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    Living Room:
    Klipsch RF-63 as mains
    Klipsch KG 3.5 as surrounds
    Klipsch RC-52 as center
    Klipsch RSW 10D sub
    Pioneer SC-55 9.1ch (actually 9.2) receiver

    pair of RB-51 on my desk and an RW-10 in the corner

    Klipsch KMC3, and igroove sxt.

    Headphones: Klipsch custom 2, and Klipsch Reference Ones

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  1. Thanks guys. Make me a good offer if you're interested! I hate to say it but I need to sell these very quickly to take care of some unfortunate occurrences.
  2. Looking for 1300 for sub, speakers, with original packaging by the way, and the Amp. I think I'll just throw in the receiver too.
  3. looking to sell my pair of cherry RF-83 in brand new impeccable condition. With a crown XLI 1500 amplifier and custom klipsch and Kicker subwoofer. Located in Placentia california. Inbox me for my email and I'll send you some pictures, or if you can send pics in the messaging system on here then never mind. Also have the original packaging for them. I am willing to let just the towers go for 1K$
  4. I have an RSW 15 that I want to sell, It's in great cosmetic condition. The cabinet is clean and shiny and free of dings and scratches,. The passive radiator has a small ding in it, this doesn't affect the sound by any detectable amount. all the switches and inputs and outputs are clean and maintained. As for the way this thing sounds, well, if you're in the market for one then you probably either already know, or know what to expect. This sub still blew my expectations out of the water! Cherry, Great condition, asking $1000 Location:Vallejo CA
  5. I'm looking to trade my Pioneer Elite SC-55 A/V receiver for the new Reference soundbar with subwoofer this is what I want, http://www.klipsch.com/r-10b and this is what I'm trading for it! http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Home/AV-Receivers/Elite+Receivers/SC-55 this receiver goes for $600ish now so it's a fitting trade. It's in flawless condition, and I have everything for it, including the original packaging!
  6. I saw someone else ask if you could fit banana plugs in there, and the answer is obviously no, but yeah, see if you can replace them with the twisty posts that you stick nanner plugs in! I use nanner plugs all around!
  7. For sale is my RSW-10D what do they go for nowadays? 500? I'll do 500 or best offer on that one it's in perfect condition and sounds just.....well, If you're buying one of these, chances are you know what to expect lol. I have the original packaging also. my location is Concord CA
  8. yes indeed, that is the 1802 I mentioned
  9. yeah I'd love to get a hold of an rsw 15, or an RT-12d or perhaps when I have my own place again, with a dedicated theater room, the new Cinema 1802 or a KPT-684
  10. I mean maybe saying "do they still make good stuff" is overdoing it a bit. obviously they still make amazing stuff, but as for subwoofers, I'm not so sure.
  11. their new reference line in particular caught my eye... the new 12" sub.... 400w 12" weighs only 33 lbs..... that sounds like crap to me, and for a 400w 12" that port in the back looks mighty small to me. and whats up with the sw115... its only 400w FOR A 15"!!! thats crap too!
  12. yeah, I completely understand that!
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