp, which is hard to sound good at higher frequencies... And I bet high quality speakers like Klipsch will show every weakness from a low grade amp.
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