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  1. If your only cutting formica use a razor blade....we do it all the time. If its attached to a substrate the oscillating tool works well. Ryobi has a cheap one that does a good job for around $100 bucks. If your planning to use it in business you may want to look into the Fein tool,I believe they were first to offer it and it is very well built.
  2. Very nice job! Great looking speakers. In case you need a center channel there is an original one on the Sarasota/Bradenton (FL) craigslist! been on there for quite a while,would like to see it go to a good home.
  3. too my knowledge I never had the opportunity to hear the 511b horn. They were on my wish list until I ran across a deal on these 1003b horns.. Hopefully they were a good move. btw I just bought a pair of 291 16k drivers, cant wait for them to arrive.
  4. Mcintosh 7106 can be found on ebay in your price range. 6 channels @ 100 watt per @8 ohm or bridged 3 channels @ 300 watt @8ohm. Always been happy with mine. BTW it has a black glass faceplate.
  5. Thanks for your replies. Time (and money) will tell where this "journey" will take me. For now Im just glad to have the info on the k55 driver. It will help with my future driver selection. Was wondering if anyone else had any experience with the Altec 1003b horn? I was thinking that because of its range it would be a great starting point....aside from its cool factor As for drivers I have read a lot of pros and cons about different drivers, hopefully I will make a reasonable decision. Anyone have any experience with the Altec drivers? I have seen that Great Plains Audio still makes them and replacement diaghrams for the old ones.
  6. I have a set of Klipschorns from the early 90's with AK3 crossovers. I would like to tinker around a bit and try out a different mid horn and driver in conjunction with the stock crossover. My question is , are the stock midrange drivers 16 ohm ? If so will it hurt the crossover if I use an 8 ohm driver? I don't have the technical knowledge about electronics , just a basic understanding which is why Im here. Hope no one minds questions from a newbie. BTW, the horns I want to try are Altec 1003b with possibly a 288 driver. I already have the horns (my wife just loves them,lol) and have tried them with a k55v driver that I made an adaptor for. Please don't ask for a pic...its not a pretty sight. They do however sound good to me. Would now like to hear them with a proper driver. What do you think?
  7. lol, didn't wanna start a war or skirmish (if I spelled that right) just looking for advice. never fooled with caps on a board before so obviously I haven't messed with radial caps. Anyone willing to give direction of where to look would help,
  8. btw, any advice on what kind of caps to use....anyone hear the can of worms open?
  9. wow,you guys are awesome!(at the risk of sounding like one of my kids) really appreciate the help! I thought those orange thingies might be caps,lol Thanks again, Walt
  10. yes there is output from all drivers, and yes I know Im a bad judge because of the efficiency of what Im accustomed to listening to but it seems as though the longer they play the better they get. Im still scratching my head. I wouldn't mind to recap them before I give them to junior but after looking at the crossovers on one Im not sure by sight if there are 2 or 4 caps. Hoping to get a schematic to be sure. Thanks for the input
  11. Greetings Klipsch community from a new member , long time corner horn owner. My latest purchase is a set of kg 2.5 that I plan to give to my son to get him started in the right direction. The problem that I have with these speakers; I suspect the caps need to be replaced. Seems as though I have to drive them pretty hard to get much volume out of them. Plenty of base for there size but very lacking in mids and highs. I may not be the best judge of these little things since Im accustomed to listening to my horns but judging by the amount that I have to turn up the preamp on my mac verses the number of watts the meters say that Im outputting to them it seems like they just wont take the power. Is it possible that the caps are bad and the speakers as a whole are acting like resistors? Also was wondering where I can get a schematic for the crossovers on these little dudes. Any help would sure be appreciated, Walt
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