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    Klipschorns / RP280F's Together, in Longfellow Music Hall
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    The Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts
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    Amateur Radio, Pipe organ technician, Hammond Organs - Good Home and car Audio - Autos - Aviation - Birds - Cooking - Motorcycles and Photography.
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    Vintage tube system = Lovely Pair of 1967 Klipschorns, fed by a pair of rebuilt, factory wired Dynaco Mark III mono blocks along with a virgin Dynaco PAS-2 pre-amp of the same build date...

    (New in summer 2017) Marantz SR-6011 AVR, powering a pair of Klipsch Reference Premier 280F tower speakers for the mains.

    Reference Premier 240-S bipolar surrounds and Reference Premier 250-C center. All in Cherry finish.

    The Marantz manages all input sources to it's own preamp, and all is output through ZONE TWO to the Dynaco PAS-2 input. Thus making it possible for BOTH systems to play all sources individually or similtanously via simple remote control operation...

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  1. .....Left channel with speaker and amp on stand.....
  2. ..............Oh why not.............just took these photos today for the Audiophiliac of youTube fame. He requested his audience to send in just TWO photos of our vintage stereo gear. Here is the old PAS-2 as featured....
  3. .........Side B on the red Rega..........directly into the Dynaco PAS-2 preamp and onto the Mark 3 monoblocks and Klipshorns on this night....
  4. ..........here, the vinyl itself along with the center label....
  5. Rear cover art has some nice photos of the musicians we have come to know and love over all these many years.............
  6. Hello everyone and good lunch time hour to Paul ! Been way to many months since I last posted here.. Enjoying this YES LP of solos via tubes and horns here in LMH this evening... Here is the cover and ever present wine presentation 🍷
  7. Well my friends...................Side 2 is spinning and very much enjoying it all in wonderful MONOPHONIC.... With that, I am heading off to bed....more another time.
  8. .Center label............... This is a VERY clean pressing as I listen to Side A.....
  9. Sticker on the shrink.........it STAYS ! Nice inner sleeve.....
  10. Here is the rear cover with track listing and nice write-up. Sounding great with the tubes and horns tonight, a very quiet pressing to say the least!
  11. Good morning good evening. JUST unboxed this brand new release of a '54 recording. THREE OF US are all playing it in a sync play as I type over in RTM...
  12. ..........Side 2 on the Dual..........🍷
  13. Here is a close-up of the label, date can be clearly seen.... Next photo will be the flip side on the vintage Dual 506. Yes, listening to this recording with Tubes and Horns this evening ...
  14. Here is the inner sleeve with a plastic liner, just like last night's RCA LP.... The LP is in brand new condition, which is pretty much how ALL the recordings in his collection are turning out to be !
  15. This is sounding pretty nice considering a 1966 recording. Here is the rear cover with a nice explanation of the recording and composition. Sorry to say, it is all in German, so i can't read a thing....
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