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  1. Found a pair of KG 5.5's in excellent (I mean, excellent) condition going for $400 "firm" as the seller says. Worth it? Or should I hold off and/or try to bargain? I am in no rush to purchase, but if the consensus is that this is a good deal I might as well jump on it. Thanks in advance! Advice is much appreciated.
  2. Thoughts on buying speakers off eBay anyone?? I've heard it's a bad choice to make but this is of course a ridiculous deal
  3. Probably a stretch but if you happen to be in the norcal area, hit me up! Looking to purchase a pair in good condition for my dad. Thanks in advance.
  4. Most likely buying a pair of KLF-20s tomorrow (if no one manages to get to the sale before me!) and I'm curious, I just heard my friends KLF-30s and they sounded harsh on the high ends, without turning the volume up "too" loud at all. He just bought them as well and hasn't fine tuned his settings yet, so I guess this is a post from the both of us since I obviously don't want the same issue with my possible 20s. Could this be solved by simply changing the amplifier settings? Or does this require some modification / seem typical of the KLF series? I've heard such good reviews and have heard (other) KLF-20s myself before and been very impressed and not noticed this before, so the harshness of these 30s is confusing to me. Also, would you guys recommend a sub with the KLF-20s? I won't have the money for any nice sub upgrade anytime soon but it's definitely something I'm thinking about for the future, assuming i do get the 20s tomorrow. As always, thanks for the help! Learning new things everyday from this forum.
  5. Currently own a pair of Klipsch KG 4s but found a pair of Klipsch KLF-20s for $400 in excellent condition. I've heard some excellent reviews about these speakers but figured a post here to get some reviews from you all could never hurt. Is it worth the upgrade considering I have friends that will buy my KG 4s for at least $175-$225? Also, if it is worth the upgrade, anyone have any amplifier recommendations to go with the KLF-20? Thanks in advance!
  6. More club music I would say but honestly when my family is in town it's all about rock and jazz so I'll likely be adding a sub to whatever system I go with. thanks for the info
  7. I actually had a question about La Scala's! I tend to listen to more bass heavy music, and I've heard the La Scala's, while amazing speakers, don't deliver as well in that area. Any opinions on that? It's making me skeptical since they are definitely at the top of my price range
  8. ~$1000 max. I'm in no hurry to buy, hoping another good deal comes across craigslist sometime this summer
  9. Thanks to everyone for the help! I am also keeping my eyes out for a pair of La Scala's but they are typically a bit out of my price range.
  10. Located in NorCal, must be in great sounding condition of course. Happy to drive a few hours for pickup. Thanks in advance
  11. Lower budget, maxing out around $400. Mostly for music, and I tend to listen at fairly high volume levels. I'd prefer to stick with a Klipsch subwoofer as well but if there are better subs out there for the money that would go well with the KG series I'm certainly open to other options. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey everyone, I'm looking for ideas for a summer project to take on. Anyone know of any sort of improvements/modifications that can be made to the klipsch KG 4? Thanks!
  13. Looking for a powered subwoofer to go with my Klipsch KG-4's. Cannot spend more than ~$500. Thanks in advance!
  14. I have a pair of Klipsch KG 4s being driven by a marantz sr8500 and am looking for a nice sub to go along with them, primarily for music as opposed to movies. I'm limited to $600 or less; new, used, discontinued, etc makes no difference to me as long as they are in good working condition. Anyone have any recommendations or could point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance! KG 4: http://www.klipsch.com/kg-4/details#specs
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