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    Amateur Radio, Pipe organ technician, Hammond Organs - Good Home and car Audio - Autos - Aviation - Birds - Cooking - Motorcycles and Photography.
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    Vintage tube system = Lovely Pair of 1967 Klipschorns, fed by a pair of rebuilt, factory wired Dynaco Mark III mono blocks along with a virgin Dynaco PAS-2 pre-amp of the same build date...

    (New in summer 2017) Marantz SR-6011 AVR, powering a pair of Klipsch Reference Premier 280F tower speakers for the mains.

    Reference Premier 240-S bipolar surrounds and Reference Premier 250-C center. All in Cherry finish.

    The Marantz manages all input sources to it's own preamp, and all is output through ZONE TWO to the Dynaco PAS-2 input. Thus making it possible for BOTH systems to play all sources individually or similtanously via simple remote control operation...

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  1. Good evening to you Paul (breakfast time here ) Thanks for all the likes my friends. I neglected to add a comment about the recording which I did over in RTM. I would say excellent dynamics on the LP. The album programing with Debussy is quiet, so I cranked it up and the loud passages really were amazing!! Some pops here and there, but pretty much in UNplayed condition as far as I can tell..... I give it a 98 ..... Have a good evening/day everyone....
  2. ..........and now, Side 2..........Cheers my friends..........🍷
  3. .........and the condition of the vinyl is indeed as the eBay seller described......maybe never played ! Closeup of the label......
  4. .......rear cover......... ..Names of people I have met back stage......
  5. .......Inside it was in a plastic sleeve (nice touch).... Now on the proper stand for display...........
  6. Wrapped in a shopping bag!..............
  7. Well my friends, it is good to get back here this weekend with a vinyl posting.... I just received this a few weeks ago and wanted to UNbox it and give it a play over in RTM. But, as always, I love sharing here as well... So here then, a purchase off eBay that was NOT sealed (rarely do I buy any USED vinyl) and giving it a listen... Started with shipment in a PIZZA BOX of all things !
  8. ......and conclude my evening, the tubes are cooling down now, and the Marantz AVR - Rega - Reference Premiers are up for Side C and D.... Good night everyone. Until the next vinyl spin here in Longfellow Music Hall.....
  9. ......get a load of this beautiful colored vinyl! Most unusual 🍷
  10. ..............here is the very nice frosted plastic inner sleeve. I like it because there was no white 'lint' from the paper type sleeves left on my Discwasher brush....
  11. .....rear cover photo of Joey. A smaller Joey then we remember and he admitted that he has never felt better !
  12. .........a view inside the gatefold.........
  13. ..after the concert, I was able to hang out a bit with Joey and chat a bit... He had announced that his brand new album release was on both CD and now Vinyl.... Needless to say, I did not mind a bit dropping $40 for this beautifully packaged double album set AND get his signature at the same time
  14. Good evening good morning friends here on Vinyl Record! Well, last Thursday, I was very happy to be invited to attend a concert of Hammond organ trio with Joey DeFrancesco !! Here are the tickets (venue is only about a five minute walk from where I work!) We showed up in the waiting line at the door only 4 persons back, so we were able to get our usual table for 4 and enjoy a fine dinner before the show.....
  15. Thanks Paul, good to have you around!, enjoying this album tonight, feels good to be back listening. Last weekend was our first show of the season (Neil Diamond Tribute Band) which was Saturday evening, then Sunday being Easter, we were out all day into the evening, so, I wanted to make a plan to be here both Friday and Saturday evenings with something to share... Well, I hope you are well, I may go on to a CD recording next, but I will be back soon. 🍷 Enjoy your day, as we get ready to bed down for the evening here in the States...
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