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    Klipschorns / RP280F's Together, in Longfellow Music Hall
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    The Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts
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    Amateur Radio, Pipe organ technician, Hammond Organs - Good Home and car Audio - Autos - Aviation - Birds - Cooking - Motorcycles and Photography.
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    Vintage tube system = Lovely Pair of 1967 Klipschorns, fed by a pair of rebuilt, factory wired Dynaco Mark III mono blocks along with a virgin Dynaco PAS-2 pre-amp of the same build date...

    (New in summer 2017) Marantz SR-6011 AVR, powering a pair of Klipsch Reference Premier 280F tower speakers for the mains.

    Reference Premier 240-S bipolar surrounds and Reference Premier 250-C center. All in Cherry finish.

    The Marantz manages all input sources to it's own preamp, and all is output through ZONE TWO to the Dynaco PAS-2 input. Thus making it possible for BOTH systems to play all sources individually or similtanously via simple remote control operation...

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  1. Tigerman

    What I Got Today!

    Ok, let me know what you pick out, and don't buy anything with a FOAM surround. Happy hunting
  2. Tigerman

    What I Got Today!

    Hey there WestCoast, why change out the driver? It looks fine, has a great surround (treated paper) and is designed for that enclosure... It would be like me changing out the original woofers in my '65 Klipschorns, not broke, don't wreck it... If your bass speaker can go down below 20Hz, that should be enough for most music... no? Marvel, my neighbor has that same receiver ! Still works perfectly with NO maintenance that I know of.... Enjoy 🍷
  3. Tigerman

    What I Got Today!

    WOW, that thing is HUGE.................does it really go much below 40Hz. ? I know that most commercial venue subs don't, we had FOUR, large horn loaded bins in my 80ies rock band, all powered with 18" Peavy Black Widows (the only thing the Carver 1.5's could NOT blow up!), and I think they topped out around 40Hz. The JBL and Gauss 18"s kept burning up on us! Well, it doesn't help when your percussionist has a digital drum kit triggered from real drums. Not only did he have DOUBLE bass drums, but got real clever and took the smallest two toms, and turned them into bass drums and then proceeded to do QUAD bass drum rolls during his solo !!!!! I looked over at the amp rack, and the Carvers were topped OUT continuously during that segment ! Again, only the Black Widows could survive it
  4. Tigerman

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    ...........arriving on Side Two............🍷
  5. Tigerman

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    ..........flip side cover art......
  6. Tigerman

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Hello my vinyl spinning friends! Well, I know it has been a while, but I am back and just got in the mood for some Bruce Hornsby and this LP always seem to do for me Bottle of vino from my neighbor for watching her home while she was away for the week, so, freshly opened for this Friday night of relaxation and music.... 🍷
  7. Tigerman

    What I Got Today!

    Hey CHUCK!! You are floating around the forums tonight! I enjoyed your post over in RTM.................as you know, I am there too! 🍷
  8. Tigerman

    What I Got Today!

    FInally, without the plastic covering from the shipping box........
  9. Tigerman

    What I Got Today!

    Hello everyone.................well, I have gotten so many new things that I never posted..... Well, since my last post, I have received two amateur radio licenses (going for the 3rd and final class this spring!) But, been building the 'ham shack' and just opened this up! AMERICAN MADE and built like a tank! 600 watts PEP. Yup, for real............this thing idles with 1.8KV running around inside! THREE 811A's in this one.... LOVE the porcelain anode cap sockets on top ! Yes, they can't say it enough times...............there is an INTERLOCK on this thing so it won't start with the cover removed....!
  10. Tigerman

    In memory of Boxx

    Nice to see you Mrs. Boxx! it has been a long time... I want to do another tribute to your husband, it was great to have a nice gathering playing music that Boxx loved to 'spin' often!
  11. Tigerman

    In memory of Boxx

    Was a great friend of mine, on and off the forums!
  12. Tigerman

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Good looking and relaxed, although, Jack looks like he is ready to jump at the mere mention of "PARTY!!!!" (and thanks for those kind words about RTM................it is always a nice surprise when you drop in too )
  13. Tigerman

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Good afternoon friends here on Coffee and Cables..........Merry 7th day of Christmas! ............I know, I've been absent from the group, but very active on RTM and my latest new hobby - Amateur Radio, talking all over the country and beyond! Anyway, taking a vacation day and enjoying a LIVE concert from the Berlin Philharmonic as they are having their gala performance for New Years! It is already coming u on 7pm. their time.... Congrats Chuck on those new speakers! Man, they are very simple but I imagine sound great !! an 'out of the box' sound clearly open I would imagine.....Watched the videos too! Here is a photo of a brand new CD from Thailand (import) and my genuine 16 oz. Startbuck's Christmas Blend mug, and filled with same, which arrived under the tree... 🌲 Enjoy your New Years EVE Day everyone...
  14. Tigerman

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    .........Side B of the Mathis Christmas album..... M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S Paul and friends 🌲 🍷
  15. Tigerman

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    ................Vinyl and the classic 'Six Eye' Columbia center label..........