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  1. I was selling these about 2 years ago, but got no real bites on them, since then they have been upgraded with new Deang crossovers, most of you will recognize them. They are in great condition with walnut veneer and slate veneer tops really quality work. I believe that they started life as black decorators in 1972. They have great wife appeal and sound great. I have owned these since 1974 I am looking for $1450 local pickup.
  2. I guess my attempt also was not, No harm No foul.......
  3. So is that a real offer, give them to you free and you will pay shipping.. if so shipping will be $100
  4. Thank you, if you sent a pm to me I did not get it
  5. Fair enough, thats why I say make a offer... also including shipping which is not cheap.
  6. Really!!! Please keep it private...... I don't think this helps my post....
  7. Someone asked if there were two of them--- yes any comments or questions or advice ?.
  8. Price reduced to $100 shipped still looking for some advice
  9. Any comments am I asking to much, is trying to sell them a waste of time ??
  10. Just replaced these I really have no idea what they should sell for, lets try $100 shipped. U
  11. Hi, would these be direct replacements for my 74 verticals. Plug &play ?? what change in sound could I expect..
  12. F/S; really nice Zu audio cables 2.5 meters $100 shipped
  13. Last reduction $1100 local pickup
  14. I think it is priced right, lets try one more bump
  15. F/S: Rogue Audio Atlas Magnum amp 100 watts of tube goodness per channel, it is in like new condition, comes with original box and paperwork and tube cage. Leaving this for local pickup for now as I am hesitant to ship something this heavy. So is my back Local is Chicagoland area $1100
  16. No interest so off the market But I do appreciate the information given
  17. Labels say C DB 15 So perhaps some custom work was done on these
  18. Since I can't seem to load better Picts I will provide better Picts to anyone just send me your e mail. No the tops are not removable. I believe that they are from 72, I have had them since 74 and bought them just as shown. What do you mean by lacquer ? They look different when not lit by the flash of the camera
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