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  1. thanks for all inputs. so I'm going in with some BB plywoods. I should also build a big vacuum bag and try my skills on veneering. I'll use baked and sanded (flat?) veneers. they seems to be a better choice. I don't think there is a problem in apply veneer on the playwood even the curve walls but I doubt I can trim it well after the vacuum process. I may use a router to trim the edges.

    Very good Arash

    The better you prepare the ply finish under the veneer the better the finish will be on the surface

    Also be careful with glue ripples underneath the veneer as it will show on the surface

    You may also consider pre glued veneer - this has heat activated glue and can make the job easier I am sure glue formulas have come a long way and this type of product may prove to be superior

    I recommend that you do some research

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  2. My neighbors Blows wave radio is making me nuts, he brings it outside for yard music. The overemphasized midbass is so sloppy and annoying i just want to throw it on the ground and stomp it dead. :emotion-14:

    Am i being overdramatic or does this kind of sound bother others ears also ?

    You then need to see this and it will relax you ( or not ) ;)

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  3. devastatingly beautiful! :o wise tweeter placement for time alignment. sure it will sound great.

    I've got Jantzen dealership in Iran. their caps are very nice-sounding.

    did you wind double c-core autotransfofmer your self?

    Thanks Arash

    I was in two minds on which Jantzen capacitors to use on the tweeter section Silver or Superior Z and chose the Z to have the same sonics as the mid range

    The wax inductor coils have also made some smoother seamless improvements at the crossover points

    You just know when it's been well implemented, and the speakers just disappear

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  4. Let me chime in here as I have just recently had a professional make & completed some judicious upgrade's to my new La Scala crossovers

    Systems rely on a good marriage of many parts and how those parts interact with one another

    One of those component parts is ourselves and how we interact with what's playing and most importantly on how we actually listen

    My background in my younger days was with local bands in the form of setup, tune instruments by ear, sound checks and help in recording sessions

    I can tell you that lots of people just don't know how to listen and I can relate on what Dean is alluding to

    Although with my background in live music I thought I was a good judge of sound

    But on one fateful day a good friend that was a member in a national orchestra taught me how to listen deeply

    One day I may divulge what I learnt over a 2 hour conversation

    Yes you can remember what you like and what you don't like and try to to get as much like as possible with tweaks and changes

  5. I may have come in a little late to the La Scala party ;)

    Love my La Scalas

    With raw wood finish my personal routine is it use a foam product called white magic to clean and prepare the surface them wiping with clean microfiber cloths

    If you prefer to sand then use 1200 wet and dry this won't cause damage, just scuff the surface

    Once satisfied just oil with your preferred clear oil - the best is Tung oil

    However one can use - Linseed oil, decking oil, Cutec in AU is a penetrating oil and leaves no oily residue after curing

    Don't forget to post photos of the progress

  6. An update

    We'll I have been steadily and methodically putting the finishing touches on this crossover build

    Also a couple of upgrades as we'll

    Let me post about the upgrades first

    Jentzen wax inductor coils have replaced the Solis coils

    High quality double core Auto Transformer, with 15 attenuation steps @ 1 db each have replaced the standard units

    post-57741-0-35340000-1403491682_thumb.j post-57741-0-27440000-1403491704_thumb.j

    Today I have also completed the box frames for the crossovers

    Originally, I specified the utilitarian / industrial look when they were made, and I really like that look a lot - the crossovers definitely needed a frame and other finishing touches to give them a little WAF approval factor

    Just because they look utilitarian / industrial, It doesn't mean they lack in the design structure and in the parts used area

    All fittings and parts were carefully chosen for ease of use or sonic signature that I liked - and I only need to please myself

    I understand that the look and design won't be everyone's liking but looks can be deceiving

    One deciding factor to layout & construct this crossover set in a single board is because they just won't fit inside the reduced cabinet space in the mid cabinet ( the mid driver cabinet space is non existent ) even the professionally made units won't fit. So it was decided to go a large single board design using affordable high quality parts

    Why did I choose a box frame - because it matches the frame type and style of my tube amps

    Some photos

    post-57741-0-16240000-1403492464_thumb.j post-57741-0-58640000-1403492497_thumb.jpost-57741-0-63840000-1403492561_thumb.j


  7. I would like to put casters on the LaScalas I am refinishing. They will be garage speakers or used outside for parties, sitting on the deck, etc. Any advice as to what type (flat bottom vs pegs), size of wheels, composition of wheels, etc.?


    I hope this helps you out

    On a previous speaker build of very heavy speakers I devised a simple system to move the speakers

    To briefly describe what I did - Each speaker cabinet was cleverly turned into a trolley when tilted and looked normal at rest ( I am a mechanical engineer by trade )

    Some photos

    First I purchased a suitable a pair of wheels that can handle the weight per cabinet

    Then bent one section to allow great holding power of two cabinet surfaces when fitted


    Then I screwed the wheels on the cabinet from back and under side


    The wheels only engage when the cabinet is tilted


  8. A good winter warmer from Greece

    Only a handful of ingredients but beautiful to eat

    Fasolatha or Greek Bean Soup


    500 grams of navy beans (or any other small dried white bean)

    1 onion, peeled and chopped

    3 stalks celery, chopped (leaves included)

    3 carrots sliced or diced thickly

    More vegetables can be used if its your preference

    1 tin of chopped tomatoes ( or ripe fresh tomatoes )

    1/3 cup tomato paste

    1/2 to 3/4 cup olive oil ( to add and slowly stirred only when cooking is almost finished )

    salt & pepper to taste



    1- Soak the beans in water over night.

    2- Strain the water and place the beans in a pot with new water.

    3- Bring to a boil, remove from heat; strain water.

    4- Replace the beans, add the rest of the ingredients and enough water to cover all the ingredients and simmer covered for an hour.

    5 - Consistency is of a medium runny soup

    NOTE - A pressure cooker can also be used


    Serve with crusty bread to dip

    Squeeze lemon to taste after its ladled into bowl

    Kali Orexi

    How this dish looks and is served


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  9. A light snack that's yum


    Focacia bread cut close to 1" thick lightly toasted and brushed with olive oil

    Fine chopped tomato, onion, parsley,

    Grilled Haloumy cheese - ( A cheese that was invented in Cyprus )

    Mmmmm Yumm

    post-57741-0-31440000-1402267184_thumb.j post-57741-0-28960000-1402267219_thumb.j

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