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  1. I'm using these crossovers to dial in room, then I will get the minidsp SHD out and figure it out. Today I spent alot of time moving the speakers around in the corner I'm in trying to kill that node around 60hz. Tonight I'm having a friend come over that can help me move them to the other side of room. I obviously have some boundary interference. Don't let anyone tell you different, the room is the most important variable in my mind. Using REW for the first time has made it so apparent.
  2. Looks like rew plot did not download in first post. Trying to do this on the phone and shrink down files sizes.
  3. Today I had some time off and it rained. Decided to hook up my Jubes. Attached is a REW sweep playing through the sound card to the system. Right now I'm playing through a tube preamp and pass labs XA25 amp. I'm using a passive network custom built by a guy in Florida. I do have a minidsp SHD to put in the system but I'm a slow learner and I just wanted the system up and running while I figure this out. Today I did get REW loaded and the UMIK-1 mic working. It was a pain because Windows 10 did not want to let me use my Eclario sound card, but I figured it out. The attached picture is from a sweep I did. I'm not sure what is going on around 55-65hz?? I'm really not sure what all info is on the plot, especially what the phase plot is telling me... Also, I'm sure there is a way to smooth out the data to make it a little more useable... REW graph is below in another response. Phone was not making it easy... I also posted pics of the crossover.
  4. Looking to experiment a little with a single ended tube amp on a K402 horn with radian drivers. Like to try a 300B because of all the good I have read about this tube. Can anyone make a recommendation on an affordable one to try? Not wanting to go overboard on this purchase until I see what it is like...
  5. As some know I bought Jubes and bought the Radian PB950 BE drivers. They have been sitting there for two weeks waiting on a DEQX. I have my old trusty Pass Labs X250 for the Bass bins and tomorrow the pass labs XA25 will be here. I'm still going to be waiting several more weeks on the DEQX. So I have been looking for other options and there is a good deal on a Marchand XM126 out there right now and get me a Manley Massive Passive to EQ with. I wonder how that combo would work out to use for crossover and EQ? I can get Marchand to get me the four cards to cross at 500 with 24db slopes for $60. I know the time alignment and phase will be a little off but my gut tells me this setup would have character. Anyone have any thoughts on this??
  6. Thanks for the info on the crown repair. I will check them out. Just curious is anyone on here has tried the Pass XA25? That amp gets great reviews and is dead quiet.
  7. Just looking for some good input on a decision I have to make. I have a new set of jubes and trying to figure out what amps I want to run. On the bass bins I have a classe DR-8 that I had checked out and ready to go or I may put an older pass labs x250 on them. I really want to put my crown studio reference II on the bass bins but it needs to be serviced and I can not find a good crown tech to send it to. So it will stay in the closet. Just sold my MC60's and have a budget for $3700 for a good solid state amp for the K402's. These will have the Radian PB 950 beryllium drivers on them. I'm leaning towards a pass labs XA30.5 for this job. I have found one and it is reasonably priced. Also found a 30.8 but it is obviously more money and the reviews tell me it is not worth the money. I do have a citation II tube amp I was considering for the job but it needs work. I will be going active with a DEQX HDP 4 and once I get this dialed in I do not want to be swapping amps around and having to adjust things. So let's hear some ideas on the k402 amp?
  8. I have a recently serviced Thorens TD-125 MK II turntable. It was service by Bill at Turntable Daddy 8/2016, I spent $850 on it at that time. I have receipts. Power supply Caps were all replaced, setup the Grace arm, que damping fluid, adjust spring suspension, and added a Denon DI-304 cartridge. Since the service it may have 2 hours on it, I just don't use it. Please ask questions and I can get more pics if needed. $ Pics are here https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649565997-thorens-td-125-mk-ii/
  9. charbuggie


    Added more pics. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649563264-mcintosh-mc60s/
  10. charbuggie


    Thanks for the kind comments. These MC60s are in great condition and you will be hard pressed to find any better especially with the great tubes in them. I do have other pics and will pull the bottom to get some internal pics
  11. charbuggie


    I have a pair of MC60's that have been restored with the best components and are in Excellent condition. A few members of the forum have heard them and they perform flawlessly. Tube complement is vintage with the OLD RCA Blackplates as output tubes. I am listing them for $4K and the price is very firm. Prefer a local sale in the area of Knoxville, Nashville, to atlanta. I will ship but buyer to pay all shipping costs. I have other pics if interested. Unfortunately limited to 2mb
  12. Hey I everyone. I have been liquidating alot of equipment to go with one setup. I have some great friends from this forum helping me. I will be ordering some jubes from Corey and I'm going to stay analogue in the system. Going to figure out a way to use an analogue active crossover on the front end and use a Manley massive passive to EQ. I'm sure I can get Marchand to build me an active crossover. Sure would love to find a pass labs XVR1 or one of the first watt crossovers but none to be found. Also been looking for the unobtainable TD4002 drivers... If someone knows where to find any of these please let me know. Also any comments on my project, please chime in. Now the question I have is I have two mint MC60's and a citation II, i could use on the top end. Which one do I go with? Or I can sale both and get this booger. I have heard one and loved it. https://www.passlabs.com/amplifier/xa30.8 By the way my preamp is a TRL the dude. Don't expect many to know much about it, but I really like it. The only thing that sucks about the preamp is all the inputs and outs are RCA. I sure would like to go XLR to whatever crossover I get and XLR to the massive passive and onto the amp, but the world is not perfect. Now for the bass bins I have a crown stereo reference II which would do great on them or I have two classe DR-8s I could use. I know it is crazy not going with a xilica but I have a great turntable and vinyl... I just can't make myself put digital in the vinyl path. Just call me nostalgic I guess.
  13. I have another citation II, It is rough cosmetically and I have two mint MC60s
  14. Listed some other items to fund my Jubilee project. I hope this is legal. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649562454-juicy-music-xtreme-blueberry-preamp-with-cream-maxim-mods-and-power-supply-mods/ https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649562446-citation-iiix-tuner/ https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649562444-harman-kardon-citation-ii-amp-also-have-matching-preamp-and-tuner/ https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649562442-harman-kardon-citation-i-also-have-the-ii-amp-and-iiix-tuner/
  15. Dayton is a cool town. It has grown alot the last few years.
  16. More than happy to have you over sometime
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